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[Contest] SG Avatars

Far Dareis Mai

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Guest Far Dareis Mai

Competition: SG Avatars


Alright, before we moved sites, we had some cool avvies that we used to depict Faction and Rank. Since they do not have the proper resolution to stretch to the pixel size here, we need some new ones, and would like you to take a shot at it.



1. You must be a member of the SG Org to participate.

2. Avatars must stay within 100x100 pixels. Anything bigger will be automatically disqualified.

3. Please keep them to .jpeg or .gif if entirely possible.

4.     You must submit the avatars to me only. We want to keep them anonymous, so it's fair. People who post their avvies in this thread will be immediately disqualified.


Deadline: May 15th. That gives you almost three weeks.


Judging: The Faction Leaders have the option to choose the winning avatars themselves, or to set up a poll for their entire Faction to vote on the avatars. I'm leaving it entirely up to them.


Submission: Please submit your entries to ME via PRIVATE MESSAGE. If you need to host your image, I can host it for you, and at that point I'll give you my email address. These entries will go to the Faction Leaders anonymously, so that this will be as fair as possible. When the winner is chosen, I'll let them know who did the winning avatars.


Winners: Winners will receive a points award and recognition from the Faction. If you are Ful, this may garner favor. If you aren't...you get bragging rights and they might decide to hate you less. ;)


Here is what we used to have, and what is still used on the member list:




Level 2:




Level 3:




Level 4:




Level 5:


Level 6





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um as these forums operate at 100 by 100 and will enforse that size no mather what size, as such obviously no point making them bigger, but i would recomend seting the size up to that to not have pics at 80 by 80 be blown up and loose some of the smoothness in the pic's

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Guest Far Dareis Mai

Changed pixel size to 100x100.


I don't want to see anyone using these avvies posted for their submissions. They are merely posted for inspiration, and an idea of what we had before.


I'll take the Chosen ones Roka, and thanks. If the FL's don't like what is submitted they can choose to keep those. :D

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FDM, do I need to submit one for every rank? I have an idea for about 5 or six, but I don't think I can do better than all 15.  Is there a deadline?  I don't want to spam you with single submissions.  I'll probably work on 1 maybe 2 per day, except for Wednesday, on which I won't do any.

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Guest Far Dareis Mai

You are not required to submit one for every rank. If you want, you could simply submit a Faction Avvy. I just wanted to show what we had before.


The deadline is posted in the Original Post: May 15th.


You are welcome to spam me with single submissions, or do them all at once. Whatever is easiest for you.

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