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  1. Grisham stood to the right of the Commander as Coraman approached. He noticed her pale face and gave her a reassuring look remembering how nervous he had been during his ceremony. In one respect it seemed like ages ago yet he could recall it like it was yesterday. His thoughts drifted for the moment before returning to the present. Coraman was turning another page at the White Tower and about to begin a new chapter in her life. Hopefully she serve the White Tower well. He had no reason to believe she would do otherwise else he would not have offereed to stand for her. Grisham stood at attention waiting for the ceremony to begin. His boots had been blackened and polished this morning while his clothes were brushed and pressed so that not even a single wrinkle was present. He was a stump of a man with wide shoulders and a midsection to match. Grisham's swordbelt and sheath was neatly polished and his sword's hilt and pommel glistened. Taking part in this ceremony was an honor and no small affair. It was something he did not take lightly.
  2. I use them as well to supplement reading. I spend a lot of time in the car so I listen to the WoT books and other works often. Just like re-reads it's amazing how much you pick up that you may have missed on the first go through. A lot depends on the narrator(s) too, if the narration is bad then it kind of ruins the book.
  3. Geirrin stared at the warder cloak as if it were the strangest thing he had ever seen. As if Larindhra had just pulled a tinker out of her saddle bags. He inspected the thing with a look of disdain. Geirrin spent most of his life as a sailor prior to going to the black tower and sailors didn't wear cloaks, they simply got in the way. Dutifully he put the thing on then looked down and a feeling of disbelief overcame him. He had seen a great many wonders at the farm yet this seemed beyond compare. How under the light did someone make a cloak like this. Geirrin spun in a circle like a young girl in a new dress, perhaps he could get use to this. After a few minutes passed Geirrin looked at Larindhra for the first time since being handed the cloak. His study of the cloak was so intense that he was surprised to see that the red had changed her clothes. Light .... even her hair was different. How under the light had she maanged that and when? It must be some trick of the power he assumed. Geirrin mounted with a little difficulty due to never having done so with a cloak. He rode alongside Larindhra as she led them from the copse of trees occasionally looking down at the cloak in amazement. Geirrin Hale Asha'man currently as giddy as a novice on prank night
  4. "Yes Aunt Larindhra" he replied...light why was she beaming at him! It was unsettling. Geirrin turned and followed her out the door.
  5. Larindhra's initial question went unanswered as the bloody woman gave him no opportunity to respond. She was very practiced at at asking a question then walking out of earshot or becoming engrossed in some other task. Geirrin was used to talking while he worked but this was something different. Perhaps she wasn't used to conversing with others in a conventional sense. Some of her questions seemed more like statements and vice versa. Well he would have to give it a try as well some time, see how she liked it. After the poor servant left to follow the dozen or so instructions she had been given, Geirrin set down the bulging saddlebag that Larindhra had handed him. He listened to Larindhra's instructions for him then walked over to the chest of clothes as she studied the map. He quickly found suitable clothing, a pair of gray trousers, off-white shirt, and a dark blue coat. All of the clothes were better quality than he was use to. Setting them aside he stripped down to his smallclothes not caring that Larindhra was in the room. Geirrin talked over his shoulder as he changed. "I can manage to not fall off I suppose." Geirrin had been taught to ride at the farm though he was certainly not an accomplished rider. He finished dressing then began packing extra clothes for the trip. "Long journey you say? Why ride when we could travel?" Geirrin said as if it was the most obvious solution. It had become second nature to him. He felt her eyes on him. Geirrin finished packing so he brought his pack over and set it next to Larindhra's then looked over her shoulder at the map. "Just need time to study our destination and place of departure." Geirrin said matter-of-factly then grabbed his sword belt and strapped it on.
