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heya everyone

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Hey Puck how are you doing, no normally I would recruit for some Orgs, but I'll leave that to other's for a change...


*snugglebites the newbie...just at the bottom of the neck*, can't wait to get you in the Red Ajah ;) ;D



enjoy, as I've no doubt that you will ;)

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Welcome to Dragonmount, Puck!


You should join the Wolfkin!! We're Dragonmount's nature org..and you'd get, wait for it...TEQUILA!!! (TQ) ;D

Now if that doesn't persuade you- but it really should ;)- there's loadssss of fun people there and you're sure to have a great time!!


Also, join Shayol Ghul. *nods* you'll get chocolate..;D ;)

whatever you do, have fun!!!

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Welcome to DM!


I see my fellow Banders have been selling the Band of the Red Hand ORG. I hope they have done a good job! So feel free to come by the greatest fighting machine in Randland and at DM, and join in the fun that the music and travel ORG has to offer.


But whatever you do at DM, have fun!

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Hi Puck, welcome to DM! ^_^


Guess i'll chip in and move my own recommendations forward as well. So far, i've got characters in the White Tower, the Band and the Wolfkin, so regardless of the Org you'll end up choosing, be sure not to ignore the actual RP sections... ;)


Either way, looking forweard to RPing with you ^^

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Hi and welcome to DM Puck!


I see that many banders have welcomed you already, se here I am, another Band of the Red Hand member is welcoming you! Come to our campfires, sit down, grab a brew and tell us your story!


But whatever you do just have fun!





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