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  1. It just means that the boys lives are tied to one another. If one dies, everything fails. EVERYONE KNOWS THAT. The prophecy in question refers to 3 becoming one and is used in conjecture with the Blade of Light. There is ONLY ONE Blade of Light I know of, Callandor. It takes 3 folk to make it serve it's max potential. 2 women and 1 guy. I believe that 1 guy to be Rand, and the 2 women to be either of these combination. Avi and Alivia or Caddy and Olivia. I really lean towards Caddy and Alivia because Cadsuane is fixing to kick it in her old age and Alivia is supposed to help Rand die.
  2. I don't think we know he has an army. I think Graendal surmised that on hearing Dem say something like "we prepare for war". Dem never mentions an army.
  3. Yeah, "Let the Lord of Chaos Rule" is a very common saying. I've heard it by at least 3 people, Dem, Semi, and Taim.
  4. I would have included this, but felt it was disqualified because "Dem interaction with DO" is on the list of DQ'd ideas. I wonder a lot about Dem and balefire as well.
  5. End a book on a red herring? Really? You think RJ was that desperate to misdirect us?
  6. "Let the Lord of Chaos rule!" isn't conclusive enough???
  7. I think it's just a common literary mechanism. If he had stayed a woolheaded teenage shepherd, he or the other Two Rivers folk wouldn't have lasted very long. It might leave some with "how'd he do that?", but it happens in most stories. Then you get stuff like: "The Old Blood sings in his veins" and hoohah like that.
  8. And something completely different, there are 2 scenes which I go back to again and again, thinking of possible connections to the bigger stories. These are: Herid Fel's murder. Fel and Gholam both appear on the disqualified list, so I'll pass on this one. But this one: LoC ch.7, in TAR, Dem is watching Elayne. This is like the only time (mostly sure on this) we see Dem not at a Forsaken Happy Hour or at SG. IT NEVER GOES ANYWHERE. And it drives me nuts.
  9. Well Rand is seeing this wrong. Or at least looking from the wrong angle. How about this: Callandor is the ONE RING, or something like it. It's Lanfear pushing him towards it, not Cads. Cads hasn't even appeared in the story yet when he draws it. Cads seems to be keeping him from it, if anything. Like the One Ring, it has it's uses, but later on (post Hobbit) we find out it's true purpose. Well maybe we don't know the true purpose yet, but I'm sure we'll find out soon. Cads/library research/Callandor and Gandalf/library research/One Ring is a handy parallel. But now I'm
  10. Eg should have considered a 4th oath then, about being released from your oaths only by the Amyrlin, or some such. I've always believed that a forsaken could truthfully claim to not be a DF. I also see them potentially having an OP/TP related way to circumvent the oath rod, one still unbeknownst to us. I still can't understand why Sammy GAVE AWAY rod #111. It makes no sense. That was the best use he could come up with, giving it to Sevannah for her to use on Rand? And people want to argue that he wasn't an idiot?
  11. Which could lead us to a "bizarre love triangle" (pentagon???). What exactly are LTT's feelings about Lanfear? She's bound with the DO in the Bore, while Ilyena's dead, killed by LTT's own hand (or use of power, whatever). Coincidence? Of course by that time, LTT was insane, but still... Moridin is keeping Cyndane pretty "close to the vest" (literally and figuratively). Is Cyndane going to make the final play to turn Rand, where Ishy failed last time? And also, is LTT's voice gone by the end of TGS? What significance and/or cause can we associate with this?
  12. Even if you go back to TSR ch. 10, and the "Now" in Rand's head, both Lanfear and Callandor are present. hmm.... Callandor was the key to LTT's arrival AND Lanfear knew it. Conjecture at this point, but promising. She HAS to know. In all her incarnations, she's getting Rand at Callandor, so she can have another chance at LTT.
  13. OK, now this is significant, LTT being in Rand's head, but can it be construed as insignificant how and when LTT first appears? Nobody has mentioned LTT's "first appearance". I don't know if that's disqualified because it's been talked about to death, but it hasn't been on the threads that I troll, err... lurk, err... read. If not, then how about Stasis boxes. Sammy had one. Graendal had one. (does this mean she had 2?)
  14. You'd be correct of course if the list of Chosen excludes Moghedien from the list... Or Aran'gar How is it impossible for Tsutama to be Mesaana again?
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