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  1. *bounds in from top window, carwhells and lands presenting a magnificent blue rose to MoN* So how da hey is everyone around here, and whoes what now adays... O and ya im an Accepted still haha after what 2-3 years of being here!! haha Im pathetic but all dem years have been magnifecently spent with you people....even if some of you are loons!!!!! *dumps a bucket of water on the next poster*
  2. Where are the march points thing!! I am soo sorry but i have been like majorly busy with tons of stuff and well...i really need those points, cause i really want to be declared Aes Sedai!! So if you guys could help me in any way i would muchly appreciate it!!! :D
  3. Yay Daruya!!! *bakes up big blue cake, with blueberry muffins, blueberry tea* O i got you a present too, its at the end of this chain right here in my hand!!! *dugs the chain to show handsome shirtless hot guy* He's yours...watch out for other other ladies though, they may try to steal him!!! Lol Congrats my Lady Daruya Sedai!!(or soon to be)
  4. Yes im back!!! Woooohooooo!!! I need to get back here im really missing you guys tons!!!! But i have had so much to do, brithdays, brother and sister, doctors, homework, work!!! OO im so stressed but i swear im getting back here!!!
  5. Wow all great cooks!!!!! *is jealous of their magnificent talent at their talents...kicks back the meiger meal he was goig to give them* haha yay its finally happened my lady Charis...My mentor?? *pounces and tacklehuggles* hehe congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Well there is another person who is willing to help.....if u need me im here!! *knows hes probably not needed* caber_shaman at dragonmount.com <--yay its really the one that i use.
  7. OOO a warder *grabs and hordes* What???? Warders are soo fun, i should know i have three, and they are all some of the best people i have ever known!! *notices the sweat and nerves on the newbies face* OOps sorry didnt mean to frighten you, welcome to DM, it is nice to meet you.
  8. *grabs his hands and shakes vigrously* Welcome, welcome to DM!! Wow u must be a muscle man to do all that, hehe, youll find soon enough that this site is really really fun, and that the people here are fun too. So enough your fingers will fell like feathers on the key board from all the typing.
  9. Kepen heal


    Hay there mike, welcome to DM!!! How do u like it so far??? Anywhere u absolutly love??
  10. Where is this calander thingy??? Ive never seen it before!! :roll: :oops:
  11. *nips Dah's ears* Hmmm what were u eating, i taste somthing sweet!!
  12. *digs into the food after looking at it for so long* Mawnt sum Narima????? Iss goof!!!
  13. We have to take a roll call, i see now that Val is bonded to Kelly?? Its getting to be quite the big family!!!!!!!!
  14. *kisses lips* hehehe Narina is one of the best people i know on this site, really shes one of the best people i really know (i have friends :cry:, lol), she always cheers me up. Narina is very outspoken, and is sooo fun to be with and around, creative and always showing me my misstakes, which is like always!! hahaha Merry sister hood Narina, *brings the party close to an emerald mine and uses saidin to find a huge emerald* *uses both saidin and saidar to cut the jewel into to large flames of the White tower and then polishes them till they shine on their own, finally attaches them to Narinas shawl*
  15. *comes in running* YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!! Congratulations Narina!!!!!!!!!!!!! *huggles his bondee* Im soooo happy that you made it to Aes Sedai, and look at u in that shawl *feels it* It fits you perfectly my love, Im in shock right now so i dont know what to say but i did bring you a little somthing!!!! *hits a tiny little gong* *waiters come in with many different platters, and carts with all sorts of different foods* I was up all day cooking for ya!! Hope ye enjoy and Im soo honored to be your Bondee... My lady Sedai!! *bows*
  16. *runs in, in the nick of time* OOO wow im here!!!! I need these pts and need to start working on geting some other projects done for pts!!!!
  17. *Throws confettie everywhere, then lights up the sky with sky lights* Congrats everyone!!! *snuggles Mystica* Congrats deary, welcome to the...sister hood LOL!! :D
  18. *hugs Helike* Thank you my lady *bows* I would like to thank you again my love for the sig that u have made for me!!! I love it absolutively!!! *snuggle/huggles* ^wow what a funny word!
  19. OOO i like this secluded spot. Where are we axactly...some where with alot of water hopfully..and island? hehe Thank you one and all for the many notions. I love ye all to death, yet fear that the most of my love goes to my "family" hehe. Thank you Narina for being my bonded, may we be together for ever and ever. hehe. *conects the warder bond to himself and Narina* I enjoy the feeling of you in my mind my queen, and you in my arms. :D :D :D
  20. *dances with his bondee* Yay, we be bonded and i wish to share it with the world!!! *runs off to the other sites* Let it be know near and far, that Narina and Kepen have this day been bonded!! *opens a way gate and takes his Queen to a..secluded area* A harem...i think not Just a few friends who i just love to death!! *sees Narina's soul leaving* ooops *heals*
  21. *comes running in, strom clouds about his head, and pillows stuck to his back* *then sees his Queen Narina and is all better* O my gosh *tackles huggs* Its you, YAY Were getting bonded were getting bonded, woohoo woohoo, woohoo. Now then down to busyness!!hehe Narina Menderlin, i wish to offer you my soul, a soul that will be there to protect yours, to help you through any hardships that you may have. I will be here to help take care of anyone who would dare threaten your perfectness. I will be here, for what ever you need me for. I do swear to use my power here only to better you and to use my mind, for what its worth, to help you in any way that i may. Narina, i wish to be your bondee in this place we call home, this place we call DM, I wish to be your bondee in body and soul. Will you take my bond and my soul to fight? *kneels and bows head, offers up his sword in his uppraised hands, and gives her the chance to still him* I offer my self to you my queen, and i wish to know your answer!!! :o
  22. Kepen heal


    *twiddles his thumbs* Everyone here has a wife/husband but me :cry: jk sounds like ur a family of WOT addicts, i would love it if my family was like that too!!! Luckies!! hehehe
  23. Wow actually you remind me alot of my self when i first came here tooo!!! Just taking up writing and i too read New Spring between 10 and 11, very odd coucindences lol Well welcome to Dm Misyor (sp not in French) and may i say it is very grand to have you here entering into the DM books!! Any orgs youve seen that have caught your eye, or maybe a good discussion area?
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