  6. The look of a stubborn rebellious child flashed across his face as he uttered a few curses. He could shield her with ease and teach her a lesson. Geirrin glared at her back as she left the room, his fists clenching in anger. He seized Saidin. That all to familiar struggle where for a few heartbeats he was juggling the weight of the world while teetering on the crumbling edge of a canyon. It was like trying to grasp the tiller of a ship with greasy hands that were far too small for the task while being tossed about in the worst storm any sailor could imagine. What seemed like a like a lifetime was only mere moments. The bittersweet power that was Saidin flowed through him. Geirrin felt invincible and nauseous at the same time though the latter quickly dissipated. It was almost beyond belief what he could accomplish with the power. The destruction he could cause if he had a mind to was scary. Fortunately for the world he walked in the light, well as much as one possibly could without being a total bore. The silvery blue line opened into a gateway large enough for him to step through without ducking. Geirrin did not even look back in her direction as he stepped through into the traveling room at the inn. Storming out of the traveling room he went in search of the goods that should already be waiting for him. Geirrin took his frustration out on the laborers that had delivered the goods to the inn. He gave them a tongue-lashing that they would not soon forget. It was as if he were the captain and they incompetent sailors. Directing them to the traveling room he hurried ahead and opened a gateway to Larindhra's quarters. The laborers reluctantly filed through after a few harsh words. They quickly set down the items they had been carrying and hurried back through the gateway. Geirrin immediately closed the gateway behind the last laborer so close that he almost caught the man's heel. He meant the man no harm yet his frustration had gotten the better of him. He felt no remorse for his harsh treatment of the laborers. Geirrin let go of Saidin and immediately felt the loss. With nothing better to do, Geirrin began picking through the chest of clothes with a critical eye. He wanted his black collared coat back. In short order Geirrin became bored with inspecting the clothes. Looking about the room he tried to think of something else to occupy his time. With all the furniture and chests in the room he didn't even have enough space to practice his sword forms. Geirrin liked maps, he couldn't read books but he could read a map. He looked about Larindhra's quarters seeing if he could find one laying about.
  7. Grisham finished his daily morning exercises as he always did when time and opportunity permitted. Working the sword forms was a must for newly made warder and those more experienced as well. One must possess a sound body and mind in order to function through the rigors of long grueling days. Keeping his sword skills sharp was a matter of life and death, for him as well as his Aes Sedai. He was Miahna's sword and protector among other things. A daunting task as far as he was concerned for as far as he could tell she was apt to through herself into the eye of the storm without regard for her safety. Despite being bonded he knew very little of her, it was something he would have to remedy in the days to come. The sun was just creeping over the horizon casting shadows over the courtyard as the Teobon Mansion began to come alive. It started as a slow trickle evolving into dozens of people in livery bustling this way and that. Women carrying baskets full of things such as bread, fruit, or laundry crossed paths with groundskeepers and other servants as they went about their duties. Some gave curt nods while others greeted their companions cheerfully. His stomach rumbled as he caught the scent of fresh baked bread. His mother had always said he could smell food from a mile away. The thought made him chuckle for a moment then he began to wonder how she was. He had not seen or heard from her in over five years. He quickly let the thought vanish as a girl in Teobon livery uttered a hasty apology for nearly running him down with a basket full of laundry. She was a pretty little thing, short and slight of body. Had she actually run into him then he would have been the one apologizing for she would have bounced off his bulk and gone sprawling, laundry and all. Grish's thick curly hair and light brown tunic were damp from the effort of flowing from form to form for over an hour. The benefits of the bonding allowed him greater endurance so that he could do so with little rest. He wiped the sweat from his brow with a sleeve as he made his way to the kitchens to break his fast. The cook gave him a welcoming smile as he laid a steaming hot plate on the table in front of Grisham. The food disappeared quickly as he dug into the heaping mound on the plate. His appetite was as hardy as ever though he could go longer before needing to eat again. It was another blessed gift of being bonded. He had been aware of few from speaking to other warders though some were a total surprise. Hours later he was cleaned up and his belongings packed. He knew it was past time to leave, he could sense it like the coming of a storm as he cinched the girth of Miahna Sedai's saddle. Like dark ominous clouds filling the sky threatening to pour rain down on you while lightening flashes and thunder booms all around you. Her stallion tossed it head back and whinnied softly as the strap tightened. He probably sensed it too. Some animals were very keen to their surroundings and the mood of those around them. Grisham rose and stroked the stallion's nose which helped to soothe him. He was a well trained and durable mount. A smile formed on his face as he felt Miahna Sedai approach, but just as quickly she was gone. He had not seen her though he knew she had been there moments ago, he point right to the spot. That and Grish had that feeling as though he was being watched. Moments later what he felt through the bond seemed like amusement. Within the hour they were on their way. Grisham continued scanning, once they traveled far enough from the city's walls to ensure they were not being followed or spied on, she began to speak of her plans.
