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Sorry -

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Guest Egwene

*sets the bilge pumps going and mutters dark threats in direction world termite population*


Hahaha... that's only the stakes though... you'll never get through those stone walls!!


*gets the tea shop to stage an attack from the flank*


Take this!!! *yesterdays leftover scones are raining down on Lan's catapult operators. Once the jam and cream have been dispatched too, all that can be heard is munching noises and discussions as to whether jam goes on first or cream*



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HAHA thats funny i personally entice your followers with choc chip cookies they promise to open the gate after i give the cookies but its been 7 and a half months so the siege fails and i run to my hut in the wilderness where i begin to play *cues evil evil laugh* and as a parting gift i have some ducks along the river who channel at the stone walls to bring them down REVENGE!! :lol:

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~ All this fun I missed while I was "away". Won't let that happen again.


Egwene - I was not spirited a way by some handsome knight, but if you can find me one, I would be happy to convince him to do so :D. Any one of those in your search party may very likely be acceptable :wink:.


I am happy to meet everyone, especially Leane Shariff - and happiest to be her minty!!!


I do believe that I now have the fortitude and consistency to find many lasting friendships here. My best wishes to all for a happy day!


Thank you so much!

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Guest Egwene

Malindhe!!! You're back!!! :D


About those handsome kinghts... I have not met any of them in person, so can't tell you if the 'handsome' applys, but feel free to contact them directly :wink:


... and of course, if you 're going to be a successful 'minty', you'll want to find one to be your warder... never to early to start throwing out the bait, girl *grin*


Great to have you back :P

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