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  1. Daraniea was silent for long moments. The questions posed by her mentor were all incredibly fair questions, and not ones to be answered lightly or flippantly. She didn't want to misrepresent herself, but at the same time, the things she wanted at this moment weren't necessarily going to be the things that she wanted years from now. There were some things though she determined would never change. Organizing her thoughts, she spoke quietly. "I realize the cost of becoming Aes Sedai. Since the only person who ever had any sort of positive effect on my life is dead, I am more than willing to pay that cost. What has my life thus far given me really, besides a rather jaded personal philosophy? I exist around these Novices here, shorter than all of them, though I feel years older. Old allegiance? Familial relations? My father made the decision to forsake all of that for an existence of dulled senses through drink. I choose to leave my past behind, and carve a new path out for myself. A path chosen by me, for me, and lived the way I want to live it, not the way a sotted parent would see me live it. When I make it to the shawl, Saidar and my fellow Sisters will already be more to me than what I have lived the last seventeen years. They will also be with me for centuries to come. I see the cost, but as you say, the gain...it will be worth it. I'll make it worth it."
  2. Daraniea sat in her seat, waiting for the lesson to start. She was beginning to feel the wear of time at the White Tower. Supposedly this was going to stop soon, and Daraniea couldn't wait. Although it was also said the main reason why time stop mattering so much, is because she will be so busy with chores--made it a hard lump to swallow. Either way, she was beginning to realize that a year or several as a Novice was nearly unbearable to contemplate. All that time! Claire Sedai started speaking and Daraniea felt a long suffering sigh pass through her lips. Hardest lesson yet? Great. The last thing she wanted was to be so weary she collapsed in the cauldron while scrubbing it out. What followed the Aes Sedai's warning hardly seemed believable though. While she knew it to be true, it was too good to be true! No more lessons or chores for the day? Blessed be Claire Sedai in the Light! It took nearly all of her self control not to giggle at her inside joke. Quickly on the heels of her joy however, was the realization that if the lesson was to be that hard, she should probably feel worried. Oddly enough, she still mostly just felt giddy at the thought of a day off. As per the usual, the Aes Sedai started off the lesson with a warning, this time requiring a solemn vow never to pick apart a weave. Though Daraniea tried to deny it to herself, she felt a momentary desire to find out just why on her own...though she knew deep down she didn't have it in her to openly defy the Aes Sedai. Murmuring that she wouldn't do such a thing, she anxiously waited for the Aes Sedai to begin demonstrating the weaves. Soaking up the information, Daraniea could hardly wait to try them out for herself. FINALLY, she was going to start weaving, going to start doing something productive. Something where she could feel, see, control, and experience the results for herself! Standing, she embraced Saidar with relatively little problems. It was becoming easier with each day that she practiced. Weaving Water, she did as the Aes Sedai did, taking the water from the handkerchief, and placing it back in the bowl. Upon inspection, she realized that she hadn't quite removed all the water the first time, and so went back through it again, this time making sure the cloth was in fact dry. Silently proud, she began the next part of her task. Standing in front of the glass, she began to collect the water from the air, and place it slowly into the glass. This she found to be much more difficult, mostly because she couldn't actually see the water in the Air, and so had to rely mostly on the feel of the thread she was using. Through some effort, she managed to collect about a swallow of water into the glass. Satisfied--or perhaps anxious to try everything at least once, she moved onto the Air weaves. Walking over to the feather, she frowned. How hard can lifting a feather be? She wanted to lift the Aes Sedai to the ceiling! Glancing over to the Aes Sedai, and seeing the knowing smile on her face, Daraniea gave a good-natured smirk and focused on the...feather. If she had to lift a feather, then perhaps she could do something fun with it. Still full of the One Power, Daraniea weaved a respectable thread of Air, and lifted the feather into the air. For whatever reason, weaving the thread of Air seemed even easier than weaving Water. With a small flourish, Daraniea manipulated her thread so that the feather was twirling and weaving about the air, above the Novice's heads. With a smile, Daraniea strengthened her thread of Air, and gave the feather a good thwack! Unfortunately, feathers do not share the same mass as an apple, and the result was rather anticlimactic. Her turn finished, she gave the Aes Sedai a small curtsey and headed back to her seat. Over and over she watched as she and the other Novices took turns practicing the various weaves. By the end of the hour, a small sheen of sweat beaded on Daraniea's brow, and she could feel an ache between her shoulder blades. Truly, she was exhausted. When the Aes Sedai dismissed class, she trudged back to her room, and fell upon her bed, already asleep.
