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Sorry -

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Not always so bright, and a bit hasty at times... so I didn't like the name that I had and only knew of one way of changing it. Not that being born with it is a bad thing, you know... :shock:


I am sure that I am so new that no one cares too much anyway (so why even bother writing this you ask...)


Here I am again - Susie yesterday and most of today - Malindhe now and forever hold my peace.


Good Day

Malindhe al'Coren

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Guest Egwene

You might want to join the White Tower... and you know novice training is hard.. I think you ought to start practising...*grin*


*throws another bucket of really cold water over Malindhe's head*



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Just waiting to be confirmed in the Book of Novices (sorry to repeat - I posted a response to you in the other thread as well).


I agree with you that I should start practicing. I wouldn't be surprised if I remain a Novice for years, and Accepted for years to follow that only because I do not look forward to testing for full Aes Sedai. I don't know if I am ready yet to face my fears...


However, if you keep dumping cold water on me, that won't bother me for long :D


*decides to select a time in the near future to research loving payback for Egwene*

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Warm?? *Checks her water temperature weave*


Hmmm, I am sure it's correct... *goes off to see Susie/Malindhe's other thread to see if the girl is suitably drenched in COLD water*


end quote'


yes - water is satifactorily CHILLY :shock: and this girl is suitably drenched ... but before I was baptised with your cold welcome, it was a warm one... :)

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*throws Egwene into the waterpark thread*


*then gets ice cold water in big squirt gun and starts shooting egwene*


your lucky i cant channel now, since charis forbid me to even knowing im a soldier in the bt. lol


Nice to meet another newbie, dont worry im sitll one too, and the hole thing about being a novice for a year thats me. Ive been lazy latley


Hope to become good friends with u, like it seems Egwene has already. O and do stop by fiddlesticks to the waterpark, nice and warm water in the hot tubs.


*Throws blue confety at Malindhe*

Stop by the blue ajah too.


Talk to u soon hopefully

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*dries Malindhe off and drenches Egwene with water using OP*


Welcome Malindhe! I am Leane Sedai of the Green Ajah, otherwise known as your White Tower Mentor! :D


I sent ya an email, but thought I'd stop in here to see how you're getting along. Please look around at all the different orgs as well as the Ajahs. If you need anything, just ask and I'll be more than happy to help ya out.

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Guest Egwene

*manually throws the biggest bucket of cold water she can find over Leane*


oops, sorry, Leane, didn't see you there *innocent smile* :)

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