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  1. Yes, we were rather proud of that one :D *Waves to all the new people looking at joining the crazies*
  2. Nice analogy. Look at Anakin. Started off with the best intentions, which then got warped BIG time.
  3. "They're a group who can track better than anybody here at the tower. They can use Tel'Aran'Rhiod to boot." Covai explained. A few nights at the White Tower had given him a few new tricks in the world of dreams, but he was still well below the abilities of the Wolfkin. Still, if Telnor or the others recognised him it could be interesting to show off a few tricks. Resigning himself to escort duty, Covai turned to Nakor. "Go get four other Asha'man, or dedicated who can use gateways. We'll be heading to a stedding within the hour." Waving the man off so Arath and he could talk privately, Covai lowered his voice a notch. "I won't be able to stay there for long since I'm still handling things at the White Tower. You feel comfortable leaving somebody else in charge?" OOC: This is where everybody jumps in and we head off. Arath, no need to reply. Just making sure my post didn't just cut off badly :P
  4. The slap wasn't completely unexpected, but it still managed to make Covai's head spin. Stifling a laugh, Covai rubbed the red mark on his cheek. He had deserved it, it was true. A question from the sidelines distracted him momentarily though. Larindhra watched Zarinen and this Covai with horror. Suddenly that horror shifted, as her own words came back to her. "Highest, it will be as you command. Should the Black Tower accept our ... offer, I will bond as many Asha'man as are willing." Oh Light ... Sitting up, she turned towards Covai and asked in a faint voice. "Exactly how many of your ... Asha'man are willing to Bond, my good man?" She watched as the man stood there rubbing his cheek as if he was stroking a beard. "Oh, I'd say about tweleve dozen or so." Larindhra slid to the floor in a boneless faint. Covai raised an eyebrow in suprised as one of the Reds dropped to the floor. He had never seen somebody....crumpled like that was they fell. Realising he had make a mistake, Covai shook his head to clear it. "Sorry, I meant twelve is a dozen, or about that numbers." For the first time in the room he actually felt a little sheepish. Trying to shift the blame, he pointed at Zarinen. "Hey, after a hit like that your numbers would be a bit hazy too!" Laughter from Arath and a few strange looks seemed to lessen the tension again. Dropping his head almost sadly at how quickly things seemed to have gone from diplomatic mission to almost drunken logic, Covai guestured towards the door to the antechamber. "Well, Zarinen and I have set the mark. Shall I introduce you ladies to the men I've brought with me?" OOC: Thats it for this thread people. For those of you who are now bonding, jump into the other thread http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,47624.0.html which has everybody in the other room. Pair off and snag yourself a partner! :D
  5. "Alright, we get the idea." Covai interrupted. Placing his hands on the ends of his chair. "May as well keep the procedings moving before we get bogged down in talks again." Covai didn't even need to look to Arath to see which of them would be bonding, they had already talked about it. As much as Arath hated to admit there was something worse than paperwork, the man drew the line at having an extra voice inside his head. Standing up, Covai took a step towards the Red he had singled out before. Bowing low, almost as if asking for a dance, Covai spoke what just just a few days ago he would have considered to be his death sentence. "Greetings Aes Sedai. I am Covai Seriba, Tsrovan'M'hael of the Black Tower, and loyal follower of the Jarron Al'Tanin, the Dragon Reborn." Seizing the source as he stood, Covai somehow managed to edge out a little humor from the stillness of the void. "Care to bond?" Despite the forced banter between the two moments ago, Covai was almost pleased to see it wasn't the one called Jagen who stepped forward. It was the one who's eyes he had caught before. He almost wanted to grin, but stopped himself. Aes Sedai were far better players of Dae'Daers'Mai than he was. So he still couldn't be sure he had read the situation right. Still, at worst at least he had a good looking one. Whether that was for better or for worse, time would tell. "Greetings Asha'man. I am Zarinen Rafaliva of the Red Ajah." Covai could have sworn he saw a hint of something flash through her eyes, but it was gone before he could read it. "I will agree to being bonded with you, as an Aes Sedai of the White Tower." Preparing the the weave as he closed the distance between them, Covai stopped infront of her to adress the the rest of the room. "If anybody has anything further to add, speak now. Else stand and bear witness to a new age." A look over his shoulder showed him nobody moved to stop him. Covai let out a breath he hadn't realised he'd been holding. "So it is then." Reaching out, Covai took Zarinen's cheek in the palm of his hand and reaching around her waist with his other, pulled her close. He could smell the perfume she wore, and even the smell of her hair as he pressed against her. Sliding his hand from her cheek to her chin, Covai tilted her head back gently, ignoring the muffled indignation from the women near her. Burn them Covai mused. If I'm going to do this, I might as well enjoy it.Releasing the weave of spirit as their lips connected, Covai spun the other four elements around it, he guide the weave around them, and then through both of their bodies. The sudden ball of emotions in his head was enough for him to release his grip, both on her and on Saidin. Shaking his head a little to clear it, Covai remember the last time he had bonded, albiet briefly. No attempts at shaking his head, or filling it with booze would change things. He was now connected to, and with this woman. Might was well get used to it. Pushing the knot he felt to the side, Covai brought a slightly cheeky grin to his face. "So, was it was good for you was it was me?" OOC: Well, thats the first bonding done. One Elgee responds (and let me know if you want me to edit anything by the way), we'll head out into the antechamber and let the pairings off begin.
