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Character predictions?

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Hey Dragonmount forum-goers. First post. Be nice.


Anyway, what are your predictions for what happens involving some of the characters? Both trivial romantic plotline stuff as well as big, important stuff.



-Loial raises an Ogier army for the last battle. Much ear-wilting.

-Lanfear tries to make a final hopeless grab for Rand - maybe kills Moridin/Ishmael? I really can't believe her significance ended in tFoH.

-Lan raises a huge Borderlander army. Duh. The Golden Crane flies for Tarmon Gai'don!

-Moiraine comes back. Probably does something badass. I don't know what it will be. Judging by the writing of her letter, maybe she'll play with Thom's mustaches ("my dearest" :o)

-Rand teaches Aviendha to swim in the waterwood. She pees in the water (not really).

-Rand uses Mat's position of wife-of-the-Empress to secure a temporary alliance with the Seanchan for Tarmon Gai'don.

-Mat blows the horn again. Duh!

-Perrin feels only the wolves understand him, because he is emo. Maybe he'll be better now that he has Faile back... At least he kicked the knot-tying habit. Seriously, when Faile got kidnapped me, he reminded me of

-Berelain gets into another fight with Faile. Perrin gets even more emo, instead of doing the manly thing... Recording it and putting it on youtube. Catfight!

-Verin does something sneaky and unexpected that she has been planning since the beginning.

-Civil war within the Black Tower. Honestly, I thought this would happen in KoD... They're gonna have a hard time packing that and the leadup to Tarmon Gai'don AND the final battle AND the conclusion into one book.

-Taim dies.




Seriously, though, how could Rand not see the whole Taim thing coming? The last few books were downright painful! It was like:


RAND: Taim, please hold this large axe for me while I stretch my neck out on this block of wood! My back is killing me.

TAIM: Yes, my Lord Dragon.


RAND: TAIM! Be more careful! You dropped that axe right where my neck was!

TAIM: Sorry, my Lord Dragon. *waves away bad-guy Asha'man (who have started celebrations for Rand's death)*

RAND: Lets try this again.


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LOL at your Rand and Taim dialogue at the end of the post. I've been thinking the same thing ever since Taim started wearing dragons on his sleeves and looked angry when Rand placed himself above Taim as the real leader of the Asha'man. I would have put him down hard if I was Rand. Anyway, I have a few character predictions.


Last Battle predictions

Rand and Moridin do battle. Champion of the Light .vs. Champion of the Shadow.


Mat commands a battle against Demandred's troops.


Gawyn does something stupid.


Logain kills Taim.


Moiraine comes back and I'm predicting that she'll actually kill Moridin or at least one of the Forsaken in much the same manner that she killed Be'lal. She'll probably do it saving Rand's life.


Mesaana and Egwene duke it out.


Nynaeve finally puts an end to Moghedien.


Lan comes with a big ass army of soldiers from Malkier and carves up some Trollocs.


I think Galad will die. But then again, it seems too predictable and that's not how RJ was.


Perrin kills Fain. Avenges his family.


A bejesusload of Aiel die.


Other predictions


I think Lews Therin will get pissed, seize control of saidin from Rand and kill Semirhage while she's being held captive.


Egwene will take back the White Tower. Elaida gets stilled or dies. Siuan is made Keeper of the Chronicles and Leane is put up there in a high position.


Gareth and Siuan get jiggy with it.


Rand sees Tam again and they have convo.



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Thanks for the reply.


And yeah, I TOTALLY forgot to include a Rand + Tam reunion! It was on my mental list for this thread but it slipped my mind. I've been looking forward to it since tGH.

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First of all

Why would Galad die?


My thourghts

What about the obvius Galad + Berelain (i mean she will fall for a man in white, Galad is a WHITEcloak)

The Perrin army meets Galads whitecloaks

Byar meets Perrin

btw nice dialog between Rand and Tam

Mat meeting with his Dad

The attack on the tower

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I have nothing to add at the moment, but just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed your post, berk  ;D


and your Gareth and Siuan one too, BeaconofMercy  :D

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mat kills demandred ! i think it would be right up RJ's street to make the guy who thinks so much of himself be killed by a man who thinks so little. plus the medalion will give him the edge.


egewene unites the tower, brings in the kin. she might make some links between in the aeil and athan'mere (sp?) but im not convinced they will actually BE part of the tower.


