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Hellow Everybody!


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Welcome to Dragonmount Max! Glad you found us and we all share the same love obviously. *grin*


I will second 12th's invite to the Wolfkin Org. We have a lot of fun there and you must stop by at least for some chili and a tequila if nothing else. We are also the nature based group and enjoy all sorts of other great things.

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Hello Mat! Those of us from the White Tower would like to welcome you to come and join the White Tower!




In the Warder's Guild and Ajah's at the White Tower we hold intergroup competitions and hold discussions on any number of subjects. We are a tight knit group of friends and are very sociable and many of us are members of other orgs or the Div side of DM so you'll see us all over the place if you decide to join and make some friends.


We'd love to see you stop by some time so if you think your interested go ahead and pop in and make a self intro thread like this one and everyone there I'm sure will stop by to say hello^^


Hope to see you around!


oh! and if you join the warder's guild you can be cool like this kitty and have a bunny, see?:


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Welcome, Max!  *hands max a TQ and a bowl of chilli (a rather large bowl [i'm talking huge, here!])*


Glad to have you around!  I'll third the Wolfkin.  You'll surly enjoy yourself around the Stedding, you dont have to join, but do stop in and post a thread saying, "Hi"  or "Hello" or even "Hola"... whatever your preference :D


See you around, man!  8)

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Vemy, even shortened to three words, you spelled it wrong.  *smacks forehead*


Welcome to DM.  Don't have much to add except that I'm glad you're here! *glomps*


Hope to see you around the boards, posting, making friends, dancing, throwing sharp objects at Vemy.  It's all good stuff that should be done on a regular basis! ;D


*hands Max a llama and a hard hat and some silly string* :D




I'm serious.  Think about this for a bit.  I personally took this picture.


See ya! :D


*swings away on a vine of recycled pop cans*

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Lmao, that was Dsage


An Algai of House Damodred at the White Tower and a Warder's Guild member of Sword Style Cuen'd'eren^^


Considering I'm the leader of both he should do well to beware throwing sharp objects at me, I may decide to exact revenge  ;D


I wonder at what point my post becomes more spam then advertisement XD


in any event i hope to see you at the White Tower!






more lolbunnies!


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*brushes all the spammers out the way*


Useless rubbish anyway!  8)


Welcome to DM, Max!


Hope you've recovered from that shock! Here, have a Battle Brew. That will calm your nerves down.


*passes Max a Battle Brew*


Now, you are savouring the delightful Battle Brew of the Band of the Red Hand ORG, DM's very own music and travel ORG! Apart from being the place to be at (all the cool people hang out at the Band! ;)), we also are home to Infantry Blademasters, Knights of the Cavalry and Archer Assassins. The Band is a place full of fun and laughs, and we're always looking for a good time! So why not come along and join in that fun! More Brew will be waiting for you at our Campfires! ;)


Also check out the Seanchan ORG, home to Empy and the world of entertainment!


But whatever you do at DM, have fun! :)

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