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  1. Fanten's brows furrowed in disapproval as he watched the soldier release Saidin like a guilty child stealing sweets. An expression which only deepened as the blush turned into an obvious battle for emotion on the young man's face. Finally though, the man looked him in the face. His lip quivered ever so slightly, yet the man seemed to wrestle control of himself. "Yes Sir, Soldier Filk reporting for weapons training sir!" Fanten stood with his hands clasped behind his back, and let his gaze pierce the man in silence for a moment. The boy was green, and showed a propensity to be ashamed
  2. OOC: Sorry it took me a bit. Wanted to give Tay a chance... IC: Rhaien glanced up at the approach of of a wolfbrother and sent a stern jumble of images to Snow. She knew how he disliked being snuck up on. She had made it known that she was playing with Shadow, but had failed to mention the man's approach. If he didn't know better, he would have sworn that she had done it on purpose... "Hi. I'm Jace. It looks as if you are building. I have some experience with repair work and would be willing to help if you'll have me." Rahien looked to Rhya. She had started to playfully mark on
  3. Softly the lad spoke, his eyes closed and a look of almost wonder on his face. "I sense it, Fanten...it is glowing just beyond my reach, but I feel that if I moved deeper into the cave, I would be able to see it clearly-- even touch it if I wanted to." Urgently, but softly, Fanten warned the boy. "Hold lad, move no further yet. Many a man has lost himself to eagerness when launching into battle." The boy has promise, Fanten thought to himself. He knew when to be cautious, when to listen to authority. Weaving and holding a shield ready, just in case, he continued. "Now lad, approach the wa
  4. Fanten suppressed a sigh as the Dedicated delivered his message. He thanked the lad and dismissed him. Getting to his feet he set aside the metal he had been shaping with the power. He had never learned blacksmithing, but shaping something with the power was much like shaping men. He wove air and brought his sword across the room to him, buckling it on as he walked to the traveling grounds, still holding Saidin. He wove, and tore a hole in the air. He looked around sternly as he entered the training grounds on the other side. Almost immediately he found his trainee, dark brown hair looking no
  5. "I don't know if now is the best time, but maybe you should think about spending a little time in Tar Valon. It hardly seems like the best place for our kind to go, but believe me when I tell you that you will have absolutely no time to dwell on your problems." Tai considered this for a moment, studying Arath's face. As always, Arath's words seemed to have a solidness to them that helped anchor Tai on his sea of emotions. It almost sounded like an assignment, and usually, Arath gave Tai assignments right when he needed them. Tai gave a resigned sigh. "Perhaps you are right Arath. I k
  6. Arath seized Saidin and Chaos babbled in the back of Tai’s mind. He had never really liked Arath, not after their exchange in this very clearing… Tai shoved the dark thoughts aside. He would rather not think of that at the moment. He glanced at Arath’s back as he watched him delve the house, shoving aside Chaos’s angry cries. ~ Kill him! Strike him down before he hurts you! Melt the flesh from his bones! ~ “Didn't feel like having someone dig you out again?" Arath chuckled softly. Tai tossed a half hearted laugh at his once mentor. Light, it seemed ages ago that he had helped Arath
  7. Tai sat at his desk, desperately studying the weaves he was working with. The weaves were woven with as much skill he could muster, and something itched at the back of his mind. He felt as if the weaves were close to snapping into place, into… something. So many weaves were basic, one or two elements used to accomplish something. The most powerful weaves however, seemed to use all 5 of the powers. Tai let the weaves dissipate with a sigh. He had been torturing himself with this for days now. With Arath gone, any spare time was spent searching, for what? Burn him, he didn’t know. But that
  8. Rahien sighed, stretching his aching muscles and putting down his pick. He rested it on the wall of earth in front of him and knuckled his back. He bent down and hefted another of the rough oak planks, putting it in place. Digging into the hard earth of the hillside was slow going at times, but Rhya and he had been at it for a number of days now. They only were able to work on it here and there between classes and such after all. To be fair, he and Rhya were not alone in their efforts. Others had brought supplies, some had helped dig, while yet others had simply brought nice hot meals just wh
  9. Tai sat for a moment, staring thoughtfully at the Dedicated. He recognized the man by sight but could in no way put a name to his face. The man was straightforward,which was good in Tai's estimation. Had the two weeks he had been gone truly been that noticeable? He supposed that now he was an Attack Leader, visibility should increase, he just was not used to it... He nodded to himself, then spoke. "True, I was in Tear for the last while. Unfortunately nothing too terribly exciting. You know of the Cache there?" He waited for the other man's nod. "I was sent to oversee the cataloging of ite
  10. Tai strode purposefully through the ankle deep snow, lost in thought. So lost in thought, that he almost missed the man tailing him. Oh, he wasn't being obvious. Any onlooker would have just thought that the man simply shared the same general destination, in truth a few men were walking along the same frozen path. Tai could tell the man was following him, if absently. Stopping, he paused for a moment. He had business with Arath, a report among other things, but something cautioned him to wait. He felt the cold, icy breeze play with his brown hair like a fond lovers hand. He smiled to himself s
  11. Screams of pain and death, chased Tai from his sleep as he sat bolt upright in bed; the sheet slipping from his torso. It was still night, approaching early morning, faint starlight making it's way through his window. Sighing, he rubbed his face and scrubbed a hand through his hair. He swung his feet over the side of the bed and felt his feet hit the carpet, cool from the cold stone beneath. He stood in his smallclothes for a moment, finally seizing Saidin and feeding life into the small flames in the hearth. Attempting to driev away the last memories of the nightmare, he gave up going back to
  12. Tai felt Saidin from behind him and watched as Nakor threw up a wall of Earth to protect them. The bloody man grinned at him like this was a field day...Chaos cackled away in his head. "You got a plan, Baijan M'hael, or do you want me to come up with one?" Tai checked his foul mood, it wasn't Nakor's fault his mood was so dark. Chaos leaped on that one and Tai was forced to shove him back down yet again. Before he could speak they were joined by a small group of Soldiers and Dedicated. Tai nodded in approval, this was more than enough to take this guy out. "Dedicated," He said
  13. i always pronounced it a (as in apple) mur lin..