Perrin helps loial to unite the ogier+wolves.


Fain dies in a real cheap bad way.


Some ultimate badass battles with mat, iltruade (cant spell but you know what i mean) bashere and some seachan genral like maybe kurade or hes seconed in command who i forget.


I don't want it to happen but i think Lan will die. Or hell be sooo near death Nya will heal him?

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I think Logain will discover Demandred posing as Rand at the Black Tower and will kill him, and this will begin the buildup to the Black Tower being rent in fire and blood and Taims death

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Rand / Logain take control of Black Tower

Logain kills Taim

Egwene takes control of White Tower

Rand bows down to Egwene to enlist the Aies Sedai help / aide

Tom & Matt find Moiraine at the tower Ghenji

Moiraine & Tom go to join up with Rand

Matt unites the Seanchan behind the Dragon Banner

Perrin will pick up the remnants of the Whitlecloaks

The ogier will pick up their axes, especially after they meet the Gardeners from Seanchan

Rand will break the seals

Matt will blow the horn

Matt & Aludra will create some serious sparks

I'm guessing multiple times multiple fronts for this LB. 






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Lan dies holding the shadows forces at bay despite being hopelessly outnumbered.

Nynaeve becomes a Cadsuane-like Aes Sedai, travelling the lands taking on causes instead of being caught up in the politics of the White Tower.

Egwene humiliates Elaida, but ends up the greatest Amyrlin since the foundation of the White Tower.

(Another thing I would love to see Egwene do, but unfortunatly is quite unlikely, is to kill Mesaana with a simple knife, to tie in with Siuans comment in TGH, that if you need a knife, use a real one instead of one made by the OP.)

Fain gets his Gollum moment, and kills SH. Which allows Rand to finally get rid of Fain once and for all.

Gawyn dies from accidently stabbing himself. ;D


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The Seanchan will launch their attack upon the White Tower.  Elaida in her arrogance will greatly underestimate them and will completely botch the defense of the tower.  Several AS along with Mesaana will be collared and carted away to Seanchan.  Just when all hope seems lost Egwene and Leane safe the day and the tower finally unites behind Egwene.  Meanwhile the civil war in Seanchan is resolved but a small portion of Seanchan breaks away to form a small independent nation and while Mat and Tuon untimatly abolish leashing of channelers, the small new nation continues the practice and unfortunatly Mesaana's owner resides said new nation.  Thus, she spends the rest of her days as a leashed da'mane searching out minerals and ores and no one save the other forsaken ever know of her involvement in the tower.


During TG Egwene attempts to utilize some resource in TAR to aid the light in TG but encounters Moghedian and these two masters of TAR duke in out (because lets face it, Nyn vs Moggy round three would be way to repetatitive and predictable).


Mat ends up leading an army not against the forces of Demandred but against those of Graendal.  While the battle rages on Mat leads a small band into Graendals stronghold but somehow becomes separated from them.  While on his own he comes face to face with Graendal and she immediately becomes infatuated with him and thinks how wonderful it would be to have him as one of her playthings.  Despite her ability to channel Mat manages to evade her again and again (largely due to luck).  Finally she corners him and attempts to use compulsion.  This makes the foxhead go really cold thus making mat temporarly pause from the shock.  Graendal misinterprets this pause as the effect of the compulsion.  She approaches her new plaything and cups her hand beneath his chin and mockingly  says "Well, well young general it seems you shall be the crown jewel of collect...."  suddenly Graendal gasps eyes going wide,  the allishadere (sp) still protruds from her chest as Mat steps away form his would be captor.  The boyish grin of her new prize is the last thing Graendal sees as death takes her (and no she will not be transmigrated since the DO is busy fending off Asha'man and Aes Sedai at SG).


