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  1. I'm just finishing up Elantris. I find it is pretty good but is a little preachy, something I strongly dislike. I like the story of Raoden and what he goes through in Elantris. I would elaborate but I don't want to give out any spoilers. I also like the character Hrathen, very interesting. I think Brandon Sanderson will do a fine job with WOT book twelve. I found his characters were real and I quickly had an emotional attachment to them. I'm looking forward to the last book.
  2. Gay? No. More like the nerdiest nerd. Complete with glasses, but they create weird glares when the flash goes off. We've never met, right? That is almost exactly what I would be like... ..except this. I much prefer Water to anything Earth-y. Maybe a crashing wave, or a cloud. ...or the OP, whatever you want to call it. Of course. Every person has good posts, and bad posts. Even if he doesnt regret it, a lynching would not be in order. You are a true gentleman. :)
  3. I'm really insulted by this comment. >:( Nelal is very bright and I always look forward to his comment on a topic. Your comment is pompous at the very least. You owe an apology.
  4. I like Nynaeve a lot. She was great in Fires of Heaven, so brave. She bested Moghedien again and saved Rand, who seems to need a lot of saving. ::)
  5. Well I've been pretty busy and haven't posted. Not that I post much anyway. But, I've changed my name, thank you to the power that is for changing my name for me. This name has meaning to me anyway. I thought I would post my picture. Aren't I beautiful! Does anyone recognize me? ;D Problem is I'm not sure if this picture will post. :'(
  6. What! You think RAW and Luckers wouldn't continue the debate? :o Ha! Book twelve has been out ten years and RAW and Luckers are still debating ;) Actually I look forward to their on going debates.
  7. I'm having a hard time coming up with a character I love to hate. I used to love to hate Berlain. But after a few re-reads I'm beginning to really like her, darn. I say Angelina Jolie to play Berlain. ;D
  8. I completely missed Nynaeve and Lan"s budding attraction in tEoTW. When that finally came out I thought, where did that come from?! Did the author decide to suddenly have this romance between them? But, no on the reread I saw it coming and it made sense.
  9. Is there such a thing? :-\ here's another from the same instruction booklet vibration of walking or doing sports will not affect playing music, however falling down of be clashed by heavy thing will damage player and affect the playing effect. meantime, avoid any liquid pure down to or bedew it. Well it appears they used affect and effect correctly. Bonus points for that. ;D
  10. Can someone explain this to me? I'm not sure what it means. ;) Attention item > not put the player near hot thing or under the sunshine, excessive rust, damp, rainy water. Meanwhile, stressed by heavy thing will also damage it. Put it on the uneven surface or in the too much hot airproof train will damage or reduce the lifespan of player Hmm, I guess I sort of understand. ;D
  11. Dumai's Wells and the build up to it made LOC one of the best for me. I wouldn't miss a single one. And, after the last RJ blog, can't wait for the last. ;D
  12. I have had a not so good week. This made me laugh so hard. I needed it. It's turned to be a pretty good Friday after all. Many thanks. ;D
  13. I too would have to go with Lan and Nynaeve. It is comical to me that Nynaeve is "the boss" in public and Lan is the boss in private. She sure does blush a lot since their marrage. ;D
  14. I would like to be a wealthy merchant, preferably beautiful or at the very least pretty, which I am not neither. :( I would sell fabric. So now you know, I love the descriptions for the clothing RJ gives. Silk, satin, velvet, fine wool…………….odd ball that I am. ;D I would not want to channel and I wouldn't want to be around Aes Sedai if I didn't have to be. I'm with Mat here. I would live somewhere in Andor, because it's big and has a kind queen. That does not mean that I like Elayne, she's annoying at best. To bad Dyelin can't be queen of Andor, at least she doesn't channel. ;D[shadow=red,left][/shadow]
  15. I simply adore a chivalrous man! Hmm Hmm. ;) Oh, I don't consider myself, as a woman, less than a man. I just happen to be stronger in some areas than a lot of men. Of course that's a two way street, isn't it"? But then again I'll be the first to admit I'm old fashioned. ;D
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