  14. Cannot be the crystal throne... First mentioned in Book 2 and then again in book 9...
  15. OOC: Sorry if im a bit rusty, plus i just threw this together. If it doesn't work let me know. IC: Tai walked out into the cold, grey morning and scrubbed his face with his hands. He let out a sigh that felt as old as stones beneath his home. Looking around the clearing wearily, his thoughts drifted over last night's occurrences. Mounds of paperwork had kept him busy late into the night. Minor problems in Tear and other official matters that he was now in charge of, had kept him up. It was a good thing they had or he would have been asleep when one of the men scouting in Mayne had opened
  16. Evanen fought down the already turbulent emotions bubbling up inside her and tried yet again to understand what was required of her. She could imagine the sun, with all of it's warmth, but no matter how hard she tried she simply could not pull that warmth into herself. The rosebud, the petals, the opening, the light. Nothing. She was starting to get frustrated. With herself, with Deanne, with Saidar, with everything. Suddenly the semi-calm was broken by a small shriek. Her eyes flew open at the startled sound and looked at Deanne, eyes wide with fear. "What on earth-" Her voice faltered a
  17. Evanen's patience broke at the constant, insufferable attitude of this snotty Accepted. She had had about enough of her attitude and although she was trying to be good, she could only stand so much. "I did try, and trying again won't work! Just to prove it to you I will try your stupid method again." Instantly Evanen regretted the words and wished she could call them back. As soon as they left her mouth she snapped it shut along with her eyes. She felt bad for lashing out but she was frustrated and scared. If it was so easy, why couldn't she do it? Could the sister have been wrong about h
  18. "you must have done something like that to have been able to Channel..." Deanne said with a frown. Evanen thought back to the night of Romarlata's death, casting her mind back to that night. It was painful but in order to learn she had to go through some unpleasant experiences. She ran through the night in her mind, the news of her beloved grandmother's death and the way she felt. The grief, the pain, and finally, giving in to the crushing grief because there was nothing else she could do. There was something there that she had not remembered before, but before she could think on it, She
  19. OOC: I promised I would post here, and now that I am getting back to RP'ing i figured i would fulfill that promise...not sure where it will go from here, but im doing as i said i would ;) Shadar stood in an uncomfortably small pool of shadow, his eyes scanning the room. He had dressed in his finest black robe, brushed velvet with elaborate silver embroidery at cuff and hem. Emotions boiled within him on such a festive occasion. He knew he should be overjoyed, but Anger, Confusion, and Fear fought a war inside him he was sure would rip him asunder. From deep within his cowl his cool eyes c
  20. OOC: Continued from http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,48854.0.html Rian hardly flinched at stepping through onto the platform. Tai considered the man carefully before Rian spoke. Who knew what the man knew of Saidin. Chaos tumbled through the back of his mind again and Tai shoved him aside. The man's tale of a fatherless life, and his mother's death echoed within Tai and he found himself liking the man. He had yet to pinpoint why every man that found him had some aspect within him that Tai could relate to. It was as if the Creator himself had sent him these men, to be gui
  21. Tai grumbled wordlessly to himself as he pushed aside the paperwork on his desk. Ok, so it wasn't really his desk, just what he had been assigned here in Tear...Becoming an Attack Leader had its advantages, but it had its disadvantages as well. He rubbed his eyes and rose to his feet, channeling more wood into the fire. More Saidin and the blaze leapt higher. A trickle of Fire and the dented silver pitcher of spiced wine threw up a streamer of steam. Pouring himself a cup he walked slowly to the window. He watched the people press along the street below, bundled against the cold in cloak or co
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