At some point Nyneave comes across the site where a battle had taken place and apparently the Light lost this this one.  She sees all kinds of evidence that the one power was used and notices the bodies of Several AS upon the battle field.  The realizes that one is still barely alive and attemts healing.  This AS turns out to be Myrelle who says "Its no use Nynaeve it too late for me, but Moiraine wanted....."  Myrelle's voice failed her as she began to weave saidar for the last time.  As the weaves settled on Nyneave she could feel the presence of her beloved several miles tot he north.  Af few chapters later we find Lan leading his borderlander army deep into the blight against all kinds trollocs and various other unimaginable shadow spawn.  Suddenly Lan feels the cold steel pierce his breast as he if violently thrown from Mandarb, his loyal steed disapearing in the distance consumed by the charging trolloc army.  It seems that Lan has finally gotten his wish to die avenging Malkier, but suddenly he begins to feel regret, realizing that he had a reason to live after all.  And suddenly in a flash of light he sees the image of his beloved standing above him with a look of anguish on her face.  As darkness closes in the image suddenly speaks saying "You ignorant woolhead I won't let you go this easily"  Long story short what we are lead to believe is just an image in Lan's head turns out to be the real Nynaeve who was able to find him because she finally has his bond.  The flash of light was of course the door way that she used to travel too him.  She heals Lan and he is now filled with a whole new zest for life thus making him twice as dangerous to shadowspawn as he previously was.  And a good thing too since its now off to join Rand as SG. 




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Guest The Thin Inn Keeper

Here are a few of my thoughts, based on Aurthurian legend and WoT. The thread I’m quoting from contains a long, detailed list of similarities between the characters of WoT and Aurthurian legend.


1. The site of the climatic battle between Moridin and Rand will be at Camelyn. Moridin will “kill” Rand.


2. Rand will recover in Tar Valon.


3. Galad will find something important, something to do with an angreal of some sort.


4. Gawyn will take a good beating at the hands of Moridin, possibly even dying at his hands.


5. Callandors flaw will be fixed by Elayne.


Aside from that:


Thom and Moiriane will get it on.

Fain will seriously harm Moridin (Gollum link)

Taim and Logain will go at it in the BT

Lan will bite the dust, his body will be surrounded by a mound of Trolloc bodies (similar to Boromir in the LOTR movie)

Alivia will batter some Forsaken at some point

Bashere will come out of the Darkfriend closet (too much emphasis has been placed on his long twirly mustache for that not to be the case)


Also looking forward to the ever so awkward reunion between Rand, Galad, Gawyn, Morgase, and Elayne.


"Hey guys, I didn't murder you mum, she's right here, I've got some sort of strange 4 way love arrangement going on with your sister, I've no intention of marrying her, and she's pregnant. But we're good now, right?"

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Galad and Perrin strike sparks. (Galad believes in doing the right thing, no matter what, and Perrin did kill WCs). Berelain falls in love with Galad. Morgase is found out.


Perrin faces the trial of the bitch queens (Morgase and Elayne) and perfect son over that little matter of Manetharen and rebellion in the Two Rivers. Then when he convinces them Manetharen is dust, somehow gains Amador, groans and ends up ruling most/all the lands that were Manetharen, but under his own banner (the red wolfhead) as well as Saldaea, and calling the new land... Wolfia or Blacksmithville or something.


Galad Damodred claims the throne of Cairhien (I mean, he's a Damodred, head of the whitecloaks, Cairhein and WCs have the Sun as a symbol)


Alliandre and Arganda mack.


Tenobia dies, Bashere is King of Saldaea, and Faile is heir apparent.


Rand mopes a bit, does some weird stuff, ends up pushing Graendal out of Arad Doman (Graendal flees to Shara -the only forsaken to survive TG-), Rodel swears fealty and is crowned king.


Egwene dukes it out with Elaida, unites the tower against a seanchean attack, and Gawyn rescues her somehow.


Tuon meets with Rand, surprises him by talking about Mat at first, then decides to follow him, provided that Mat leads. Mat is present somehow, and gets some pink ribbon lovin'!


Lan DOESN'T DIE! Say it with me, LAN DOESN'T DIE!


