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Band Idol (BotRH DM Tour) --> The Kin ORG (5th Leg)


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Many warm greetings to those here at the Kin! This is the fifth leg of the Band of the Red Hand's tour of DM - our reality show thread called Band Idol. Yes, it is based on the popular TV series that now has international fame.


Each week between the beginning of September and the end of October, the show visits each of the ORGs here at DM. The tour has been to the Wolfkin first, and the Ogier second, the White Tower third and tying things up at the Black Tower.


Throughout the week here, Banders will turn up and fun and games will hopefully spark between us and our knitting needle friends. However, come Thursday, we get down to the nitty-gritty business part of the show. The Band's 3 Regiments (the Archers, the Cavalry and the Infantry) are fighting it out for your votes as well as those of the Band's Senior Staff, who are the judges. That is myself, BridMorgan and Direwolf Jon, who was recently added to the list of the Band's Senior Staff.


On Thursday, the three Regiments will post Jak O' the Shadow verses on a selected theme. Then, once all the verses have been posted, you, the members of the Kin ORG, will get to have your say as you decide which is the best. The Regiment that accumulates the most votes wins the public vote, and gains 4 points; 2nd picks up 2 points, and 3rd 1 point. The points are the same for the judges. And all these points are added up over the show, and the Regiment that gains the most points wins the show as well as valuable points for our Bi-Monthly Regimental Competition, to see which Regiment is the best.

PLEASE NOTE (1): Banders - the latest you can post your verses is Friday evening (my time). If not, you get nil point (0 points).

PLEASE NOTE (2): Band Members who are also members of the Kin cannot vote. I know who you are, so don't cheat!  :P Unless you can come up with a valid excuse why you should be excused!


The results from the trip to the Black Tower will be posted shortly as currently have not enough time on my lunch break to do it. For a review of last week's performances from the Band's three Regiments, where the theme was the taint, click here.


Also, during our time here, we will invite you to take part in our weekly Tune or No Tune thread. All you need to do is vote whether the chosen song is a Tune (i.e. you love it) or a No Tune (i.e. you hate it). It's very simple - feel free to comment as well. We hold this thread weekly, so feel free to come by and get involved. For an example, here is the thread from the Black Tower ORG - it was It's My Life by Bon Jovi.


Finally, for all Banders, Band Law applies. So if you are lucky enough, you may see a public trial on the Band's boards here!  ;)


Also, you are more than welcome to visit the tour as we go around DM!


I really hope that you enjoy your visit and look forward to seeing you take part in our activities and future legs of the tour!

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LOL Around here, they may as well be swords, Kristine. ;)


Welcome to the Kin, ya'll! Feel free to wander as you like, just know that I'm a mean and scary Org Leader. *nods* Oh yeah, and we've still got that whole rivalry thing, going... *smirks* I had to restrain folks to keep from raiding your forums, Corks. I expect thanks or something...

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Dad blasted flammerjammerin feeglebooster'n nosewranglin' dizbusters... Ya goes off ta work a couple daze and look what happens.... Here we've 'invasioned our friends at The Kin and I ain't even a been in the same flamin' ocean!! ... Well, with a bit of help from Lady May and fourteen cups of freshly ground coffee without a bit of chichi flavorin's in it I've come up with a little song that will be... THE CAVALRY SUBMISSION


A Chapeau for the D.O.


In Ebou Dar you'll find The Kin

With knitting needles all in a'spin

With slender tools they will begin

A Tam for Jak o'th' Shadows


Knit one,drop one, then loop and perl,

Knitting needles all in a'swirl

Scarfs and mittens for all the girls

And a hat for Jak o'th' Shadows


Now that don't mean that they're dark friends

But needles clatter to their ears sends

The sound of love that even extends

To a cap for Jak o'th' Shadows


So to The Kin our mugs we raise

For their garb of knots that do amaze

And set our minds and hearts ablaze

For the dance with Jak o' th' Shadows.