  6. Covai nodded. "Thats fine with us. And the same applies for Asha'man. As we've said, this is to be fair both ways." Covai wondered if the word fair was accurate, given the situation. Light, considering the tone the conversation a few minutes ago, he figured there had to have been a Ta'veren nearby or the creator stepping in to get things back on track this quickly. Covai's eyes darted between the women in the room. He knew these had to be some of the more powerful women in the tower. He didn't know, and to be honest he didn't care whether they had been called to protect the Amrylin from them, or were there because she trusted them before others. He had spotted a few looks between them while Arath had been talking, and it seemed there were one or two who were a step above the others. "Looks like not all Aes Sedai are created equal..." Covai eyes lingered for a moment one of the more well endowed Aes Sedai. What in the light was the woman doing wearing a Domani outfit? Bringing his mind back to the matter at hand, Covai and Arath shared a look. They both knew they were almost finished with what Jarron had sent them to do, but there was still something else the council had talked about after they had left for Tar Valon. Covai guessed he had opened his big mouth enough so far, so he might as well keep at it. "There is one more thing. Not a demand, but a condition such as your disallow of forced bonds." Covai held up a hand pacifictically "Which we agree with by the way. Its another point about who bonds, and who doesn't." "Whilst we agree only those who agree to being bonded shall be, the issue of rank between the towers is another matter. Just as we don't expect the Amrylin to be bonded by an Asha'man due to her status, don't expect to bond an Attack or Storm Leader without being prepared for an Aes Sedai of equal status being bonded as well. The council has already discussed this matter, and you will find unless we bond like for like, they will refused a bonding" Covai's eyes almost casually went to the Red wearing the Domani outfit. "Sound fair?"
  7. Covai shook his head. "Hardly. They'll probably try to skin me alive when they realise I'm gone again." Covai pushed the bundle of thoughts in his head to the side, and tried to cover it with an old blanket. "There's a certain degree to which we can mask our thoughts and feelings from each other, but I'm still no expert at it." Covai admitted with disappointment. "The whole judging distance thing is a pain as well. While I'm in Tar Valon its vague enough for me to get away with things. Its these runs home or to Arad Doman that gets me caught." Covai took a swipe at Arath's ankle with his foot for the grin the man had on his face as the last comment. "Hey I'm not saying its not worth it, just I need to find a way not to get caught." "Anyways.." Covai directed their conversation back on track as they stepped outside. "I'm thinking of heading to see the wolfkin to see what they know about Shienar. Its been long enough since the battle, and they'll be more up to date on things then us. Besides, with the goings on with the White Tower, we should bring our allies up to speed. I'm reckon half a dozen of us should be enough to make things formal. Anymore than that and it'll put people of edge. Its hard enough to get the wolves to tolerate us as it is." Covai saw over his shoulder Nakor had left the side of the building and was following them. He didn't really feel like doubling back to get the man. It was his idea, so he'd be coming along, whether he knew it or not. "What do you think Arath?" Covai asked. "Figured I should at least run it by somebody before I drag people off around the place with me."
  8. "You've got to be kidding, right?" Covai waved a hand dismissively. "They're about as peaceful as tinkers, and half as likely to be as useful in their steddings. Still Stedding Shangtai isn't where we'll be headed." Pausing at the door, Covai pointed to a spot outside where there were some firewood logs stacked against the wall. "Wait here for me. I should be back in a second." Heading inside, Covai wove his way between some Asha'man and...clerks? Guess business is booming. Covai thought with an amused grin. Missing out on this much paperwork almost made it worth dealing with Aes Sedai on a daily basis. Almost... Covai corrected himself as he stepped into a doorway to let two clerks past. Between the piles of books Covai spied Arath trailing the two clerks. Stepping out of the corrider as the clerks walked past, Covai matched his pace with Arath, offering a grind and mock salute in greeting. "Ditching or helping with the paperwork?"
  9. Covai ran his fingers through his hair, trying to hold back the irritation in his voice. "Listen Nakor, I know you've not been back a while, but even you should have heard of what happened in Sheinar, and I mean the details of it. Just why is it you think I've been stuck at the White Tower all this time? The fact is we just don't have the man power to go sniffing around there." Covai paused at his own words and blinked. Sniff? A thought flickered across his mind. Pushing Nakor into a walk, Covai headed towards the council hall, he'd need to check something before he headed off. "Tell me Nakor, ever been to a stedding?" OOC: Hope that sets it up for you Nakor. Dashiva, feel free to jump in at this stage if you like. It'll be the first time we've seen each other since you got back, so just be prepared if Covai does a double take :P Arath can jump in as well, otherwise I'll NPC the other SL and we'll get going to the Stedding.