  8. “So, what now my Warder? We’ve gathered and sent back the information we were sent to retrieve and are now left to our own devices.” Her musical voice was so intoxicating that it made the rasping sound of the honing stone on steel seem distant. He almost laughed though that would have been out of character for him, he had been told that he was far too serious at times. He was not too serious, he just took his duty to heart. He did not respond immediately choosing to admire Kabria's beauty while he pondered the question for a moment. Light she was beautiful both inside and out. Her radiance was uplifting. Their own devices the words lingered in his mind forcing him to smile. There was no such thing, theirs was a life of service. Service to the known world via the White Tower. Very little time was left for pleasure or for relaxation for that matter. Perivar was not bitter, not in the least, it was just the truth of their circumstance. They were not the only ones, their were hundreds of other Aes Sedai and warders. He felt the edge of his sword as he spoke. "I am concerned with the reports from the border towers. It is far too quiet. There have been far too few reports of raids. I don't like it." They both spent a significant amount of their time in the borderlands. The lack of activity in the borderlands was disconcerting. "We need to see for ourselves. I suggest scouting the blight border from Saldaea to Tarwin's Gap." They spoke well into the night, planning every detail of their excursion... They left the grassy plains of Arafel crossing into Kandor without incident. The terrain became more harsh the more north and west they traveled. It took roughly a week to make their way into Saldaea. They saw very little during their travels outside of the villages other than Saldaean patrols or merchant caravans. They continued to travel going all the way to Worlds End before making their way to Maradon. Hopefully their contacts in Maradon could shed some light on the calmness along the Blight. The moon seemed larger and sharper in the dark night sky. Grey and white clouds danced across the otherwise clear sky. The Saldaean night was cool, though southlanders would have called it cold. A crisp breeze made his color-shifting cloak flap slightly as they traveled along the well used road to Maradon. It was well into the night when they passed through the gates into the city proper. The next afternoon Perivar found himself astride Nightdancer following close behind Kabria as she conversed with the assembled lords and ladies. A dozen of each jumped at the opportunity to go hawking with Kabria. He detected a hint of annoyance though Kabria remained outwardly serene as ever. She had insisted that they call on the queen. To do otherwise would be improper as well as insulting to her majesty. Even so Perivar wished they could have avoided it. Fortunately her majesty was out of the city visiting her estates. Unfortunately the more prominent lords and ladies felt the need to make up for her absence. Their was no time for hawking and feasting...unless one of them had information that they could put to use.
  9. Grisham watched in puzzlement from his position of concealment as the trio rode wide of the foregate. A slight breeze ruffled the leaves as several thoughts warred inside his mind while he scanned the bustling city of Cairhein. This was not the first time he had been surprised on this trip and he was certain it was not to be the last. Grish had not yet puzzled out who the third woman in their party was, much to his dismay. That left him with an uneasy feeling. From what he had felt through the bond, his Aes Sedai had not expected the third woman either. He did not like surprises, especially when it involved darkfriends. Miahna Sedai apparently felt the same since she ordered him to keep his distance paying special attention to anyone following or taking interest in her party. Grish had circled her small party numerous times in search of any danger. Fortunately he found none but the fact did nothing to ease his mind. Miahna felt focused though he sensed a hint of unease coming from the bond. Being all too new to bonding, Grisham was not certain if his senses regarding the bond were accurate or erroneous interpretations stemming from his ignorance. It was still amazing and a bit overwhelming when he thought about the bond. The benefits of the bond were wondrous and a tad bit unbelievable. He did not understand how it was possible. The ball of emotions in the back of his mind would take some time getting use to. Would he ever get use to it??? Grish felt like a bowstring that was far too tight. His mount stamped a hoof apparently sensing his mood. The chestnut gelding was close to seventeen hands and solidly built with good stamina as well as a good turn of speed when needed. The stable boy had chosen the largest mount in the stable for him due to his size. Grish had grown even wider since coming to the Tower while his height stayed the same much to the amazement of his mentors. He had gained roughly thirty pounds in two years at the Tower though he seemed to have finally stopped growing much to the relief of the seamstresses and armorers at the Tower. To his shame he momentarily wished for his younger naive days, the days before coming to the White Tower where his eyes were forced open to the realities of their world. Much to his dismay, his training had proven that most of the wive's tales he had been told as a child were in fact true. Tales that were used to scare children into listening to their parents. The existence of shadowspawn still seemed unreal though his instructors, men and women that he trusted had informed him that they were all too real. One instructor called him a fool of epic proportions when Grish said he would like to see these shadowspawn for himself. Only an ignorant lout would wish to see such evil creatures in person let alone face one in battle his instructor had chastised him as he struck him with the flat of his blade. Grisham decided to wait 'til Miahna Sedai got settled then he would go to her...
