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Finally decided to sign up. I stumbled upon DM sometime last year to learn of RJ's illness. I was so sure that RJ was right about being around for a long time, and that he would truly deliver all the stories that he promised, as they were still in his head. I jumped all over a family member who noticed the hardbound copies of the WoT on my bookshelf and explained to his wife that fans were worried that he would die before he finished. I told him, RJ's not dying, he's battling cancer, but he's doing great. I struggled not to cry when a friend at work forwarded me a news story reporting his death. :( His death is truly a great loss to the world. And after reading his blog from beginning to end, I regret his absence all the more. RJ was an amazing person.

Anyway, I have been checking in regulalry since then, and decided today to join.


I started WoT in 1994 when I worked at a bookstore and they had the freebie teaser to the first book which a coworker highly recommended. Since it was free, I jumped on it.  Little did I know what I was getting myself into... :o The addiction, the Need for the next book, the waiting for the next book. I have loved every one of them. And I have reread each of them many times, only to enjoy them more with each reading. I started again on EotW this week. I figure because I generally read myself to sleep at night (always dozing off after 10 pages or less), I might actually finish the first 11 books just in time for MoL.  :D


Ok, so I'm here. I'll probably explore more in the next week or so. Got a lot going on these days...

That is all.


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Welcome to DM! :)


If you're at all interested in role-playing, there's a thriving RP community here.  For roleplaying, I'd suggest starting off by reading this post: http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,354.0.html  That covers the basics and will give you an idea of where to begin.


Next you'll want to get an idea of the kind of character you'll want to play. Just about every group of people on Randland are represented in some way. When you have an idea of the kind of character you'll want to play, you'll need to come up with a character bio and have it approved for play. For more info on that, check out this post: http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,717.0.html


After that, just find your way to the Div boards for your chosen Division and begin to join in on the fun as you await for your bio to be approved and to be assigned a mentor


But no matter what you decide to do with your time here at DM, I hope you enjoy yourself. If you have any questions about the RP side, or about DM in general, feel free to PM me here.  Or if you have Skype Messenger, you can find me there as bcxanth as well. :D And once again, welcome aboard. :)

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Guest Stefania Sedai

Welcome to DM, faerielin! We are thrilled to have you. And we totally understand the addiction here. I am on my third reading of the series, and there are people on here  who have far surpassed me!


I would like to invite you to check out the Band of the Red Hand. We are the music and travel ORG. We also have a great time with out brews and out brawls, not to mention jousting and the Org game! We would love to have you join with us!


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Welcome to DM!


Have you any questions yet?


I think most of us are still in shock about RJ's death, even so long after the event. I think it will take a while for it to sink in with some of us.


As for an addiction, it isn't quite at that level for me, but I do need to re-read the series at some stage...but I have loads of other books to read!


I see Stef has given you a generous offer of visiting the Band of the Red Hand ORG - and definitely take it up! There is so much going on that the Band is the place to be! Apart from being DM's music and travel ORG, we have fun, whether it be by posting, brawling, gambling, beating each other up in our ORG Game based on dice rolls, or the countless other activities we have. Plus it's the place to earn glory and honour! ;)


But whatever you do here at DM, have fun.  :)

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The band and the Seanchan orgs are the two orgs I would definetly suggest you checking out.  You already know about the Band so the Seanchan org is DM's home for Entertainment news and discussions.  We chat about anything concerning Movies, TV and Gaming.  Welcome to DM!

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Thanks for all the welcomes! I'm having a great time with this. Now I have a great excuse to boot my hubby off the computer at home. He spends most of his time in an airplane themed board. I think I was starting to feel some message-board-envy. :)


Anyway, just one little thing, I'd like to post a shameless plug on behalf of my hubby. Wasn't sure of the best place to do it, but I thought it couldn't hurt anything to do it here.


Please take a look at his original designs available at Cafe Press, on their assorted merchandise. He's got more in the works, so check back occasionally.



And thanks again for all the welcomes. I'm having a blast.

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