  10. Arath shared an exasperated look with Covai, then began to turn toward the door, wondering just how to explain this to the Lord Dragon. Blood and ashes! Did the fool woman not see that the entire point of this visit was to come up with an agreement better than the previous one? The old treaty said nothing of being allies! The primary purpose had been to stop members of one tower from killing the other! If we wanted to keep the old treaty we could have just stayed at the bloody Farm! Before he could take a step though, the other Storm Leader reached out and stopped him. In a surprisingly level voice, Covai tried again. "You do realise that you've just repeated back what's already been said, right?" Letting out a resigned sigh as he shrugged his shoulders, Covai wondered if the taint hadn't really effected the Aes Sedai more than the Asha'man. Dealing with this woman was like talking to a brick wall. A rather egotistical and deaf brick wall. Still, Jarron's orders were orders, and he wasn't able to back away from them. "Whatever make you women happy." Covai said. "Keep your pride and the paper it's written on. You want to hold fast to the previous treaty, fine. We dared hope for more, but we'll honor it. But don't stick to it then talk about drawing up new papers in the same breath. You also wrongly assumed we wouldn't hold up our end. We never said that. Since you ladies seem to fond of word play, let me spell it out for you." "You said that YOU did not put the Dragon in the box, as if that removed all burden of guilt from the Tower." Covai geustured towards Shevara. "All we said was that following that flawed logic, the treaty in existance is meaningless, since it was made with a dead madman, not with the Dragon. If you inferred that as a threat, that I'm saddened to see that logic and sense frightens you so." Covai paused to spread his hands apart, allowing the comment to linger, as spiteful as doing so may have been. "However I'm sure we can both accept those ideas and incorrectly arrived at. The treaty stands, as do previous burdens of guilt, which we have already agreed to move on from. So enough with the word games. The ... peace ... between us is affirmed." "You spoke of a plan to increase co-operation between Aes Sedai and Asha'man. We'd be happy to hear more of it."
  11. Covai scratched the back of this neck as he let the gateway close behind him. Sneaking out of Tar Valon and the White Tower was getting harder and harder. Having a ball of emotions knawing at the back of his mind didn't make things either. Covai knew his Aes Sedai would have some rather sharp words for him when he got back, but he had other duties to attend to as opposed to sitting on his arse. Wait...his Aes Sedai. Covai shuddered at how familiar the situation had become to him. Still, he had agreed to the bonding, and he'd just have to live with the consequences. He even had a mock bet with Arath which would claim him first. Madness from the taint, or madness from dealing with Aes Sedai everyday. Leaving the travelling grounds, Covai decided he'd walk around the tower grounds for a bit. He had visited the grounds through Tel'Aran'Rhiod whilst at the White Tower, but there had only been a week or two that had past since the battle with Brent. Things seemed to take longer to appear when you expected to see then in Tel'Aran'Rhiod, and the dreamworld was unreliable enough as it was. Still, he was glad to see the tower had gotten back into the usual swing of things. Dodging past some children running in the street, Covai allowed a small grin to grace his lips. There was something about the laughter of children around the Black Tower that brought a nice contrast to the place. When you were prepared...or at least expected to die each day, you quickly learnt to appriciate the small things where you could. The brief reprise was broken by a salute and a serious look from a familiar face. Covai returned the salute and waited. "Well Nakor, what can I do for you?"
