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Arath Faringal

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Alrighty, just so we have a good place to keep everything straight.  I want to know what the current bonding situations are.  Who plans to bond with who and what not.  I'll edit as we go.


I would also like to remind everyone that nothing here is written in stone.  Anyone is free to back out at this point if things just don't work out IC or OOC.


Here's what we currently have recorded.  Name, rank, and on which end of the bond they prefer to be


BT Characters - Available:


  • Daevis Thelandran - Asha'man - Bonded
  • Martyn(Tavon) - Bonded


WT Characters - Available:


  • Jasmyne - Red Sitter? - Bond holder
  • Raslyn Altearin -Bond holder


'Promised' Characters

Bondholder - Bonded(s)


  • Larindhra Reyne (Bond holder) - Ikkiliad, Geirrin
  • Covai Seriba (Bond holder) - Zarinen Rafaliva
  • Gianna (Bondholder) - Tai'Dashan
  • Aslan Waaran (Bondholder) - Jagen
  • Jaydena Restona Mckanthur (Bondholder)- Arath Faringal


If you are not on here, post and let me know where you belong.

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I'm wondering if I should feel bad for Larindhra or Ikki and Geirrin?


I'm still leaning towards the latter as Larindhra is the bondholder...plus she is much older and much wiser, well at least in Geirrin's case (not the sharpest knife in the drawer).  ;D

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