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  1. This has been discussed before, you can search for it. But in any case, if you take an Aes Sedai damane into the middle of a batttle it is a fair bet that she will feel in danger and thus be able to use the power as a weapon.
  2. It is suprising that there is any room left in Rand's head for himself.
  3. How dare all those soldiers get their hands blown off in war. So unoriginal of them. Yes, I am sick of people likening WoT to Star Wars.
  4. I've also wanted The Travels of Jain Farstrider for ages. Not to mention something on the Trolloc Wars or the bad arse false dragons who "shook the pillars of the earth" or whatever.
  5. This thread is too serious. Does anybody else like pieces of parsely in their sausages?
  6. OK, but explain why Loial, in writing the book, gave a perfect account of the cleansing of Saidin yet later on he is begging for details of it? :P
  7. Truly, thou art Robert Jordan the Second.
  8. I know how they can fly. They make another mass bigger than Earth at stick it in the sky, and when they want to fly they pull the greater mass closer to earth so the gravity pulls them up towards it, and then move it away again for equal gravity so they float. Then they can beat their wings to travel in whatever direction. You think it is stupid? It is! :lol:
  9. As for that Mat's eye theory, I think it will be Thom doing the rescuing. Remembering... Egwene's dream, was it?... where Thom pulls Moiraine's blue gem out of a fire.
  10. When Mat got his rooms in the Ebour Dari palace he was disappointed that his chamber pot wasn't made of Sea Folk porcelain or something. :lol: Chamber pots also get a starring role when the bubble of evil hits Salidar - it created a bit of a smell.
  11. Perhaps we shall see Mat and Perrin bound to the Horn? :lol:
  12. I would love that too - but I don't like the odds of it.
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