  12. Covai could tell when somebody was lying. Not so much to him, but to themselves. This girl had it written all over her face. Covai doubted she had seen more than a score of summers, but from his postion next to her he could see she had still....grown. Diverting his eyes from the undone laces at the top of her pale dress, he could see she was still twitching a little from where she had been injured. It was most likely nerves more than anything, but small shards had a way of crippling a person if they weren't delt with properly. He could still remember a Dedicated from Sheinar who had lost the use of a foot after a training accident. The man's pride had kept him from seeking out healing after a pitfall weave went wrong. Though he had gotten most of the dirt out of the wound, a week later the foot had to be take off. Dalinarius had explained to him later that a few chips of stone had stayed stuck and slowed been rubbing away and causing the foot to bleed internally. Stupid borderlander pride. Mumbling something intelligible to himself, Covai took the woman's arm and placed it over his shoulder. Stepping in front of her, ignoring the noise his boots made as the crushed a shard of the bottle beneath him, Covai hoisted the woman on his back, supporting her with his hands tucked under her rear. Resisting an amused grin at the small yelp of indignation and surprise, Covai could feel her bury her face against his back. "Light", the woman was too embarrased to even put up a resistance. For a Saldean, that was saying something. "Master Covai, I..." Toern has made his way over at the sound of the noise. The man looked almost as flusted as the girl, but a damn sight more angry. "I apologise for the stupid mistake the woolheaded girl made. If you would just..." "And since when did you start hiring woolheaded girls at your inn Toern?" Covai's question cut through the man's flustering. His voice carried the same firm tone it had before, and despite not having an edge to it, managed to slice through the commotion with little difficulty. "The wine was paid for, so the girl owes me, not you." Covai could feel the girl tense up against him but ignored it. "Accident thought it may have been" Tapping the Domani women already cleaning up the mess with his foot, as his hands were occupied, Covai asked "You able to take care of this mess?" The woman nodded in response, surprisingly quiet. Maybe it was Master Toern standing over her, or the fact they had started to make a scence. Eitherway though, it didn't matter. The crowed parted away for Covai has he headed for the door. He knew the girl in the pale dress must have looked resting against the black of his robe, but he didn't care. He also didn't care to think of what others thought he meant when he said the girl owed him for the wine. Stepping outside into the street, Covai was grateful it wasn't crowed. True, it was probably past the midnight hour, but even so, taverns and inns often went until daybreak when there were still paying customers. He knew there were some in the larger cities like this that never closed. "Guess that might make the the Black Tower it's own city then...." Covai pushed the thought from his mind for the moment. He had other things to worry about. Like getting the girl somewhere private he could treat her wounds. Heading of to the left, Covai set off away from the docks. The establishements inland were of a higher class, and despite the higher price, offered a lot more quiet and privacy. Jostling the girl on his back a little to make sure she was still awake, Covai spoke, quiet enough that nobody passing in the street would overhead them. "Hey, you doing alright back there?"
  13. Covai nodded. "Two bowls please. One chicken, one beef. And some wine. Master Toern should have some of his better stock behind the counter." Covai flicked the girl a gold coin stamped with the flame of Tar Valon. He hated carrying money marked from that blasted place, but gold was gold. Besides, what else had he expected to win gambling there? He supposed he just be glad he made it out without being chased by some cranky old laidies, or Aes Sedai as they liked to call themselves. Idly brushing his cloak behind him as he sat down, Covai's eyes kept scanning the room. It seemed to be a usual night's affair at the Giggling Ass. A whole bunch of giggling from the serving girls and a whole bunch of men grabbing at their arse. Covai couldn't say he blamed them though. Domani women were known for making men run around in circles and laugh at them for doing so. The men meanwhile, well they usually seemed to think they were impressed by their athletic capabilities. Judging by the majority of the men in the room though, Covai figured a beer mug was about the heaviest thing they could lift, at least at this hour of the night. Nodding a small smile in thanks as his food arrived, Covai found himself disappointed to be served by a Domani women. His smile nearly broke into a laugh when he realised how absurd his situation was. Disappointed by a Domani? Light, he'd better not let Arath know about that, or the man would just as likely swap his wine for the Black Tower's own supply. Not something he looked forward to, that was for certain. Covai deflected her 'graces' politely and reached for the sursa sticks they supplied for eating. Covai loved the taste and style of the food here, but he still wasn't convinced the blasted sticks weren't just an inside joke at visitors expense. "Speaking of wine though..." Covai noticed the young saldean girl rumaging behind the counter after talking to Master Toern. His table afforded him a good view of the room, despite being on the opposite side from the kitchens. The corner had also been raised slightly above the rest of the floor, whether that was to act as a dividing line or just how the place had been built he wasn't sure. Still, it made sure he could keep his eyes on the door, and anybody entering would have their back to him, or at least their side. At the moment Covai found himself admiring the view behind the counter. He had noticed her almost from the moment he had entered the room. Whether it was the fact that she stood a good foot shorter than the ususal serving girls, or the fact she had blushed when their eyes had met, he couldn't say. Light, Covai mumbled as he started on his beef bowl, annoyedly stabbing one of the slices of meat that refused to cooperate. Be honest, he thought to himself you caught her staring at you and you know it" Turning is attention back to the food as he saw the girl prepare the wine on a tray, Covai stabbed at another piece of meat. Raising his eyes and the sound of footsteps, it only took a glance at the two men for them to turn and look for another table. He normally wasn't one for using his position for personal benefit. Burn it! Covai thought. Most of the woolhead fools here would bolt out the door if they knew who, or what i was... The sound of a bottle shattering on the ground brought his attention. The two men and bumped into the Saldean behind them and knocked the tray from her hands. Covai stood up and the men quickly ran off, barely even offering an apology to her. Covai was more worried about her though. Worried?? The thought breifly flashed across Covai's mind as he made his way over. Kneeling down beside her as another one of the serving girls was cleaning up the mess, Covai saw her foot was covered in red. It was hard to tell whether she had cut herself or it was just the wine. Placing his hand on her shoulder, Covai held back from delving her. It was impolite to channel on somebody without permission, and the girl looked a bit shaken up as it was. Being this close the a male channeler would probably send her jumping through the roof, despite her small height. "Are you alright?" Covai kept his voice firm, but without an edge to it. He had seen worse wounds and kept his cool, and dropped drink wasn't going to shake him
