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  1. I think the "hatred towards Character X" is more or less based on which part of the story you're reading. RJ decided to mature Perrin out earlier on in the series what with the TR thing, and that sort of left him obsolete for a couple of books or so. I found Mat very annoying at the start of the Wheel of Time series, and he only got better around the time he went to Rhuidean. Egwene was also a bother to me until she got to the Amrylin seat. Likewise, Perrin starts out awesome, reaches a climax (the TR rescue thing) and is now just 'coasting' along with the plotline until he can get to do something awesome. As for his character flaws, I find his obsession with Faile a hell of a less annoying than Rand's "I don't kill women" attitude. And as for his 'willingness' to let the world burn to get Faile back, well, Rand jumped in front of a FREAKING FIREBALL hurled by one of the MOST POWERFUL AND WICKED channeler of the Age of Legends to protect Min. Now, if we're talking about reasonable sacrifices to save the world vs following your dong to trouble.... Well, Rand's 'chivalry' takes the cake.
  2. Well, this is just what I feared. 2 more years until the Wheel of Time series is finished is BS, especially since Brandon Sanderson's contract says he'll complete the book well before the end of 2009. A month or two between release dates, I can live with, since I know nothing about binding issues and would've trusted Tor's word that a 700k book just can't be binded properly. A year between releases just means Tor decided to forsake their integrity and loyalty to the fanbase and decided instead to suck at the cash cow's teats. I will not be buying any more Wheel of Time anything or heck, Tor anything as thanks for ruining my favorite series with their corporate BS.
  3. I don't really mind if they split it into a bajillion volumes, provided they are all released in a timely fashion, and by timely I mean, 1 or 2 months between each release. It's one thing to be forced to wait for the author to completely write and edit their work, it's another to wait because a huge company wants to boost sales because some dipshit BA major decides they could milk a cash cow until its udders are shriveled and dry. After the final book is released and the tale is concluded, they can feel free to boost their revenues with a republishing of the entire series (with new better cover art or whatever), and heck, my own WoT books are in an atrocious condition from constantly reading them, so I'd definitely buy new books for the sake of having a pristine set in my library if nothing else. But I will NOT shell out cash to encourage any company to rip me off because they want fat christmas sales for the next 3 years. So, in short, if the rumours are true and the books will be released on a yearly basis, then I will proceed to toss my Wheel of Time books in the trash, and boycott any Tor books.
  4. Or it could've been his description. Unlike the other Forsaken, Sammael has a notable scar. We know already that very little was known about the Forsaken at the start of the series, but perhaps one of the bobs and bits about Sammael was about the scar.
  5. I'm going to go with Sevanna. Although, if I were to make an addition to the list, I'd say all Aes Sedai. The entire idea of the White Tower ruling the world is despicable. I do not like manipulators, especially those who do not think very highly of those they manipulate. The AS have had what? 3000 years of making the world dance to their tune, and have no problem with twisting things around and ruining people in order to get their chance at it.
  6. Only Tam from Emond's field left the TR before. But the Two Rivers also encompasses some other villages and the Taren Ferry. So it's possible Morgase has met someone from the TR to recognize the speech who isn't Tam.
  7. So it won't be Malkier. It will be a Seanchan colony, ruled by the Empress, with Seanchan customs. It has been 40 years. Of those who remember Malkier, how many will be willing to leave their lives of the past 40 years to start completely new ones? Of those who don't, how many will leave their homelands in favour of a broken ruin? Malkier is dead. There is only one Malkieri. They may avenge Malkier, but resurrecting it is a very different proposition. I think Malkier and the golden crane are sort of like hmm, a Crusade. It's a sore memory for all Borderlanders, and is an extremely powerful name. So when the golden banner is lifted, people will flock to Malkier's name, even if they aren't Malkieri. Similar to a Crusade, many nations would then assist in regaining lost Malkier.
  8. I think Lan will basically 'start' TG. What with him actually going into Tarwin's Gap into the Blight with an army. As for Min's viewing, I thought she only sees the future? So the baby with a sword could be Lan's kid, who'll still fight back the Blight and try to establish Malkier. This would also fit with Nicola's foretelling about the world not being done with battle. As for Perrin, he already has claims to some big tracts of land, making him second only to Tuon's land grabs. A claim to Saldaea, Lord of the Entire TR, and liege lord to Ghealdean.
