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  1. Just wanted to drop in and say hello.
  2. *Starts feeling my way around. Grabs something.* Please tell me Demi's not around.
  3. Oh so i'll be blind in one eye and can't see out the other? That aint right, it just aint right.
  4. *pouts* i'm not helping him anymore. He poked me in the eye.
  5. *looks into Shadow's eyes* Follow me. i won't lead you astray.
  6. Hello and welcome to DM. Appears that you will fit in just fine around here.
  7. Isn't that Love in kanji?
  8. i have a tattoo that when you look at it right side up it says "Life" and when you look at it upside down it says "Death"
  9. Well i don't know that i should specify with this being a PG-13 sight and all.
  10. Well i got damane from the book. Pretty self explanatory i think. damane = leashed one
  11. Yeah, you're right. *eyes Bruce suspiciously* How is it that you are always right?
  12. *hands on my hips* Okay then let me see some identification.
  13. By no means. Although sometimes i think my life is a nightmare. Does that count as a fantasy?
  14. *looks at Dsage/Kleenex* i can't believe the nerve of some people not using their real names around here.
  15. Hello Bruce and welcome to DM. Hope you enjoy your time here, have lots of fun, and make a lot of new friends.
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