  14. DM Handle: Jocelyn Contact Info: keddybear@gmail.com Character Count: 1 Character Name: Maicey Gurrel Nationality: Saldaean Age: 19 Physical Characteristic: Maicey has long dark hair, almost black, that falls in slight waves past her shoulders. Her eyes are a clear, light blue, framed with thick black lashes. Her complexion is fair and creamy, with the slightest smattering of freckles across her cheeks. Typical of Saldaeans, her eyes are slightly tilted. She is not very tall, standing at around 165cm tall, and is slim but with nicely rounded curves, making her appear very feminine. Her features are quite striking, with most people agreeing she is attractive, though she blushes very easily. Personality: Maicey comes across as quite shy on first meeting. She is rather quiet, and blushes easily. However, beneath that facade lies a very fiery woman with a temper and strong passions, who will stand up for herself when pressed. She is also fiercely independent and can be quite outspoken, it just takes a little getting to know her before these things become evident. Personal History: Maicey was never wanted. The only child to parents that did not love each other, she learned at a young age that the only reason her parents had married at all was because of her, the pregnancy neither had counted on or desired. Strict parents had forced them together, and made the lives of all three rather miserable. Maicey was looked after dutifully, but always sensed her parents resentment beneath the surface. Looking for their own escape from life, her parents pursued their own destructive paths, her mother to alcohol which eventually stole her life, and her father to gambling, and subsequently heavy debt. It was a result of this debt that Maicey began working, and not of her own free will. After losing to a Domani merchant, her father had no compunction about delivering his daughter into the unknown man's services as payment. Horrified, but with no other option, Maicey left her home in Saldaea and travelled to Arad Doman. This turned out to be a turn for the worse, with Patir possessing a fierce temper that often led to a bruised Maicey. At least at home she'd largely been ignored, but the sporadic abuse at the hands of her captor was beyond bearing. In a foreign land, with no money or friends, Maicey fled the merchant and sought employment in an inn in Bandar Eban, working as a barmaid in return for a pallet and hot meals. --------- I know this history is short, but I have already spoken with Covai and plan to roleplay her being found in Bandar Eban and taken back to the farm. I really want to let this character develop on her, instead of plan her down to each nuance before hand. Thanks! :) -- Kate
  15. Covai raised an eyebrow at the Taraboner. "Show some manners and apologise? Well I'll admit we didn't intend on turning up in one of your gardens inside the tower. Light, we planned on turning a few miles outside of Tar Valon and riding the rest of the way." Covai took a slight step backwards, bowing toward the women. "So for turning up so unannounced I aplogoise. And you have my thanks for your gracious and speedy reception of us." Covai straightened himself again. "However, the Amrylin herself, just moments ago anknowledged any lasting peacse must be based on respect and understanding. I respect your intelligence laides by cutting to the point and being honest. If you prefer we can dance words around the table like Cairhien nobles, but this is not a time for games." "You talk of understanding, which is exactly why I asked my question. Like it or not, the tower as hunted men who could channel." Covai's eyes locked on the Taraboner. "You think I've forgotten where I am and what you are? I stand amongest women who have hunted anybody who shares my traits in the past, and you think my asking if the explanation given to me was honest is too much?" "I would think you would know Aes Sedai can speak only the truth" "Maybe. But telling the truth and being honest are two different things" Covai responded, his voice taking a softer, almost disappointed tone. "Lies by ommission are still lies, remember that." "So let me clarify and expand the details for you." Covai regained himself and took his seat again, facing Shevara across the desk. "Less than two weeks ago the Black Tower answered a call from Sheinar. The Shadow had attacked and Fal Moran was overrun. We had three Asha'man there at the time, and only one made it back through a gateway. The wound across his chest was not made by any blade or arrowhead. No hand held weapon burns flesh like that." "Long story short, we lost over a hundred men that day. Lightning and fire rained down from clear skies that day, and only of it was our doing. If you want the details I'll give them to you, but for now I'll get to the point." Covai's eyes narrowed. "The shadow has channelers on their side. Get me your oath road if you like but its the honest truth. Unless of course you suddenly have sisters running around with Trollocs we should know about." The humor in Covai's voice was dry and hollow. "We don't know how many there are or how well trained, but they were strong enough to push through most of our defences." Covai's eyes darted to the Taraboner who seemed to be the only other one here speaking their mind. "Before you even start to say they were only boys without training, don't. If you want to gauge the training the Asha'man recieve, I'll submit to whatever tests you like. Besides, I was at Dumai Wells, I know female channeling when I'm up against it." Covai let the sore point rest with that. "So when I say Tar'Mon'Gaidon is coming, I mean it. This isn't just some rambling on about prophesies or worried speaking the Dark One's name will somehow summon him. The simple fact is we can't afford to fight amongst each other any more." "As you said Shevara, this is not the time for false pride or assumptions. The previous treaty was formed out of chaos and a desire to cease the bloodshed between us. It was a desperate measure made by desperate people. That is no foundation for a future." "I've laid our cards on the table. The Dragon wants, and needs the White Tower on his side. We're not asking you to bow down and scrape before him, but at the same time, don't expect to carry the Dragon around on a leash before you." "If we continue, we both need to live up to our namesakes. Aes Sedai and Asha'man. The Servants and Guardians of all."
