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Battle to the death

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you can see it iif you click [More Stats] on the home page.


To give the major post-counts:


Kira Rayen      16777215

Danya         16641

Kadere         13393

Raena         13271

12th_Regiment 11636

redffern 11386

Mr. Soy Boyo 11353

DSage         9519

Alys Kinch 8505

Egwene         6681


The first got that far because of a mistake (seeing there's only 533,229 total posts)

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Post counts are completely overrated because it doesn't tell you anything about the quality of the posts themselves.  Someone with 500 posts might have something just as insightful to say as someone with 10,000 posts.  You cannot truly judge quality participation solely from post counts. 


This statement is not meant to denigrate the contributions of individuals with these high post counts but rather to illustrate that they are not the end all, be all of the boards.

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Myself I only post a reply when I believe I have something of substance to contribute. And as I am only 5 books into the series I don't have that much to contrubute yet. Once I get further and know more then I will hopefully have alot more to toss in. I do however try to make my posts as substantive as I possiable can. But I admit I ask more questions than I seem to answer. Then again a person can't learn anything with out asking questions.










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