  3. Daraniea glided into class with her papers neatly in hand. Her fine script graced the pages in prim, neat lines. As she followed the line of girls to the desk to turn in her paper, she smiled briefly at the information she had found. Accepted for seventeen years, Vellaine Miralen was close to her testing. One evening, while practicing her 100 weaves with a colleague, the two girls decided to participate in an absurd duel of sorts, to see which girl was more deft with their weaves, while holding as much power as they could. Unfortunately, Vellaine drew too much of the One Power, and while trying to weave fire and earth together, burned herself out while subsequently unleashing a weave that rocked the entire Novice Quarters. Though Vellaine was put out of the Tower, the other Accepted spent another eight years as Accepted, in the kitchens scrubbing pots. Short, sweet, and to the point. It had better be suffiecient, thought Daraniea. The last thing she wanted to do was pour over old manuscripts again. The other part of her assignment, while equally as boring, was much easier to write about. Meditation exercise: Pouring the water The person envisions themselves with a tall pitcher of clean clear water. The pitcher is representative of the person holding the Saidar, and the water Saidar itself. As the Pitcher lets the water loose, the stream can be thick or thin, a strong flow or a weak trickle. As the water flows out of the pitcher, the stream is steady, and balanced. It flows peacefully from the pitcher, and wherever it lands, it reacts with what it comes into contact with in various ways. “Now that that’s done, I feel that we need a little fresh air. I’m taking you out to the gardens today. I think if you are put in a quiet and serene atmosphere, then concentrating on this particular lesson will be much easier for you.” At this Daraniea perked up. The notion of escaping this place of lessons and chores seemed too good to be true. Since Daraniea arrived, there had been only one free day! ONE! And in that day, she was so busy taking care of odds and ends, and catching up on sleep, that she hadn't had time for anything like strolling through a garden. Bouncing up with perhaps a little bit more energy, Daraniea followed the rest of the students out of the classroom. As she took her seat on a small bench, she instantly turned her face up to the warmth of the sun. The day was lovely, and she did her best to bask in nature as much as possible. Closing her eyes as instructed, she began to envision herself slowly filling the pitcher with water. As she did so, she felt the life and vitality of the One Power course through her. Holding onto Saidar, she waited for the Aes Sedai to continue the lesson. "Now, the sun’s rays being filtered by a cloud passing in front of it. As the light from the sun is diminished on the flower, so should your hold on the Source. Push it away from you, while still maintaining contact. The sun still provides heat behind the cloud, just as the Source can still flow into you at a smaller rate. To pull it back into you fully again, imagine the cloud drifting away from the sun, and the full light and heat back on the flower. Beware of losing the cloud too quickly, as snapping it back can hurt." Ever so slowly, she did as the Aes Sedai instructed. It was quite a challenge, moreso than she had thought it would be. Keeping even a tenuous hold on Saidar whilst still holding it at all made her want to grit her teeth. As Claire Sedai called for a break, she took a deep breath and opened her eyes. The Aes Sedai began to enforce the notion behind becoming addicted to holding the One Power, and the consequences for doing so. Daraniea, while respecting the woman's experience, figured it was not something she would ever have to worry about. “In order to weave you must know what the elements are. The five elements are Air, Water, Fire, Earth, and Spirit. I’m going to show you which threads are which.” Claire then embraced the Source and strands of all five elements together into a thick rope. The threads wrapped tightly around each other in a spiral pattern; each thread stood out clearly. “Now can you tell me which thread is which?” One of the women pressed a finger to her lips in thought, and then answered, “Air is Blue, Water is Green, Spirit is White, Fire is Red and Earth is Brown.” “Good, I see you have been studying. Now, I want each of you to come up and work with me to identify the different threads. You will have problems doing this at first, but if you work hard it will get easier.” Daraniea watched as the other Novices worked with the Aes Sedai in identifying the various threads. It was difficult to see at first, though right away Daraniea could easily pick out the thread of Spirit every time. When it was Daraniea's turn, she gave Claire Sedai a half smile and began to name the threads. Spirit was by far the easiest. She felt as though she would even be able to sense and identify that particular thread blindfolded. Air and Water were easier, but Earth and Fire not so much. They looked the same to her, and it was very frustrating to feel so inept. As class ended, Daraniea felt only relief when the Aes Sedai did not assign any extra work. She left the secluded garden slowly, dragging her feet the entire way.
  4. We don't convince. We allow people to come to us and experience it for themselves, because as I've said before, it is very hard to put what we are into one thousand words or less. ;) We actually have quite a few graphic artists in SG, so you would certainly find things in common with others. Do not assume that we are all as annoying as ed--he's really new and I haven't scared him off yet. :)
  5. And by 'kill', he merely means we frown angrily and e-stab you a lot. *twaps Gerr* (you're going to scare them off!)
  6. Hey Crafty! Glad to see that you've had some fun rping and such on the internet! Whereabouts were you? Perhaps we already know of each other! :D Welcome to Dragonmount, we've got a lot of content here, so as the others have said, don't hesitate to ask any questions! :D
  7. Welcome to Dragonmount! The RP here is great, and will love to have you! Don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have. Lots of people around here to help you out!
  8. Welcome Ratherin--an interesting name! As Corki said, please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have. It probably seems less overwhelming, as you've been lurking for awhile! :D
  9. Welcome to Dragonmount! I played EQ for a very brief time, back in 2000 or so..but I'm a WoW-tard now! Please don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have. These forums can be quite overwhelming!
  10. Ooh! Another Viking! How did I miss this thread? Welcome to Dragonmount! I have a soft spot for the Norwegians. Some of the coolest people I know at Dragonmount are from Snoreway. ;) Please don't hesitate to just jump right in the crazy and start stirring the pot!
  11. As you can see my friends (or future friends!), we are quite willing to entertain, mystify, and thoroughly confuse your Dragonmount experience. (Laxatives not withstanding.)
  12. Welcome to Dragonmount! Please don't hesitate to ask questions, I know that it can be overwhelming. And don't give up on talking him into reading it! It's a life changer. :D
  13. Hee, I think he was making reference to his actual name being Brandon Sanderson. Anyway, welcome to Dragonmount, please don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have. There are a lot of us, and we aren't going anywhere!
  14. Welcome to Dragonmount! It seems you will already know lots of people here! As they said, don't hesitate to ask questions, we are overwhelming!
  15. Welcome to Dragonmount! If you are looking for some good WOT discussions, you've come to the right place! We're a one stop shop for anything WOT related, lol! Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about the forums, it can be overwhelming. :D
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