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  1. Mat is the Prince of the Ravens because he was married to the Daughter of the Nine Moons, that person no longer exists. She is now the Empress, that will change his title and power to something more as well.Errr I guess Sorry to jump back like this...actually Prince of the Ravens is the title for the Empress's husband as well. In the Fortuona chapter we see in ToM she specifically thinks of Mat as "Prince of the Ravens" Mat still being essentially Seanchan Royalty I think will play a huge role in Rand binding the Seanchan to him.
  2. I don't know that this point is really valid...but so far we've only seen "new Moiraine" through Mat's eyes. When we last saw her I would argue that Rand/Perrin/Mat were still fairly new to the world and hadn't had so much interaction with Aes Sedai. While it could be that Moiraine is more tender, etc now, it could just as easily be that Mat is that much more perceptive to it now, having traveled with Aes Sedai and become more of a worldly traveler, etc.
  3. May be a silly question...when exactly is Justice found? Or is that Rand's new sword?
  4. Bashere carries something with a wolf in it, I think it's his sword pommel. And we know he's associated with the 'Broken Crown'. My money is on Bashere being the Broken Wolf. Of course, I believe 'Death' refers to Moridin (since death is capitalized in the prophecy). This implies interesting things if Moridin knows Bashere. I find this to be an interesting point...when we first saw the reincarnation of the 'Gars I'm pretty sure they commented that the bodies were stolen from the Borderland, seeing as Moridin was also a reincarnation, that body could also have come from the borderland. I believe that the Baton he carries has a wolf on the Pommel as well, as previously discussed the "Broken" part can come from whatever relationship he has to the Broken Wolf. His death would certainly shake the hearts and will of men because he is the General in charge of the Legion of the Dragon. Though I don't know of any accurate numbers, I feel like the Legion of the Dragon will have some substantial influence with those fighting the last battle (Combination of them and Aiel serving as an "honor guard" for Rand, since we know the Maidens won't leave him.) I can find Bashere as a plausible candidate for "Broken Wolf" As far as the criteria for the "Broken Wolf" having already fallen I don't think that is the case. The fall of the Broken Wolf is in the same stanza that refers to events on the day of the seals being broken. At this point I think that "being consumed by the towers of midnight" part has yet to occur, thus that condition has not yet been met. We overlook here that Wolf has to apply to a literal Wolf, it could be a term used to suggest something like an annoying enemy that is hard to kill. I still view Lan as a strong candidate for the Broken Wolf title. I find the "First Among Vermin" link to Fortuona to be an interesting one as well, and something worth considering.
  5. Did they miss the part where they keep being revived because the DO loves us so much?
  6. Well besides your free will...we kind of don't let you share our secrets with outsiders or we kill you...but that's a small price to pay!
  7. http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,51142.0.html For true fun; come see the faction leaders duke it out. Winner gets the privelege of taking on our illustrious Org Leader... (right?)
  8. TWITCHERZ!!! See...we're the kind of organization that people just cant' seem to stay away from....
  9. *stands behind pandy and nods* Although our Lounge is much better.
  10. That's because you locked me out because you got tired of me invading your faction singlehandedly...
  11. *begins sharpening knife as he walks out of a gateway* And the True Power! Don't forget the true power! Myself, Canuk, and Padny are the three Faction Leaders at SG (and as such are some of the "Elite members" far mentioned.) If you don't feel comfortable asking a question in the thread feel free to PM one of us. Oh, and be wary of Canuks cookies. You don't know what else has been in those cookpots...
  12. The history of the aiel was...eh, intriguing, but i think the one thats more...that is better, more easily presented is manetheren. I also think that manetheren is more inspiring of a story--typical almost, but because of the way it is presented, not really.
  13. I was, 11ish i think, maybe a little bit older, but not much, may dad had actually given me the first one a while before that as a birthday/christmas gift, and eventually i went on a long trip and i picked it up and started reading it and well...Here i am about 5 or so years later
  14. Surely Snape would be better as Taim? Both dislike the hero' date=' but both keep their true allegiance secret till quite late in the day - we have supporting evidence but can't definitively pin them down as servants of Shai'tan/Voldemort till the end of the last book - and even then doubt remains for some people....Also Ishamael/ Moridin works as Voldemort - main bad guy who dies and is reborn.[/quote'] Good point, snape would be better as taim and ishydin would be better as voldemort
  15. rather than Moiraine as dumbledore i think it would be better as Thom=dumbledore -Harry listens to dumbledore, between moiraine and Thom, Rand listens to Thom, especially when their advice conflicts Moridin=Snape? both essentially hate the hero (Rand and Harry respectively)
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