  9. I believe Olver's purpose is to teach Mat some responsibility, mature him up a bit. Perrin was the first to get a wife, Mat was the first to get a kid, and of course, Rand is the first to get mad :P... As for dying in the end, I guess RJ could be really sneaky and turn book 12 into a death fest, but I don't think so. While I might appreciate the 'wholesomeness' of the tale if TG was a blood soaked battle field, I'd still be very upset to lose all those characters I've read about throughout 11 books. Whether you like RJ or not, comparing him to GRRM's work isn't fair for either author. Sure, both of them have a massive, detailed world to work within, but both of them have very different outlooks about their works. It's for this reason that some find Wheel of Time boring, while others find ASoI&F to be a disturbing read. And ugh, someone mentioned Terry Goodkind's SoT series. After reading through it all, I figured Goodkind wrote the story for sociology/political science majors. Richard TALKS too much.
  10. They are in awe of Rand, and call him Shadowkiller. Maybe the reason is because he killed a lot of trollocs, but then again, so did many Aes Sedai, and they don't have any special names. Wolves can smell out Aes Sedai, so maybe they can smell Rand's channeling as well. Oh, and the Wolf Dream IS Dream World that Dreamwalkers use.
  11. Nothing was said that I recall in the books about Darkhounds attacking others in their own pack, no matter how big the pack. Two packs sent to hunt the same target would attack each other (according to Moiraine), but a huge pack wouldn't attack each other. As for how invincible they seem/are, I think that's more to do with HOW they were killed rather than a new super breed of Darkhounds. The dark hound Lan killed and the one Perrin killed were killed with mundane weapons. Perrin's arrows and Lan's power wrought steel sword. Rand tried killing them with the power and his sword of fire, and it just pissed them off. Balefire worked though, but that's because balefire kills anything! As for what they were hunting, my guess is Rand. South of Ghealdean is Illian and Tear, places where Rand was. Of course, since he constantly keeps Travelling through gates, the impatience Masuri sensed would be because of that (creatures of the Shadow cannot pass through gates since they die).
  12. Taim: Asha'man Logain, the M'Hael - that's me if you don't remember, see the dragons on my sleeves, spiffy ain't they? - is parched. Go get me some water. Logain: Blood and Ashes! First I'm a flaming fly-whisk, now I'm the water boy? The Dark One take you! *BF Taim and darkfriends* Taim: Yarg! Heh, sorry, it's 7 AM over here and I'm still sleepy. I have no clue how it'll go down, but it's a scene I'm anticipating with great excitement.
  13. Err, he sticks to Elaida's side because of two things. One, Siuan was sending Elayne off someplace and won't tell him. I don't know about you, but I'd be pretty darn pissed if someone basically hid my sister away from me. Two, technically, he followed the law. Whatever loopholes Elaida used to depose Siuan, she still followed the law. By proxy, Gawyn does as well, even if he doesn't care about Elaida. As for listening to rumours.... Your mom is a queen, she suddenly disappears, and some guy who's had horror stories told about him for the last age or so about how he'll break the world and kill everyone close to him is on the throne of your mother. Rumour says he killed your mom. He's on the throne. He's the boogeyman... So here's my thought process on that: Hmm, this guy is on my mom's throne. My mom's disappeared, and people say he killed her. And he's sitting on her throne. Yes, the rumours are most likely to be true. How exactly does that make me a moron? I like Gawyn. Sure, he should stop listening to rumours. I know that, because as a reader of the Wheel of Time series, I know things he doesn't know. Still, based on the info he has, and on his past choices, I'd say he's a pretty good character. He makes more sense than Galad. Galad's sister is working on becoming an Aes Sedai, and his step mom was tower trained, and he decides to join the Whitecloaks?!? How's that for intelligent?
  14. Bornhold and Byar were present when Perrin's family was slaughtered by Fain and his Whitecloaks. Bornhold became a drunk after this incident. Perrin thinks trolloks killed his family. If Perrin were to find out the truth? And he might if Bornhold or Byar confessed. In his last scene Byar seemed somewhat remorseful about what he had done as a Whitecloak. I don't know what Perrin would do, but I would not want to be near the working end of his hammer if he did find out. It's going to be awkward if Perrin's band mets up with the Whitecloaks. Galad's mother has just saved by Perrin, and Byar and Bornhold are both loyal to Galad. ...With Masema tagging along who prolly hates the Whitecloaks (since they fought his Dragonsworn), and about 1000+ TR men who also dislike Whitecloaks... And Aes Sedai, two of them, and Aiel Wise Women, and Aiel. As for Byar and Bornhold, yeah, if Perrin ever finds out that it was Fain who killed his family and they both just stood there.... HULK SMASH!
  15. Err, no, I'm not saying they should be absolved of minor wrongs. I'm saying, while most of the characters would probably uphold the whole 'bread stealing to feed starving family' example, and let it go, Galad won't. He would applaud the sentiment, don't get me wrong, but he will still say the act is wrong.
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