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  1. I love this cover except for one thing. The symbol... The dragon's fang and the flame of Tar'Valon are not thie same and the Yin and Yan. The two opposing dots should not be there but Its small enough that I could live with it. I thing Sweets art deserves to be on the cover.
  2. Before reading this thread I was of the Mind that Ogier could not be darkfriends. Yet When you wiegh in the Ogier from across the Sea then I think that it could in fact be very possible. I don;t think that a Darkfroend Ogier would be comfortable living inside a stedding so the possiblility of Randland Ogier being a DF is very slim but for the ones War like seanchan ones who would "Prune a few limbs" and lack the nessisity of the Stedding then I think its is almost a certainty. This makes me think of more questions. Suppose the Book of translation was opened. DO the Ogier suddenly just dissappear and fade out of the world or do you think that A gateway of some sort is opened and they have to physically enter? If they have to physically enter then this leaves the Ogier with a choice wether or not to leave rand land for their homeworld. How would the other Ogier know the book was opened? Would they have to have a mass gathering and exit together? How ould this impact the seanchan Ogier? WOuld they feel some thing akin to a taveren pull and be almost compelled to search out the other randland Ogier? I know this is a little off topic but its something to think about.
  3. I think there is a flaw in your theory. The True Power comes from the Dark One. He can give and take access away at a whim and I think, for that reason, it would be impossible to use the True power as a buffer while closing the Bore. It would be like a prisoner giving his jailor the key to his cell. The DO would not allow it to be used agaist him IMO.
  4. I love Audiobooks. I drive alot so they are great. I loved all three mistborn books It would fun to listen to the sequel.
  5. I think its going to be Fain. I think it will happen something like this. Rand Goes down into the cave near the Bore where he encounters SH. THey get into a channeling fight and Rand knows he has to use the True power in order to defeat or even counter him but would rather die than do so or somthing of the sort. Just when he is about to bite the dust Fain pops out and saves him like he has other times. THe only thing is is that I do not think that they can defeat each other. They will fight to a stalemate. Think of the wounds in rands side. One is from Shaidar Logath IE Fain and the other is from the Dark One IE Shaidar Haran. THe wounds in his side constantly fought each other but neither could win until they were sealed away from each other before they destroyed Rand. I think it will be an epic stalemate match. While its is happenening Rand sneaks away and goes further down into the bore where he will face Moridin. Thats how I would do it :)
  6. We'll just have to wait until Mat blows the horn again and see. If a Ugly dude with a sword comes then we can know for sure that he has not been spun out. Gaidials lack of involvemnt could jsut be him folowing the precepts unlike Brigitte. Persoanlly I think he will come with the Horn and somehow end up saving Brigitte. He'll scoop her up and Nyneave will somehow Heal her back to the pattern. Or she might possibly do some thing heroic at the last battle and rebind herself.
  7. So I know lots of peolpe have talked about Rands effect of Cleasing the taint on the ways and my purpose here is not to discuss that. But I was jsut curious as to people's thoughts on Rands effect on the ways if he were to enter them now. We have already seen Rands new "Light" effect on peole and plants. We have seen him cause an entire apple orchard to suddenly rebloom and well as his effect on the Grain Barges. So what would happen if he were to enter into the Ways now? THe ways were grown. Could his "light" effect cause them to rebloom and heal? And if so do you think that the effects would linger after he left? Do you think his light effect would draw Machin Shin like a bon fore or do you think it would hurt it and cause it to flee him?
  8. This is how I think its going to go down. Now that Rand is not Dark and well... almost evil. I think that through using Mat, Rand will meet with Fortuna again. This time he will take Perrin, since he already has that one general in his pocket that he took Malden with. With three taveren in one plave anything could happen. I know this sounds stupid but I think Fortuna will be seated in her throne and Rand will approach her. NOW woth the three taveren in the room odds will be twisted to the fact that Rand will find the one uneven floor tile or carpet or something ands will trip and fall landing with one knee to the floor in front of Fortuna. In this manner the she will see into his eyes and see a different person than the one she met before. Rand tripping in front of her and "kneeling" will fulfil the profecy without acknowledging her authroiry or submitting in anyway. From there The rest is in the bag. Just speculation on my part but Its jsut as likely as any other theroy.