  10. Grisham had seen death, seen men cut down before him. He had seen men hang voiding their bowels and kicking 'til death finally took them. He had even killed men but never had he seen slaughter like this. Slaughter of innocent women and children, it made his heart wrench. Who or what would do such a thing? Grisham wanted to draw his sword though to what end? There was no foe to fight, nobody to take his anger out on. Quickly he summoned the void and reveled in the lack of emotion it brought. His mount danced sensing the mood of his party, sensing the death around them. Grisham reined him in becoming one with his mount. He looked to the others who were senior to him. Edana was down among the corpses, Visar Gaidin and Guardsman Jasen visually assessing the scene. He was not close enough to hear their comments as he took turns watching them then their surrounding as if there was a chance that whoever did this would return. He continued to do so waiting on orders from those in charge. Grisham Elmaren Tower Guard
  11. On the outskirts of Tifan's Well, both Kabria and Perivar dropped the hoods of their rain soaked cloaks as borderland custom dictated. Only a fool would wish to be taken for a Myrddraal. Myrddraal were a reality here, not just something from a gleeman's tale. It still amazed him that the majority of southlanders thought of them so. The absurdity of him made him shake his head. No doubt the townsfolk had noticed their arrival, most would already be armed and ready to dispatch any shadowspawn or bandits that threatened their town. You would not live long in the borderlands if you failed to remain vigilant. Tifan's Well was a small farming town deep in the grasslands of Arafel though it was not exempt from raiding. The small borderland town was comprised of buildings with strong constitutions and steep tiled roofs. The former was so it could withstand a raid and provide a defensible position for the townsfolk, the later was to repel the snow that fell during the harsh borderland winters. Kabria's mood perked up a bit as they made their way to the stables forcing him to release some of the tension he had been holding. His mood was foul enough to match the weather. Perivar grabbed their saddle bags as Kabria gave the groom strict instructions regarding the care of their mounts. Her voice was probably sharper than she intended, a result of being soaked to the bone. The cold rain had her near to shivering. The groom took it in stride as he eyed Perivar's color shifting cloak and Kabria's seemingly ageless face. Their was no hiding what they were from borderlanders. The coins she handed the groom brought a smile to his face followed by a stammer of thanks. Ascending the wooden stairs they entered the common room of the only inn in town called the Broken Plow. Tifan's Well was off the beaten path therefore they did not see many travelers. As a result the inn was more quiet than they were used to. A few patrons spoke over a mug of ale or mulled wine and a meal while others played at dice or stones. One woman danced, the bells in her hair keeping time with the music from a flute which was played by a man in farmer's clothes. Candle light flickered about the room while whisps of pipe smoke wove their way around objects in the room 'til they dissipated. The patrons barely noticed their arrival though the rotund innkeeper hurried over to the soaked newcomers. His bulk jiggled along with the bells in his braids as he half skidded to a stop making a bow that threatened to tip him over all while offering a formal greeting. He looked them over listening intently as Perivar made his requests. "As you wish, my very best rooms. It may not be as big or lavish as you are used to but it is clean and well kept." Perivar assured the man it would be fine. "Right this way if you please." He insisted on carrying their belongings though Perivar indicated that he would see to them. The innkeeper relented when he realized that Perivar would not be swayed. "As you wish, this way" he said then showed them to their rooms before leaving to make preparations for their baths and a meal to follow. The man appeared to be a one man show. Within half an hour they were both neck deep in their copper tubs. As he laid there Perivar felt the stress leaving both their bodies though a remnant still remained. An Aes Sedai was never completely free of stress, therefore neither was her warder. Perivar enjoyed the momentary silence knowing it would soon be broken. Kabria's wheels were always turning, like a merhcant's wagon that never reached its destination.
