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  1. Its eyes are like that because the rather sheepish looking fellow to the right has just stuck his finger up the horses... Well... Stuck it where he shouldn't
  2. I kinda agree with that statement to some degree, although in my opinion I feel that is a bit too harsh an assessment. To me it feels a bit like how American TV shows have started influencing the way TV shows here in Britain are produced, to their detriment. Show starts, opening title sequence, 5 mins introduction telling the viewer what is coming up in the show, 5 mins actual live show time, 5 mins recap and preview of what to expect after the commercial, commercial break, 5min recap and preview.... etc. The kind of dumbing down so that people have to think as little as possible, and I hate it. Robert Jordan was also guilty of this, especially when it came to the Aiel and Ji'e'toh (sp?). Brandon Sanderson doesn't have the same kind of encyclopaedic knowledge or attention to detail to batter the reader with knowledge and background information. Yes, it is the attention to detail that so engrossed me in the series, but there can be, and was, such a thing as too much. To me what Brandon has brought to the series was a more 'action oriented' approach. What I'm referring to is the fact that it is very rare that you will get a chance to get bored of reading about one topic/POV for 1/4 or 1/3 of a book. Even if his characters are not 'spot-on' I have them in my head enough that it doesn't take much to imagine how I picture them and have done over the last 12 years of reading the books.
  3. The part just after Perrin and Faile meet after the Battle of Emonds Field TSR where the little dude runs up to tell of the help from the south too. When Perrin asks who he is and it turns out he is his cousin... That just about tops off the whole scene and gives me a football sized lump in me throat.
  4. DAMMIT!!! I can't stand the audio books, but I may just have to let my curiosity/impatience have it's wicked way with me!
  5. I hope not... Too close to Masemas influencing of Aram against Perrin
  6. Not necessarily. Bear in mind that these were people rejected by Mazrim Taim after failing the Test. It was Davram Bashere (or was it Rand, my memory is a bit sketchy on this point) who suggested training them up. So there is NOTHING that points towards them being mostly DF's... No more so than any other Army in Randland
  7. Taim... To show he was turned to the Darkside, and to show the inner turmoil of his tortured soul... Ok, not that I think that's true but since most people are convinced he was always a DF or until recently, Demandred or Moridin in disguise, I think it would be an interesting twist
  8. So, I was just thinking... And I'm pretty sure I haven't seen a discussion on this anywhere... How will the DO manifest himself if/when he is unleashed before or during the resealing of the Bore?... If he does at all. Will he take a human form, be a big cloud of black death, like in the Green Lantern movie? I have a wee small part of me brain wondering if he will put himself fully in the body of Shaidar Haran. Yes, I know that the DO doesn't necessarily have to take shape at all but I'd be a bit miffed if he was just a mass of CAPS LOCK FURY throughout the chapter/s he will feature in. So peeps... Any thoughts?
  9. With regards to the Seanchan Prophecy, is there an actual quote from the prophecy or is it merely [For]Tuon[a] alluding to certain parts that she deems to be the Dragon Kneeling before the crystal throne? She could have assumed it was the Dragon Reborn because she also assumed he would be the one who sounded it. I only ask because what if it is supposed to be the Sounder of the Horn (Mat) who kneels before the Crystal Throne? Thusly he could win the backing of the Seanchan and, come Tarmon Gaidon, he rides into the fray with the Seanchan and the Hundred Heroes Like the Charge of the Rohan Brigade in LotR to change the course of events. Not really what I THINK or even WANT to happen. Just a kind of possible scenario. I'm only just rereading from TEotW so I only have what I've read in this thread for reference.
  10. My thinking, when first reading this thread, was that her ter'angreal collection could make too much of an imbalance. My thinking being that I'm pretty sure that to wield Callandor effectively, and to counteract that imperfection, Rand would need to be linked with two woman channelers... And I'm not sure how accurate this is but... I'm sure the male a'dam will be involved. With Moiraine being weakened I'm not sure if Nynaeve being like the channeling equivalent of a musclebound oaf jacked up on steroids would have an adverse affect.
  11. Then why the flinging-flanging heck are you even here for? I wish I had never read that post for now I have to live the rest of my life knowing that you exist.
  12. I am the type of person who will read a book all the way through once started. Even a really terrible one, just to see what happens and how they get there. BUT... The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant were put away half way through the second book of the first trilogy. Despite the fact I had bought all three. I just couldn't get in to it at all. And it wasn't because of the 'Issue' (Not going to spoil if for anyone wanting to read it) that most people have with the books... I just found it soul crushingly and mind numbingly boring and unengaging. I tried, I really did. Oh, a few more books to keep an eye out for is a trilogy called the Eldarn Sequence http://www.goodreads.com/series/54367-the-eldarn-sequence. Not to mention one of me favourites of all time The First Law Trilogy http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/11706669-the-first-law-trilogy (Warning: VERY adult content)
  13. I really like her trilogy of trilogies, the best were the liveship ones. I loved the concept of the living figureheads and the subsequent reason for it.
  14. Malazan Book of the Fallen Series, by Steven Erikson are epic in scale and are well enough to keep even the most hardcore reader occupied for a good few months. And luckilly the last one has not long since been released. You could also check out Alistair Reynolds' books if you are into Sci-Fi
  15. Well, if there is one thing you will find here it is plenty of theories, counter theories, insightful points of view and outrageous and completely illogical concepts... But always fun. And while you are here, why not check out the social groups where you can talk with like-minded people who have a more biassed tendency towards one group or another; be it The Band of the Red Hand, The White Tower, The Aiel or whatever. Give em a go and I think you will like what you find. Whatever you do I'm sure you will be glad of the day you stumbled upon Dragonmount.
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