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*swoons*  *bats eyes*  *giggels ruining it all*


Hi Manny!!  *takes a flying leap, landing in the auld pirate's arms, gives him a smooch*


Welcome to the Kin My Pirate!!!  *giggles and eyes the above submission*  very nice!!!  except hon..we don't really knit much!!  We poke!! 


*pokes Manny and Kris and Corki*  Welcome to the kin!!!

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*winks, while returning said smooch... "I was givin the benefit of the doubt lass, so I was... But if you insist..." I shall add this, won't I ;D


But if you don't care for knitted cloak

Nor a snappy cap you silly bloke

It's likely with those tools they'll poke

Yer arse ya Jak o'th' Shadows


With needles flash'n they sit and gab

In clothes that make a Tinker drab

And laugh so much their eyes they dab

Tellin tales of Jak o'th' Shadows



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It's Thursday today, isn't it? Argh! It doesn't feel like that as I have had 2 days off work ill! So yeah, look out for the verses!


And Lor, you'd better not touch that stash. Find Frenchie. Steal his instead!

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Dag blast it....how I managed to get so tied up elsewhere that I am just now getting here.  Anyways....Yes Kin memebers it is true....the little old me who's avoiding points to stay purple, is the Captain General of the....





....Strangely absent Archers.  >:( ::)


;) :-*


I will post a verse a little later.  ;)

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I keep wanting to sing "Clickclickclick went the needles" instead of "Clang clang clang went the trolley"  ;D


With a flurry, of colors slick

You'll feel a jab if you're not quick

Blue, green, red, purple, and gold do click

To poke with Jak O the Shadows


Though cloth these needles do not knit

To think them plain you'd be a twit

Your sides will hurt and give you fits

To jab with Jak O the Shadows


Pleasant greetings they do extend

And all who visit, they call friend

They poke and tickle to no end

To greet Jak O the Shadows


Used in love with good intentions

These simple sowing inventions

Proper use nobody mentions

To hush with Jak O the Shadows

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*wanders in and waves at the Kin* Hi guys!


*Looks around* Where are the Infants? Oh well...since the dealine is drawing near, unless Blademaster Kris says otherwise, I will post the following as the Infantry Sumbission.


The window's open, the parlor's bright

The Kin sits serene in the morning light

Their fingers dance; yarns 'n needles fight

Like dancing with Jak o'the Shadows


Knitting Needles: deadly weapons are they

Beware if one is pointed your way!

For a sneaky attack they're great, I'd say

When dancing with Jak o'the Shadows


How versatile they can be, just think

You can poke and pierce with a grin and a wink!

Poor Jak won't know whether to stand or sink

While dancing with Jak o'the Shadows


Knitting Needles firmly in hand

(as powerful as a magician's wand!)

The Kin holds ready as they stand

To dance with Jak o'the Shadows





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And there we have it! The three entries And on time! And a quick reminder of the verses for you as you cast your vote:


The Archers


The Cavalry


The Infantry


And you can now vote for your favourite verses. And to vote, just post which Regiment is your favourite. Very simple! :)


And to my fellow judge, let's get critical!

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Judges I think that would be

Don't you put it all on me

Hold on, I have to pee

Judge with Jak o'the Shadows


Squeels and jumps on her Twin

Engarde with your kneedle pin

Not seeing you is such a sin

Gossip with Jak o'the Shadows


Yeah I know these verses suck

Ask me if I give a fu *censored for my protection*

Stops before I'm out of luck

Grins with Jak o'the Shadows.


Ok, yeah, they were bad, but figured I'd get in the spirit of things.  ;D


*tacklehugs and smoochies her Kinsters, 'specially  her Twinniepoo*



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What's that? Oh, sorry I'm late, I had to get a gavel....*looks around*  Oh, I'm not that kind of judge......well I've got my numbers 1-10 with me too!  No, not that kind of judge either?  Okies, I'll have to look and make a decision!  ;D


Sorry not creative this morning, or I'd make a JotS as well. LOL

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