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  1. Yes, we were rather proud of that one :D *Waves to all the new people looking at joining the crazies*
  2. Nice analogy. Look at Anakin. Started off with the best intentions, which then got warped BIG time.
  3. "They're a group who can track better than anybody here at the tower. They can use Tel'Aran'Rhiod to boot." Covai explained. A few nights at the White Tower had given him a few new tricks in the world of dreams, but he was still well below the abilities of the Wolfkin. Still, if Telnor or the others recognised him it could be interesting to show off a few tricks. Resigning himself to escort duty, Covai turned to Nakor. "Go get four other Asha'man, or dedicated who can use gateways. We'll be heading to a stedding within the hour." Waving the man off so Arath and he could talk private
  4. The slap wasn't completely unexpected, but it still managed to make Covai's head spin. Stifling a laugh, Covai rubbed the red mark on his cheek. He had deserved it, it was true. A question from the sidelines distracted him momentarily though. Larindhra watched Zarinen and this Covai with horror. Suddenly that horror shifted, as her own words came back to her. "Highest, it will be as you command. Should the Black Tower accept our ... offer, I will bond as many Asha'man as are willing." Oh Light ... Sitting up, she turned towards Covai and asked in a faint voice. "Exactly how many o
  5. "Alright, we get the idea." Covai interrupted. Placing his hands on the ends of his chair. "May as well keep the procedings moving before we get bogged down in talks again." Covai didn't even need to look to Arath to see which of them would be bonding, they had already talked about it. As much as Arath hated to admit there was something worse than paperwork, the man drew the line at having an extra voice inside his head. Standing up, Covai took a step towards the Red he had singled out before. Bowing low, almost as if asking for a dance, Covai spoke what just just a few days ago he would
  6. Covai nodded. "Thats fine with us. And the same applies for Asha'man. As we've said, this is to be fair both ways." Covai wondered if the word fair was accurate, given the situation. Light, considering the tone the conversation a few minutes ago, he figured there had to have been a Ta'veren nearby or the creator stepping in to get things back on track this quickly. Covai's eyes darted between the women in the room. He knew these had to be some of the more powerful women in the tower. He didn't know, and to be honest he didn't care whether they had been called to protect the Amrylin from t
  7. Covai shook his head. "Hardly. They'll probably try to skin me alive when they realise I'm gone again." Covai pushed the bundle of thoughts in his head to the side, and tried to cover it with an old blanket. "There's a certain degree to which we can mask our thoughts and feelings from each other, but I'm still no expert at it." Covai admitted with disappointment. "The whole judging distance thing is a pain as well. While I'm in Tar Valon its vague enough for me to get away with things. Its these runs home or to Arad Doman that gets me caught." Covai took a swipe at Arath's ankle with his foot
  8. "You've got to be kidding, right?" Covai waved a hand dismissively. "They're about as peaceful as tinkers, and half as likely to be as useful in their steddings. Still Stedding Shangtai isn't where we'll be headed." Pausing at the door, Covai pointed to a spot outside where there were some firewood logs stacked against the wall. "Wait here for me. I should be back in a second." Heading inside, Covai wove his way between some Asha'man and...clerks? Guess business is booming. Covai thought with an amused grin. Missing out on this much paperwork almost made it worth dealing with Aes Sedai on
  9. Covai ran his fingers through his hair, trying to hold back the irritation in his voice. "Listen Nakor, I know you've not been back a while, but even you should have heard of what happened in Sheinar, and I mean the details of it. Just why is it you think I've been stuck at the White Tower all this time? The fact is we just don't have the man power to go sniffing around there." Covai paused at his own words and blinked. Sniff? A thought flickered across his mind. Pushing Nakor into a walk, Covai headed towards the council hall, he'd need to check something before he headed off. "Tell
  10. Arath shared an exasperated look with Covai, then began to turn toward the door, wondering just how to explain this to the Lord Dragon. Blood and ashes! Did the fool woman not see that the entire point of this visit was to come up with an agreement better than the previous one? The old treaty said nothing of being allies! The primary purpose had been to stop members of one tower from killing the other! If we wanted to keep the old treaty we could have just stayed at the bloody Farm! Before he could take a step though, the other Storm Leader reached out and stopped him. In a surprisi
  11. Covai scratched the back of this neck as he let the gateway close behind him. Sneaking out of Tar Valon and the White Tower was getting harder and harder. Having a ball of emotions knawing at the back of his mind didn't make things either. Covai knew his Aes Sedai would have some rather sharp words for him when he got back, but he had other duties to attend to as opposed to sitting on his arse. Wait...his Aes Sedai. Covai shuddered at how familiar the situation had become to him. Still, he had agreed to the bonding, and he'd just have to live with the consequences. He even had a mock bet with
  12. Covai could tell when somebody was lying. Not so much to him, but to themselves. This girl had it written all over her face. Covai doubted she had seen more than a score of summers, but from his postion next to her he could see she had still....grown. Diverting his eyes from the undone laces at the top of her pale dress, he could see she was still twitching a little from where she had been injured. It was most likely nerves more than anything, but small shards had a way of crippling a person if they weren't delt with properly. He could still remember a Dedicated from Sheinar who had lost the u
  13. Covai nodded. "Two bowls please. One chicken, one beef. And some wine. Master Toern should have some of his better stock behind the counter." Covai flicked the girl a gold coin stamped with the flame of Tar Valon. He hated carrying money marked from that blasted place, but gold was gold. Besides, what else had he expected to win gambling there? He supposed he just be glad he made it out without being chased by some cranky old laidies, or Aes Sedai as they liked to call themselves. Idly brushing his cloak behind him as he sat down, Covai's eyes kept scanning the room. It seemed to be a us
  14. DM Handle: Jocelyn Contact Info: keddybear@gmail.com Character Count: 1 Character Name: Maicey Gurrel Nationality: Saldaean Age: 19 Physical Characteristic: Maicey has long dark hair, almost black, that falls in slight waves past her shoulders. Her eyes are a clear, light blue, framed with thick black lashes. Her complexion is fair and creamy, with the slightest smattering of freckles across her cheeks. Typical of Saldaeans, her eyes are slightly tilted. She is not very tall, standing at around 165cm tall, and is slim but with nicely rounded curves, making her appear very fe
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