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  1. hiya just thought i would post this up to see what people think. my personal favourite is Lan (nah really!) as i like his overall personality, knowns what he is about and dosen't take any back chat. also he's a warder all in all lan is the best!
  2. No prob! hope you enjoy reading the WOT and welcome to the forums!!!
  3. Welcome friend! im new here as well but as i probaly know you are enjoying your time here as much as me see you in the forums!!!
  4. HAHA thats funny i personally entice your followers with choc chip cookies they promise to open the gate after i give the cookies but its been 7 and a half months so the siege fails and i run to my hut in the wilderness where i begin to play *cues evil evil laugh* and as a parting gift i have some ducks along the river who channel at the stone walls to bring them down REVENGE!! :lol:
  5. gets that animal thing that chews wood and sieges dunster castle instead of bolders however the catapuls are shooting water buckets :lol:
  6. im not sure... perhaps we should kidnap him and find out this secret of all secrets :lol: well i normally have millions of them on a plate but i have no errm "bowel troubles" so i think perhaps we should agree to disagree P.S this is getting real serious so.....*Throws bucket of water over egwene* :lol:
  7. :oops: em that came out wrong it really was a interesting conversation i was talking about the 8 sprout rule thing sorry.....*enrols self for punishment*
  8. that was certainly an interesting conversation...... anyway minehead is a bit boring so i can see why you don't remember much!
  9. WHy!! no the whole world must of gone mad if there is no sprouts then how am i gonna keep my strength to be a gaidin??? :shock:
  10. So are you! :shock: :oops: well actually i like sprouts if you can give me them
  11. no im afraid i don't like chocolate either..... :lol:
  12. Thankyou Raena for your imput im happy to be here and fiddle sticks is well funny!
  13. THANKYOU! all i have to do is send an email and im away cheers
  14. thanks for that i have joined the white tower what next?
  15. Where do i go to join because i have looked at the boards of the white tower and all i can find is the lists of who is a warder where can i join as one?
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