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Alternative book covers

Mr Hindley

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On a slightly less serious than usual note - given the God-awful artwork on some of the book covers (before they switched to just having the Wheel of Time on every one), I have an alternative suggestion. The fair Cadsuane (of this forum, not the books) has by now provided us with quite a variety of 'legs' shots, which I think most people would agree have proven quite popular. If she came up with 12 pictures in total, one for each book, I think they'd be a great improvement.


Each one would have to have something relevant to the individual book, of course, but I'm sure something could be worked out... All those in favour..?

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LOL... Sure. Here's the public collection so far.  ;D


















I've got others that haven't been used yet, and some I probably won't use. If I can think of a clever way to turn some into book covers, I'll do it and post them... at some point.  :D

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An Eye on Her Legs


Her Great Legs (I don't want to get banned either ...)


The Legs Reborn


The Ankles Rising (... although that one comes close.)


The Pillars of Heaven (Shout out to the Dread Pirate Wesley!)


Lady of Legs (Let the Lady of Legs rule!)


A Crown of Garters


The Path of Zebra Stilleto Pumps (This one would have to have Lucker's legs, though.)


Winter's Fashionable Boots (Yeah, I couldn't think of a good one there.)


Crossed Legs at Twilight


Knees of Dreams (gotta give the Lady her due ...)


A Memory of Legs.


So ... who wants to give RJ the list?



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Actually, given the way this thread has gone, I'm now thinking less book covers, more some sort of dodgy soft-porn cable channel version of the Wheel of Time. ('Hi, my name is Hans, I've come to Seal your Bore...' 'Oh, how embarassing, I was just Cleansing the source and that's why I've answered the door in my nightie')


We've already got Romance Novel Rand, and his three-in-a-bed scenario, not to mention a veritable epidemic of pillow friends in the last book. So why not re-cast old-lady-Cadsuane as a young, foxy, legs-that-go-all-the-way-up version?



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The Oath Rod would have to feature, also. Only, people don't so much swear on the Oath Rod, as at the sight of the Oath Rod. It's Galina I feel most sorry for, she'll be walking crooked long before she reaches the Waste, and I don't mean from carrying heavy bags.


To think other Forum members, far more highbrow than I, have prompted meaningful discussions on the morality of serving the Dark One, or any number of 'what does dying really mean?' threads. And here we are descending into raw, petty smut.


I feel quite proud, really.

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