  12. “Thank you for helping dispose of these miscreants,” The Aes Sedai said with a nod to Grisham. “The front two are alive, but unconscious. I will need to take them back to the Tower. I would imagine they have a lot to say once they wake up.” Her smile sharpened into something resembling a feral cat momentarily, before fading into the serene guise of an Aes Sedai. Was that a trick of the mind he wondered as the Aes Sedai focused on the other man who had come to her aid. “Stranger,” she said to the young man at her feet, “you needn’t kneel to me. Tell me, what is your name so that I may thank you properly?” The man appeared to have taken a nasty wound, blood pooled from his cupped hands. Words passed between them then the Aes Sedai knelt focusing her attention on the man. Grisham couldn't do anything to help the man so he turned his attention to the unconscious bandits as the Aes Sedai tended to the other man that had cometo her aid. Grisham finally wiped the dark red blood from his blade then sheathed it. A crowd had gathered at the mouth of the alley. Moments later a few members of the Tower Guard pushed through the crowd. One of them recognized Grisham, surveying the dead and wounded the guardsman asked what had happened. "Later Jared," he pointed to the unconscious bandits "The Aes Sedai" He felt foolish as he never learned her name "wants those two brought back to the Tower for questioning." Jared glanced at the downed bandits. "They attacked her Jared!" Grisham spoke. Jared whistled "Blood and bloody ashes Grisham!" He met his eyes "They attacked an Aes Sedai in Tar Valon of all places? Darkfriends in Tar Valon" a look of horror on his face and Grisham nodded then he looked thoughtful. These weren't ordinary bandits, not in Tar Valon. They must be darkfriends, who else would attack an Aes Sedai and here of all places? Grisham looked at Jared as the man shook himself from his thoughts, the incredulous look on Jared's face fading to a look of dutiful purpose as he yelled orders to the other guardsmen. Grisham kept his eye on the prisoners as Jared studied the fallen bandits closer to the mouth of the alley. He could tell the difference in the wounds between those made by sword and those made by dagger. "Two Grisham?" He nodded in reply, was that jealousy or respect? "They ripped my favorite tunic Jared!" Grisham said with all the mirth he could muster as he fingered the bloody rips in his tunic getting a laugh out of the guardsman. Luckily his wounds were minor, he would have them stitched later. Women liked scars and he liked women... Shortly thereafter guardsmen and Tower servants appeared with blankets for the dead and litters to transport the prisoners back to the Tower. They strapped the bandits to the litters and waited patiently for the Aes Sedai to give the order to return to the White Tower. Grisham Elmaren Tower Guard
  13. Braelin's shame weighed heavy upon his soul like a giant boulder pressing on his chest making it difficult to breathe. His mind would not let him move on, nothing he did would serve as a distraction from his thoughts. He remembered laughing and playing with Farin, wrestling and learning the spear together. Chiding each other about how each would be the other's clan chief. Boasting about how many trollocs and shadowspawn they would kill. Swearing to fight side by side vowing to spit in Sightblinder's eye on the Last Day. His mind reeled... Life is a dream that knows no shade. Life is a dream of pain and woe. A dream from which we pray to wake. A dream from which we wake and go. Who would sleep when the new dawn waits? Who would sleep when the sweet wind blows? A dream must end when the new day comes. This dream from which we wake and go. The words resonated in his mind, Braelin had sang the dirge over and over as he returned from the Blight though it did not diminish his shame. It did not wash away the hurt. All Aiel knew they would wake from the dream, they embraced death. He knew one day one of them would wake yet Farin's waking had been premature. Braelin could not help feeling that he was mostly to blame. Braelin stopped just short of the Wise One's tent that had been pointed out to him as the one he sought. The Wise One stood nearby speaking to a gai'shain. A day ago upon returning to the old, he had asked for the aid of a Wise One in meeting his toh, he had toh and it had to be met. Farin had no family, they had already woken from the dream. He was instructed to return today and seek out the Wise One named Rixan therefore he patiently waited for the Wise One to finish giving instructions to a gai'shain. The hold seemed to be overflowing. The Wise One's seemed to be short of roofs as several tents were apparently being used in place of buildings. Maybe these Wise Ones were newly raised and did not have a roof builtfor them yet? The hold did seem busier than it had been in years or maybe he had not been paying attention to this area of the hold. Rixan's attention turned to Braelin "I see you" she spoke. She had an aura about her of authority as most Wise One's did. He nodded respectfully to the Wise One then spoke "I see you Wise One." SHe studied him a moment, "Come" she spoke before entering her tent. The tent flap shut behind her, he asked permission to enter her tent as was appropriate or so he thought even though she had already told him come. The Wise One granted permission and he entered the tent. She had already sat on the cushioned floor and made herself comfortable. "Sit" she spoke so he did adjusting the cushions making himself comfortable. "Water and shade are yours" She spoke, Braelin nodded in thanks. Wise One's were respected and revered, he felt awestruck in her presence and had no idea what to say so he took a sip of water while he waited for her to speak.
