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  1. My first time had to have been in about 2000. In 1999, I was having trouble sleeping (and more) and asked a friend for some advice. In return, I got a series to read by Orson Scott Card. I liked it, and I will have to admit that I did more reading then than I ever had in my life (all of 27 years at that point). Somewhere I lost interest and I really, really wanted something that would grab me and "take me on a journey" the way the first few "Ender" books did. I love the world I am in when I am reading RJ. There are times that I also wish that I had not read them before so that I could read them again, for the first time. The only thing that nearly put the series to rest for me was finishing college. I stalled out on Path of Daggers. When I picked it up again three years later, I was saddened by the fact that I couldn't finish what I started. There isn't much worse than waiting for "the rest of the story".
  2. I thought I was a freak for not taking to Goodkind (The Sword of Truth). Thank you. I worked with a lady that recommended the series highly, and I couldn't quite understand why I felt so repulsed by the middle of the second book. I started WOT nearly 10 years late, so I had absolutely no problem "getting into" and staying up with it. This method only works if you read slow enough to not finish everything on the shelves before the next one comes out. Needless to say, I had my hands full for a couple of years and didn't need something else to satisfy that "urge" (that is such a weak word here) to read MORE. That was not the case recently, so even though I feel compelled to share with you ones that I seem to enjoy, keep in mind that I have only gotten through one of each... and, how much is it really worth? I got through the first Goodkind as well. Elizabeth Hayden: Rhapsody (1), Prophecy (2), Destiny (3)... there may only be 3 books?? L.E. Modesitt, Jr.: Saga of Recluce. **funny fact #339 - I had actually read the first one already, and on the re-read found that I don't recall a single thing from the book - I have dismissed it to my intense relationship with WOT** One thing I know that probably sounds really stupid is my method for picking another series (because I truly like them so): I was thinking that TOR fantasy might not sign on a new author unless they were really good (like I said, what do I know?). I am very happy now to find out that there is a list of good series to pick up. I will need to use it.
  3. Re: Warder: I will have a browse. Thank you Lady...
  4. ~ All this fun I missed while I was "away". Won't let that happen again. Egwene - I was not spirited a way by some handsome knight, but if you can find me one, I would be happy to convince him to do so :D. Any one of those in your search party may very likely be acceptable . I am happy to meet everyone, especially Leane Shariff - and happiest to be her minty!!! I do believe that I now have the fortitude and consistency to find many lasting friendships here. My best wishes to all for a happy day! Thank you so much!
  5. Lock away if you so desire... likely it happened while I was trying to restart system after my connection dropped.... note to self: Sirayn locks topics :| PS: Hi Back :)
  6. 'quote Warm?? *Checks her water temperature weave* Hmmm, I am sure it's correct... *goes off to see Susie/Malindhe's other thread to see if the girl is suitably drenched in COLD water* end quote' yes - water is satifactorily CHILLY :shock: and this girl is suitably drenched ... but before I was baptised with your cold welcome, it was a warm one... :)
  7. Just waiting to be confirmed in the Book of Novices (sorry to repeat - I posted a response to you in the other thread as well). I agree with you that I should start practicing. I wouldn't be surprised if I remain a Novice for years, and Accepted for years to follow that only because I do not look forward to testing for full Aes Sedai. I don't know if I am ready yet to face my fears... However, if you keep dumping cold water on me, that won't bother me for long :D *decides to select a time in the near future to research loving payback for Egwene*
  8. Egwene, Thank you for the warm welcome. I will be sure to keep looking around. I am still waiting to find out if I am entered into the Book of Novices, and with the name change I hope that I haven't totally messed things up. I have also been thinking about what kind of training I could acquire by way of Aiel custom as well as in the White Tower. It may be fitting in a way - as I am sure you can understand. Good day
  9. Egwene, Thank you soooo much. *wishes Egwene would use warmer water when she does something like that :| * note to self: be aware and Demandred, Thank you - nice to meet you again as well.
  10. Not always so bright, and a bit hasty at times... so I didn't like the name that I had and only knew of one way of changing it. Not that being born with it is a bad thing, you know... :shock: I am sure that I am so new that no one cares too much anyway (so why even bother writing this you ask...) Here I am again - Susie yesterday and most of today - Malindhe now and forever hold my peace. Good Day Malindhe al'Coren
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