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Hello everyone!  I've been reading a couple forums for the past several weeks, and it seems to be a really nice community so I figured I'd join up.  As my user name implies, my name is Chuck, and I live in South Florida.(Middle Keys to be exact)  I work in the IT dept. for the mosquito control district here, and have been a huge fan of scifi/fantasy ever since I can remember.  I was first given a copy of tEoTW, sometime in mid 2000.  I've read the whole series minus TGH a couple times, and generally have loved it.  Just finished rereading tEoTW, and hope to read through the whole series again.(and get a copy of TGH this time around, seems I missed quite a bit there)  You probably won't catch me posting anywhere but the general and discussion forums, but hopefully I can make some small contribution.  What drew me to register was reading some of the topics in the structured and nonstructured WoT forums.  It really is an exciting and vivid world that RJ let us get a glimpse of, and reading up on all the little details I missed out on just adds to the experience.


I look forward to getting to know the place, and maybe make an odd post here and there as I get more comfortable!

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Welcome to DM!


Has anyone else noticed there seems to be a plague of Wolfies at the moment on this board? Maybe we need to do something about this...


Anyway, my ramblings aside, like Arrandion said, check out the Band of the Red Hand ORG if you venter outside the Book Discussions. A whole new world will open up for you! The Band is DM's very own music and travel ORG, and we are always reviewing the latest albums (or the oldest - whatever takes your fancy) and places we've visited. We also happen to be the place where you can become a Blademaster, a Knight or an Assassin, depending on which one tickles your tastebuds! We have lots of fun, whether it be posting, gambling, brawling, dodging the law, beating each other up in the Arena with our RPG dice-based ORG Game, and much much more!


But whatever you do here at DM, JOIN THE BAND OF THE RED HAND ORG! 8)

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Corki's right, there are way too many Wolfies here!


Alrighty, Chuck....you wouldn't happen to have seen the tv show called Chuch that comes on monday nights before Heroes, would you? (Don't ask me the channel...I have tivo and never look, lol!)


Anyways, back to what I'm supposed to do here!  I'm Jea, current Captain-General of the Archers regiment in the Band of the Red Hand.  We love to have fun at the Band and it is a great place to be with lots of fun people...not to mention brews, brawls and chocolate, who could ask for more! ;) *hands Chuck a plate of her extra special chocolate fudge brownies, a brew tea, a brew, and a flaming shot*  The ultimate sample, let us know which is your fav! ;)

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