  9. I personally think that Fortuna will never channel her self.(at least on purpose.) But I do belive that the the abolition of Damane will happen for possibly all of the reasons mentioned in the posts above but also for the simple fact of strategy. Whats better that 1000 trained killing machines? 3000. Every single Suldam can be trained almost effortlessly to channel. I belive that there will be a few devastating losses at the begining of the last battle and it will force Fortuna (meh, she'll always be Tuon to me) to uze her suldam in this fashion. And since there are always more suldam than damane it will greatly increase her channeler numbers. She will of course need the help of the tower to do so. The Suldam cannot train themselves after all. I belive that this part of will occur through some deal between Tuon and Egwene with the option for release of every of damane that wants it as well as all of the captive Aes sedai.
  10. Sorry to burst your therory but Robert Jordan himself has said in an interview that Olver is NOT Gaidan Cain reborn. THere are other threadson this topic in the general WOT discussion I believe. I do agree with you that there is eveidnece to support that theory but Since RJ himslef crushed it I guess its dead. Unless he lied to protect the truth..... but I doubt it.
  11. Another way that Oliver could still enter and save the day and have the numbers still stay at three is if someone dies while inside. Say if Noal Goes in and sometime whilst inside he heroically sacrifices himself to ave Mat and Thom. (and then there were two.) Olver then entering and rejoining them would bring the number of resucers back up to required three.
  12. I know that it sounds like they must cheat to Win but I belive that Cheating would be a mistake. WHo says that if you break the rules with them thye will not "Cheat and do some utterly nasty cheating right back. Do njot forget that the finns have the home field advantage. I think that The 3 will go in and leave Oliver outside. He will be playing his game and finally discover a way to win. This will give him a complelling reason to sneak in. I also think that since Oliver is not an adult he will not be held the prescripts that others normally are. I belive that Olver will find Mat And Co. And end up saving everyones lives by making them NOT cheat. There is also the possiblilty of Oliver reoving all of the cheater itmes off the pack horse the night before in an attempt to sabatoge their cheating attmepts but I don't think he would do that.
  13. OK Here is my wild speculation on this. Morianne stilled or burned out makes little differece in the long run returns. She as a NON Aessedai takes the Sun throne To completely Cement them to Rand. No Regent but an Actaul leader that the people will unite around. One of their own. She and Thom will do this. Rand may even appoint her to speed it up. She and thom will lead the Carihieian armies to the last battle. There is little for her plot line to tie yp with her as a channneler IMO but lots she can do as just a noble woman. And another thought about the age difference between Thom and her. Who is to say that time does not pass dofferently in the finns world. Maybe Morianne will be just as old as Thom when she is rescued.
  14. I think the Theory of the Unseen Eyes has some merit. Perhaps the Noose tighteing around Perrins neck is one of his own making. Ever since Perrin first went into the wolf dream he has been warned that what he is doing is Dangerous. He is Constantly being told he is there Too strongly. Maybe this is effect that Telanrioid has on Wolf Brothers. The more they go there the less of them comes back. The reason why i say this is because i do not recall any Aes Sedai or dream Walker ever saying that their presence there is too strong or ever waring about anythinkg like that other than entering in the flesh which Perrin does not ever do. Maybe Perrin freed/ticked something off when he smashed the Hedgehog Angreal to free Faile in book 3. Perhaps Perrin from travleling there so strongly has left enough of his essence behind that when he next goes there he must literally fight a feral version of himself for the right to return to his physical body. Perhaps since the female visitors only feel watched perhaps they are immune to what ever entity resides there. Maybe this happens to all Men who go there and not jsut Wolf Brothers. It would be interesting to see if there was ever a Wolf Sister and see how Telanroid would effect her. I know this is jsut wild speculation but there it is. Have at it.
  15. SO Jordanconn has come and Gone and i'd dare say that most of us did not have the means to attend. Its been a week now so where is the report of what went on? Wheres the goodies you all learned about? Pleas eInquireing minds would like to know. If there is another spot on the forumeswhere this is avialible please... do tell.
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