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  1. i apologise if this has already been asked and answered but reading 27 pages of posts is a bit too much to ask at 2 in the morning. rand's new sword...i have heard it referred to as Justice...rand remembers it from somewhere, he has seen it in his own lifetime, can anyone enlighten me as to when and where? it is supposed to be extremely suitable for him, but had been lost or hidden until found in that (attic/basement) where could he have seen it and how would he know what it was if he had? again i apologise for any errors, it is 2am and my brain is melting thanks
  2. i hope berelain's love is galad, it would be perfect. he is the only one good looking enough for her to worship him, and they are both royalty so no commoner concerns there. it would tie the whitecloaks to rand through perrin and get berelain off his back. my heart skipped a beat when rand saw perrin with galad, i have been waiting for ages for morgase to be revealed and galad is my first choice for the person who recognises her. he challenged and killed valda for raping and killing her, what will his conscience make him do here? second choice would have been gawin (but i like h
  3. i think it may be a little of both, there is no doubt that his time with tuon has changed him, and now that they are apart he is half in denial about the whole thing and half overwhelmed with worry about her. also, he cant be continually denying responsibility for the band and his command, there would be no character growth. his relationship with talemanes is simply that of two men slowly getting to know each other and understand each others humour. the disguises plan put me off at first but i had to say that i was laughing out loud by the end, it is exactly the ridiculous thing that
  4. i have a feeling that shadar haran had something to do with those aes sedai in the hallway, it would also make sense for him to have opened the writing box in cadsuanes room - he has the ability to cancel out weaves so there wouldnt have been any alarm elza was just a pawn to help get into rands room and wear the second bracelet
  5. More of Egwene....I'd love to see her utterly humiliate Elaida by undermining her. Faile v. Berelain when she hears the rumours about Perrin Elaine and Morgase reunite Rand's reaction to Mat's marriage So many awesome stories, so few words.
  6. the wheel spins the dragon out to face the DO, if the dragon is alive, then the horn cannot summon him. mat and perrin are also wheel/horn-bound. the gambler and the wolf king. the horn can theoretically be used at any time, so if the horn were to be blown in the middle of the cycle, before the dragon was born, he would appear.
  7. i have read this topic from the top and there is no mention of demandred as the slender dark-haird man on the bridge (that mat saw) is there a reason why this is so? he is the fist person i thought of (then rahvin)
  8. i agree legacyspy, but you wont find many who do. most of the posters here seem to think that anime is a medium for children thanks to pokemon and dragonball z. i think it would be the perfect medium for such a complex story arc. there are thousands of characters and over 10 main story arcs that i think the more episodes the better. one season per book. i can only dream
  9. they are like parts one and two of one big book. though, i love egwene so the cliffhanger was torture.
  10. yeah, RJ and the DO are in agreement on this
  11. i'm with kelly and i've read it all about the same number of times (except KOD- which i have read twice. i read it all for the nuances. i love all those freudian things thaey say. its all about the characters for me...and i love it all.
  12. Inara

    Fantasy Obsessed

    i dont think fanfiction is childish, i love to write my own scenarios, i certainly never publish them on the web, they are mine. i dont think anyone is too obcessed until they relegate people because they are not as obcessed. there will always be people who dont take things as seriously as the next person, then again, alot of people think i'm too much of a purist (or fanatic..whatever) i think that the depth of world that fantasy offers (and scifi too) is really what causes our genre to attract the people who can become obcessed, and snare those who may normally not be so inclined. fo
  13. john your pick for rand is the best one i have seen from anyone, and that second pic of keisha castle-hughes....lets just say ur starting to convince me.
  14. verin is most definatly not as vague as she seems, and likes to have people underestimate her. she seems to have some fascination with the dark, but she is not dark herself, and i agree that it is most probable that she has had access to many dark prophesies, and those of other cultures. she can read trolloc script fluently and is sensitive to its nuances. i think the "mistake" was in relation to a misinterprtation of some significant point of a prophesy (dont know how dont know what) her facination with the dark would naturally lead her to the dragon reborn and the signs and port
  15. pride and prejudice!!! the bbc series, one of my fav
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