  16. Covai ran his fingers through his hair and scratched his head as he looked at the Amrylin. "So... you did not put the Dragon in a box.....you did not send Aes Sedai to the tower....." Covai let the words hang in the air for a moment. "To me, it sounds like you don't have very good control over your Aes Sedai, Shevara." Whether it was the emphasis on the Amrylin, or the fact he called her by her name rather than title Covai didn't care. The fact was though, none of the Aes Sedai in the room were impressed with his lack of subtly, tact, or manner. Light, half of them looked like they'd just as soon bend him over their knee with a switch. They were probably old enough to think they could do it too. "If you follow that logic, then we.." Covai geustured to Arath and himself "...are not the ones you made the treaty with. Nor did you make it with Jarron Al'Tanin." The underlying threat in his words were echoed in Covai's eyes. These women had no treaty to hide behind. And their oaths prevented them from striking first. If Covai and Arath wished it, they could easily overpower and take over half of the room before they had a chance to strike back. Covai waved irritatedly at the Ter'angreal on the desk. "You all witness one man's dying request, and think that it gives you a free hand to end the lives of how many is it? Hundreds? Thousands of lives over the years? Aes Sedai were once both women and men. Yet look at yourselves now. The once proud Servants are now no more than a half of what they were." Covai stood, shaking his head in bemusement as he started to pace. "For thousands of years your tower here has stood, and yet what has been accomplished. Judging by all records, the tower has never even come close to regaining what was lost from the Age of Legends. You all seem to be too interested playing Daes Dae'mar, deluding yourselves that because you can channel, because you've been chosen or touched by the creator himself, or light, because you can call yourselve a Servant of All, somehow that means you know better than anybody and everybody how things should be done." "You hide behind this Ter'Angrael and its message, implying that your actions are done out of love.." Holding up a hand to stall one of the Aes Sedai who went to speak, Covai continued. "I won't argue the point that the man's sister who he sent the message to may have had those feelings. Light, I haven't even argued about that fact you women had to translate this thing for us....." Covai paused for a moment. "No, burn you all." Spinning to face the Amrylin, Covai spoke. "Shevara Edosian, do I have your word as Amrylin Seat, and Aes Sedai, that those words you spoke are a directly translation of the message we've seen. If so, how do you know? Was the translation done by yourself or another?" Covai scratched his chin as he kept his eyes on the women. Light burn him if he's light Aes Sedai word tricks get in the way of things today. OOC: Figured this was a good point to break, feel free to just answer 'yes', Covai has a lot more ranting to get through :D
  17. This is possibly the coolest thing I've seen about WOT all year (besides the new book - no offence :)) It looks pretty damn plausible as well. Maybe we should chase up Sanderson and see if this is in any of the notes Jordan let behind for him? ;D (PS: Looks like Australia ends up being land of the madmen. Considering we started off as a convict colony down here, its seems to add more credibility to it :D)
  18. Covai couldn't help but raise an eyebrow as he grinned in amusement at the Amrylin spoke. Assistance? All the time he had spent walking the halls, corridors and stairs of the White Tower, his stomach had been gnawing at him uneasily. Somehow, instead of wishing he had more time to think things over, the speed of their admittance did more to ease his fears than any amount of time in an ante-chamber could. Light! These women were scared! ..no, not scared. Covai corrected himself as his eyes scanned the room. On edge, but these were hardened woman, may years older then either Arath or himself. Covai's eyes darted to one of the women, a rather attractive Saldean, if such could still be said for an Aes Sedai, who.... ...wore a red shawl... Covai hated the Reds. Some mistook his hate for simple vengeance, a desire to rebel against the Ajah for what they had done to male channelers. Truth, they frustrated him because of their boneheaded ignorance and assumed superiority. Women were bad enough at that as it was, but burn him if the Red Ajah didn't take it to a whole new level. They've got something up their sleeves.... The grin stayed on Covai's face, but the brief warmth of humor it held slipped away as is insides started to boil. Today was not a day for Aes Sedai and their Daes Dae'mar. If they wanted to hide something up their sleeves, then light damn them he'd burn the bloody things off! "Let me clarify what I meant by peace." Covai did what he could to keep his voice mellow, pushing away his feelings about the Red Ajah for the moment. "Tar'Mon'Gaidon is approaching. The Dragon needs every weapon and everyone at his disposal at that time." "That means the Dragon needs circles."
