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WOT chess

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I play chess often and I've always wondered if there are any WOT themed chess boards out there. I didn't find any so I decided to think up one and, when/if I ever end up with extra cash, get it made. Tell me what you think:


White: King = Rand, Queen = Nyneave, Pawns = Aiel(maidens?), Bishops = Moiraine & Lan, Knights = Wolves, Rooks = Mat & Perrin.


Black: King = Ishamel, Queen = Lanfear, Pawns = Trollucs, Bishops = Myrrdraal, Knights = Drahkar, Rooks = 2 forsaken (Rahvin & Sammael??).


So there it is, I think that would be a nice custom board to make, if it was done nicely. Thoughts??

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I like your idea...though I would prefer Mat and Perrin as the Knights and maybe 2 aes sedais or Ash'amen as the Rooks.....Maybe even Egwene as the Queen as she's Amrylin....but then Nyn is More powerful than she is.


For the black I would see Sammael and Demandred as the Bishops....with two Dark Friend Ash'amen as the rooks.


Really liked you idea of having Aiel as Pawns...definately Maidens.


Saying all this I haven't played chess in years but I alsways fancied the Lord of the Rings chess set but never got round to getting it....


Good luck with saving your money... :D

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I like this idea, although I would put the characters where it seems they fit better, rather than based on importance.


My changes to the original post would be:

White: Queen: Egwenne, since she realistically is Bishops: I would put these either both Aes Sedai, or both Ashaman. Maybe Cadsuane and Verrin/Moiraine. Knights: Lan and another warder.




Black: I would switch the bishops and knights. Fades are more like dark knights anyways.

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Guest Kaile

I think my board would go like this.


White-The Creator


Queen-Eqwene (She is the Amyrlin)

Bishops-Aes Sedai

Knights-Warders (Not an animal but RJ always compares them to wolves, leopards and such)

Rooks-Mat, Perrin

Pawns-Maidens/Asha'man/Saldean Lancers (I couldnt decide but those are the three i came up with)


Black-The Dark One







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I think my board would look like this:



King: Rand

Queen: Egwene

Rooks: Mat and Perrin

Bishops: Logain and Cadsuane

Knights: Nynaeve and Elayne

Pawns: the leaders representing his various armies, Rhuarc, Bashere etc.



King: Ishamael

Queen: Graendal

Rooks: Semirhage and Demandred

Bishops: Lanfear and Moghedien

Knights: Sammael and Mesaana

Pawns: Various high-power darkfriends, Taim, Suroth, Alviarin etc.


Have to say I'd prefer black, initiative or no initiative=).

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Guest Admiral



Queen(might think up another name)=Lews Therin

Rooks=Mat & Perrin

Bishops=Cadsuane & Logaine

Knights=Bashere & Lioal





Queen=Shaidar Haran


Bishops=Gray Men


Pawns=Trollocs, Darkfriends

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Ehh, i disagree with the Egwene as queen



King: Rand

Queen: Moirane

Bishops: Elayne and Aviendha

Knights: siswai'aman

Rooks: Mat and Perrin



King: Nae'blis

Queen: Shadar Haran

Bishops: Gholam

Knights: Myrdraal

Rooks: Chosen


everyone else says Lanfear as queen, but shadar haran is literally the right hand man of the Dark One

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King: Rand (A copy of the peice the was used on the AOL. the one when his eyes are bandaged and is bent over trying to cover his wounds on his side)


Queen: Moraine: Just because she found the dragon


Bishops: Mat& Perrin : Due to they are important characters and are tyed to rand


( Also with perrin i would have a wolf by his side & with mat i would have him with some dice)


Knights : Ashamen enough said


Rooks: Bonded Aes Sedai


Pawns: Maidens of the spear




King: Mordin Or Ishmael in this age


Queen: Lanfear


Bishops : Gholam cause they are the strongest shadowspawn


Knights : Black Ajah Aes Sedai


Rooks: Fades


Pawns: Trollics since they are the staple of the DO army

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I see it has




KING - Rand

QUEEN - Egwene

KNIGHTS - Loial (or Bela)

BISHOPS - Moiraine WITH Lan

ROOKS - Mat WITH Perrin (White Tower maybe)

PAWNS - Aes Seadi or Asha man ( I like the idea of Maidans also)




KING - Moridin

QUEEN - Shaidar Haran or Lanfear

KNIGHTS - Dragkar

BISHOPS - Myrdraal

ROOKS - No Idea (Shayul Ghul maybe)

PAWNS - Trollocs

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Wow! those all sound like very nice bords. My own personal chess set would have to go like this




King- Lan (he is the uncrowned king after all)

Queen- Rand ( he is the most powerfull)

Bishops- Egwene, and Nynaeve

Rooks- Mat, Perrin

knights- Galad and Gawyn

Pawns- Borderlanders or Asha'man (the best soldiers)


Black/ dark one


King- Shai'tan (because he probably has a body if he must fight)

Queen- Mordin (of almost equal power with Rand)

Bishops- Aran'gar and Osen'gar (sp?)

Rooks-Shadar Harin and Padan Fain (I know Fain isn't on the dark one's side but he is evil)

Knights- Myrddraals

pawns- Trollocs

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When choosing roles I pick 'pure' forces supporting Rand or the Dark One - so I leave out the likes of Egwene and Elayne, who's ability to follow anyone else is questionable at best.


So I have :



King - Rand

Queen - Moraine

Rooks - Mat & Perrin

Knights - Lan & Rhuarc

Bishops - Logain & Cadsuane

Pawns - Maidens



King - Moridin

Queen - Shaidar Haran

Rooks - Demandred and Lanfear

Knights - Fades

Bishops - Luc/Isam and Alviarin

Pawns - Trollocs

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my final line-up, with a few ideas:


this is a mostly "current" (as in KoD)

lineup, but older personas could be substituted.


Since I wanted to keep most of the "band from the two rivers" on the light side, I made the bishops all female, so they can be distinguished from other pieces.




Q-Egwene (as Amyrlin)



R-Tar Valon




K-Moridin (Ishy)

Q-Cyndane (Lanfear)


N-Dem/Shaidar Haran

R-Shayol Ghul


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There are really too many characters to cover (Though would be cool). Short of having main characters as pawns, well reading the books you could say everyone was a pawn, I'd say multiple people as one piece.


White - Baner of light squares

King: Rand

Queen: Min, Avi, and Elayne

Bishops: Morraine/Tom and Nynaeve/Lan

Knights: Cadsuane/Sorelia and Logain/bonded sisters (Maybe Egwene instead)

Rooks: Mat/Tuon and Perrin/Faile

Pawns: Mix of maidens, generals of army, Asha'man, and Aes Sedai


Black - Not sure what to do for squares

King: Moridin (with Mog/Lanfear in background)

Queen: Shaidar Haran

Bishops: Fain and Taim

Knights: Alvarian and Suroth

Rooks: Demandred/Semi/Messana and Grandael/Aran'gar

Pawns: Mix of shadowspawn, Black Ajah, and turned Asha'man


Even mixing pieces together I'm missing tons :p

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