  14. After getting groped and prodded by the tailor's assistants he was as tense as a compressed spring. Geirrin did not trust himself to speak civilly therefore he followed Larindhra in silence. His annoyance and frustration seemed to amuse her. From what he felt through the bond she seemed giddy, as if on the verge of laughter. Light blast the wretched woman! As they entered the tower grounds Larindhra broke the once glorious silence. "Tell me, boy, can you dance?" she said glancing at him. Light he wanted to scream! Remain civil he thought to himself...though his boyish immaturity took over. "Aye, I can dance." Lanrindhra's eyes seemed to light up at the prospect of a proper dance. A mischievous smile formed on his face as he rotated his hips then thrust them forward suggestively. "Not sure if that is the kind of dance you meant but the young ladies love it!" The words barely left his mouth before he felt goosebumps on his skin followed immediately by a blow across his backside. The angered Aes Sedai grabbed his ear in a firm grip dragging him through the grounds into the White Tower. His face was bright red with embarassment as all eyes were drawn to him. Some laughed openly or chuckled quietly covering their mouth with a hand. Others shook their heads obviously thinking he was getting his just due. What a spectacle they made. "No sense of humor" he muttered softly as he was dragged through the tower towards the Red Ajah quarters. By what he felt through the bond she was going to flay him alive when they reached the confines of their room.
  15. Grisham's rest seemed all to short as he rubbed his sleepy eyes. Perhaps it was due to too many games of dice before grudgingly laying on his bedroll and closing his eyes. The noise of the busy camp might make it difficult for most to sleep though Grisham had no problem nodding off. His snoring was legendary amongst the men and women that shared his barracks. He hastily threw on his boots then donned his swordbelt and guardsmen tabard. Ready for service he went to find Visar Gaidin whom he was to replace on roving patrol. After a few stressful minutes he found the warder. Most likely it was the warder that had found Grisham. Hearing the challenge word Grisham quickly replied "Flame!" in his deep gruff voice. He strode towards the warder then saluted,fist thumping his thick chest. He also nodded as a further sign of respect to the familiar warder who seemed to have trained most of those enrolled for training at the yards. The warder's skill with weapons was far superior to his own and he was a valued source of information especially in matters relating to warders and their Aes Sedai. Visar Gaidin was well aware of Grisham's quest to become a warder. Grisham listened intently as the warder gave his instructions then bid the man a good night. After the warder retired Grisham began his circuits of the camp. Every so often he would stop and listen though all he heard were sounds of small animals and birds mixed with the occasional rustle of leaves due to the slightly westerly wind. The camp was quiet now, most of those not on guard duty had gone to sleep. It was so quiet that he could ocassionally hear the crackling of the camp fires. Grisham looked to the dark night sky trying to gauge the time though it was too overcast to do so. It was as if the clouds were mocking him refusing to show the star filled sky above. It always amazed him how time seemed to fly when you were resting though when you were on duty it seemed to crawl. Grisham dutifully continued his circuit of the camp waiting for his turn to be relieved.
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