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  1. Luke did tap into the dark side when he beat Vader in front of the Emperor. ;) One of my favorite lines in the book: Holy crap that line scared me. It also made the Rand-meets-Tuon scene much more intense.
  2. I find Rand's relationship with Avi and Elayne funny. Avi: You secretly love me. I chase you through the snow, drag you out of a lake, and when you wake up I boink the buckler out of you. Now you love me but you won't talk to me. Continues for 5 books. Elayne: I love you! I hate you! I love you! I ha- no wait, I still love you! I haven't seen you for 4 books! KNOCK ME UP, NOW! At least Min stays with him - they have the closest thing to "normal" relationship. Personally, I'm not Elayne's biggest fan... I hope he sees more of Avi in AMoL. To quote from my "Character prediction
  3. I think Moiraine killed Lanfear in their battle. Then then the DO "caught" Lanfear. That is why Moiraine is still stuck.
  4. I agree. They could make a fantastic RTS, but making a good first or third person WoT game would be almost impossible given current technological constraints. What sides do you think there should be if they made a WoT RTS? Should it be broken up into regions (IE Borderlanders, Aiel, Southerers, Seanchan, Andor/Cairhein/Ghealdean factions) or individual countries (in which case they would only be able to make a few, due to balance issues and production costs). I like the region idea. Maybe you could pick a certain region then have a tech tree where you could specialize in certain coun
  5. I think you guys are looking into this too literally. I find it more likely that the Seanchan have an inaccurate understanding of Foretelling, and Tuon just happened across a damane that ACTUALLY had the talent and triggered one.
  6. Haha. I agree. Fain should have died years ago.
  7. I don't think him saying "he could have gone without it" really changes anything. He probably just finds the amount of control scary. And I believe he said "you aren't a wife" as a justification for the "extra bit" - because he cant trust her like he could trust a wife. I think the one the married guy figured out is EXACTLY the warder bond.
  8. @Wii-mote: Great idea. It would require some sort of 3d control interface. Any bluetooth can do that btw, I think. @The pun: :-X
  9. But even so, I seem to recall that even Elaida only had a small number of foretellings throughout her entire life. Gitara had a number of them, and we know of at least two (the one asking Tigraine to leave Andor, the other about the Dragon being Reborn). It's repeatedly said Foretelling is a very rare, very random talent, and if it is, then wouldn't Tuon be stupid to ask a damane to read her fortune? Then again, maybe it was a distant ta'varen twist by ol' Mat "I'm not a bloody lord" Cauthon :D Yeah. But we don't know the conditions of Elaida's other fortellings. Maybe even
  10. Thanks for the reply. And yeah, I TOTALLY forgot to include a Rand + Tam reunion! It was on my mental list for this thread but it slipped my mind. I've been looking forward to it since tGH.
  11. This isn't what the OP had in mind but I have another "Rings"-related question. Do you think the Rings in Rhuidean create an effect like the one Rand endured when he traveled to Toman Head using the portal stone in tGH? I know Moiraine saw multiple possibilities for her life.
  12. I have to agree, with the "slowing" she could probably live for another 50 years or so, even WITH the Oath Rod. IIRC there have been Amrylins who reigned for shorter periods than that (ones that weren't deposed).
  13. I heard about this. I just really don't see them being able to capture the WoT properly in a video game unless you didn't play a channelling character, which would get rid of a lot of the game. Wait until we have mental control of games and 3d displays, so we can actually weave! :D That reminds me, I was thinking of starting up a thread about how to work the One Power into games - a system for weaving and using the different "elements". It'd be really hard to do with a 2d display and mouse/keyboard (hence why I said 3d displays and mental control)... The only way I can see it w
  14. Was his vision harmed? I thought it was just being stunned from the blast, and his vision was fine.
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