Nynaeve learns buttloads from Semirhage and Cadsuane, then deposes Egwene and becomes the kickassiest Amyrlin of ALL time, (The Watcher of the Seals, The Flame of Tar Valon, She who causes kings to tremble upon their thrones once she starts pulling at her braid).


Eh, that's enough for now.

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Tenobia dies, Bashere is King of Saldaea, and Faile is heir apparent.


My gut tells me that both Tenobia and Bashere are gonna die, and that Perrin and Faile will be co-rulers of Saldaea.  I'm reminded of one of the first things Davram said to Perrin in their initial 'meeting'.  "She told you about the Broken Crown, didn't she?"  Or something to that effect.  I believe Perrin's response was some thing to the effect of, "Huh?"


So, Perrin get's to be the Wolf King, the King of Saldaea, and the King of Manetheren's piecemealed reassembly, except for Caemlyn, but including the really big lake that used to be Aridhol.  ;D


Kickassiest.  That is one of the most awesome words I think I've ever seen.  ;)

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On a dark night, Falie is laying in bed tired as heck but to wound up to sleep. She decides she will make a round of the camp to see whats going on.  She walks around the camp, as she decides to go back to bed, she hears a noise. Falie goes out into the woods to see what the nosie was, as she steps around a tree, a fade steps out.  Falie not being immune to the gaze of the fade does not scream, the fade tosses her over her shoulder and walks 3 miles to his camp.  The fade does bad things to her, and than tosses her to the trollocs.  The last we see of this scence is a trolloc chewing on a leg.


Perrin wakes up, seeinng Falie is gone runs around whining like the child he is. He runs around catching her scent and runs into the woods, seeing he is about to be stupid, the Aiel, follow him and they help him kill the fade and trollocs.  noticng that one of the trollocs was chewing on Faile's leg, Perrin crys. And he decides that he can indeed live without Faile.

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Tenobia dies, Bashere is King of Saldaea, and Faile is heir apparent.


My gut tells me that both Tenobia and Bashere are gonna die, and that Perrin and Faile will be co-rulers of Saldaea.  I'm reminded of one of the first things Davram said to Perrin in their initial 'meeting'.  "She told you about the Broken Crown, didn't she?"  Or something to that effect.  I believe Perrin's response was some thing to the effect of, "Huh?"


So, Perrin get's to be the Wolf King, the King of Saldaea, and the King of Manetheren's piecemealed reassembly, except for Caemlyn, but including the really big lake that used to be Aridhol.   ;D


Kickassiest.  That is one of the most awesome words I think I've ever seen.   ;)


And promptly call it Blacksmithville, or Wolfaren.


Well, the official Kickass Amyrlin is Siuan without a doubt. But Nynaeve would be better, thus... kickassiest.

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I've a feeling thet the fight between Rand and "Ba'alzamon" in the skies above Falme will be once again involved at TG between Rand and "Moridin/Ishy/Baa-Baa-Alzmon". The ebb and flow of the battle will once again be linked to the combatants in the sky above or at the very least just linked to their corresponding fortunes.


I can also see either Lans Malkieri forces Holding back the first wave of the Dark Ones forces' attacks in the Borderlands, being joined by the remaining Borderland armies that did not migrate south with the Kings and Queens etc. In the meantime Rand is struggling to unite the rest of the forces of good, so help isn't swift.


I can't help but think that Fain will get away Scott-Free...My reasoning behind this is that in an interview Robert Jordan stated that not every Loose-End will be tied up...


Consider also that he indicated that he was hoping to be able to continue with Mat and Tuon, in Seanchan, after the series was finished. Now, Fain would only attack Rand if he had a clear-cut chance, we have seen this time and time again. Fain Likes to strike from the shadows and bugger off outta there rather sharpish. If Fain fails in an attempt on Rand, inadvertantly helping Rand into the bargain, he wouldn't stick around, it would be too risky or he may even have thought he succeeded.After Fain learns of his failed attempt he also learns of the Seanchan turmoil and decides to work his insidious charms over there hoping to raise an army against Rand... Mat and Tuon go back and Mat is the one to face him.... Eventually... They share a common link through the Dagger and I think it would be quite fitting if it was Mat that done him in!


That's all I have for now!




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