  19. Erik, Egwene actually brings these very same points up with Siuan, with much of the same reasoning. There are other threads around (don't have a link atm), that raise the possibility the Oath Rod was originally used on Criminals. The oaths they (assumedly) took would prevent them from repeating their crimes, and the 'ageless' look would signal them out to others as an offender. Kind of like a polite version of a giant "I'm a criminal" sign they have to permanently carry around with them. Crazy has a good point about being a part of society. All the (non White Tower) channelers are an important part of their local communities and societies. Aes Sedai stick their noses in and generally boss people around more often than not. Refering to everybody as 'child' probably isn't doing them any favours either :P
  20. I doubt they give him extra power or anything special like that. Maybe they gave him the initial idea to cleanse the taint? I remember there was the water/oil reference made (can't remember pages or chapters), but who's to say there wasn't more too it than that?
  21. Covai watched events unfold with the barest hint of a grin tugging at the corners of his mouth. "Light, they really are more scared of us then we were of them." The woman before him and a lifetime of combined experience or more that Covai didn't even want to start thinking about. Not so much because of the danger or awe he might feel. Truth be told, the thought that women that old simply shouldn't have full heads of hair without at least some grey in them. Pushing the unbidden, and rather random, thought from from his mind, Covai turned back to the matter at hand. Checking over his shoulder to make sure everybody had made it through, Covai left the gateway shut and released the source. With his level of exhaustion it actually felt like a relief to let go of Saidin. Fighting back a yawn as he stretched, Covai waved for the Asha'man gathered to follow him as he plodded after the Aes Sedai who had offered to show them the way. He wished he had the energy not to 'plod', but they weren't likely to be thinking much of him anyways, so light burn them and their opinions. Nudging Arath beside him, Covai spoked in a soft voice. He could see all the eyes on their group as they walked along the tower grounds, and those he couldn't see he could feel digging into his back. At the moment however, fatigue had robbed him off any sense of shame or propriety, so he gave into the thought that had entered his him. "Hey, we are sure they're taking us to the person right, not just some seat in a dirty old room?"
  22. "Listen up." Covai's words echoed across the assembly field from his position between the other Tsorovan'M'Hael. Saidin flickered around the edges of his senses as his eyes took in the men in the tower grounds. Scores of the men here had barely started growning hair on their chins, and others had a lifetime more experience the him that he doubted he could begin to imagine. Regardless though, all eyes and ears focused on the young Andoran, barely into his mid twenties. "I'll get the top questions on everybody's tounges out of the way first." Soldiers and Asha'man alike started nudging those standing next to them and muttering to whoever could hear them. To Covai's Saidin enhanced senses though, it was just a nuisance. "Knock it off!" Whether it was the tone of the words, or the effect they had, Covai couldn't say which surprised him more. Silence overcame the men within a heartbeat. Releasing the fist that had clenched by his side, Covai stepped down from the podium that had been assembled and stood in from of it. If he was to say what he would, it wouldn't be from an old symbol of power. "First, Brent it dead. Deal with it." Covai could see the eyes in the crowd darting from his position to the other leaders of the Black Tower standing around. "Next you're all probably wondering who will replace him as M'hael. The simple fact that I'm standing and he isn't seems to have been enough for most people here to assume that I have taken that role." Covai spread his hands to the side as if to acknowledge the point. "Fair enough assumption. But fair enough is not good enough. There will be no more M'hael at the Black Tower." It took a few moments for his words to sink in. People started looking beyond him to the other Storm Leaders. The Attack Leaders around the perimiter seemed to be sharing their fair share of questioning looks as well. Unbuckling the Asha'man pin tha annointed the collar of his robe, Covai held it aloft. "This will be your only loyalty. The Dragon, Jarron Al'Tanin." "I can see some of your are a little confused.... to put it politely. So I'll clarify things so there will be no misunderstanding. I have already seen FOUR M'hael since I first came to the tower. Dramon, Aginor, Dalinarius, and then Brent." Covai's speech was broken my a heckle from the crowd. "Aginor? You expect us to believe one of the Forsaken controlled the Tower?" The Storm Leader's vision narrowed on the man as his eyes and voice turned to ice. "Not only will you believe it, you will shut your damn mouth and show some respect for the four Tsorovan'M'Hael, six Baijin'm'hael and the scores of Asha'man, Dedicated and Soldiers it took to take him down. Every one of those men knew what it meant to be a part of the Black Tower and they all laid down their lives protecting what was important to them!" Pulling his gaze away from the man before he killed him, Covai continued with his speech. "As I was saying... each of these men took the title of M'hael, of Leader. Some, like Dramon and Dalinar thought that meant to lead us to a path where we could exist safely, without killing our families when we went mad." "Others, like Brent, felt the term translated more litterally, more military. They felt that whoever held the position of M'hael possessed an inate right to command the men and women of the Black Tower to do as they, and they alone see fit." "Their translation was wrong. Or at least the context of the translation was, and is wrong. The phrase M'hael translates more accurately as one who guides. A leader in battle stands around shouting orders. Any man with a set of lungs can do that. A leader in the community stands around telling people what they should do. Again, any man with a set of lungs can do that." "We are Asha'man above and beyond all else. We are guardians, protectors when all else have fled, and we will still stand when all is lost. Standing infront of you are the Tsrovan'M'hael, The Storm Leaders. And were are here to do more than stand and shout orders." "When we arrive in battle, the enemy will be helpless against us. They will know nothing but the sheer fury of our attacks, the unrelenting strength that we wield. They will know that they have more chance surviving a storm of nature than a storm of our power." "Yet for the survivors, a storm brings new beginings. Old buildings and structures may be torn down, and soil and supports washed away, but what remains is the grounding for a new beginging. A fresh start amidst the ruins of destruction. Crops will grow again, grass will grow, and animals and life will return to the land." "That is the Black Tower's role come Tar'Mon'Gaidon gentlemen. That is the sole purpose for why we exist. Our loyalities are to the Dragon, and through him every man woman and child alive. After the Storm of Battle has blown, and our existance is all but forgotten, there will be proof of our deeds and actions in what we leave behind for those that follow us." Covai paused to let words sink into the men assembled. It had been a long time since somebody had voiced words such as these in the Tower Grounds on such a scale. Walking back to the rest of the Tsrovan'M'Hael for a moment, Covai used the pause to rest his throat. The words so far had come naturally enough as he had believed in them, as should have the rest of the Tower. The next stage though would be a little hard for people to swallow.
  23. OOC: This is a flow on from http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,44492.0.html. Except this stage its now open to everybody. All anybody knows at the moment is that you've all been called together at the assembly grounds. Covai left his quarters with Arath and the two new Attack Leaders following him. Waeyl and Haykes had left a few minutes before and would be waiting for them at the assembly ground. Running his hand through his hair as they walked down the corridor, Covai starting going through everything in his mind from the start. Today's gathering would not be easy. Light he wished Jarron was still around. The damn Ta'veren effect was exactly what he needed right now. Shielding his eyes as he stepped out of the inn, Covai was surprised to see how late it was. The sun was starting to dip below edge of the tree tops. Mutterting under his breath, Covai really hoped he didn't have to look into the sun whilst making his speech. He had enough to focus on without squinting like he had just swallowed a lemon. Waving Arath, Tai and Sereth ahead of him, Covai paused for a moment to collect his thoughts. Checking to see that nobody was around, he rested for a moment against the side of a building. The Storm Leader's would have had everybody gathered already, and Covai knew the area surrounding the Inn would have been cleared first, so he had a moment to relax without being caught. Pushing himself off the wall after he had finaly decided on what exactly it was that lay before him, Covai turned the corner to the assembly grounds. The area was packed solid with Soldiers, Dedicated, and Asha'man. The Tsorovan'M'Hael stood gathered at one end of the grounds. With the sun to their backs, thank the light. The Baijin'm'hael in the meantime had spread themselves around the other rim of the crowd. It was exactly the set up Covai had asked for. He quickly thanked the light once more that things had gone this smoothly in such a short time. It was a Dedicated that spotted Covai first. Covai wanted to hit the man as he nudged the men next to him. Within moments the whole crowd had started to turn his way. Wrapping himself in the void as the crowed slowly started to quiten, Covai decided to let it slide. At least everybody's attention was on him now. He just wished he didn't have to walk around to the other side of the crowed to reach the speaking podium. OOC: Just post arrivals and reacations for now. EVERYBODY is welcome/encouraged to post in this thread. Seriously, do it or we'll hunt you down like Brent! :P
  24. Covai smirked as he looked at Sereth. "An oath eh?" There was a knock at the door before Covai could continue. He nodded at Haykes to go see who it was. As the Shienaran slipped out of the room, Covai focused his attention back to the matter at hand. "So, you are both prepared for the consequences of your actions?" As the men nodded in unison, Haykes re-entered the room. Covai nearly reprimanded the men before he noted what the Shienaran was carrying. "Very well Tai, Sereth. Haykes will be the one to deliver your punishment." Covai nodded to the man who stood behind them. "Haykes, if you would." The two men visably flinched has the Shienaran placed hand on each shoulder. Besides the intial response however, the men stayed calm. It was a calmness that would seal their fate. Seizing the soruce, Covai wrapped the items Haykes had brought back to the quarters with threads of air. With a quick flick of the thread, no more than would be needed to snuff out a candle, it was all over.
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