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Let’s talk about Verin

Taishar Hawaii

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I must have missed something, or maybe the casting hasn’t happened yet, but I haven’t heard anything on Verin being cast or the show’s plan for the character. 

For me, Verin was a fascinating character who stole the spotlight in every chapter she was in. Then the big reveal! That solidified her as an all time great secondary character for me (right up there with the Onion Knight and Gollum).


 I hope she is showcased properly, whatever the show runner’s plan is.

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1 hour ago, Elder_Haman said:

Trust me, there's no news on this front.

I've been following closely because I believe with all my heart that Verin should be played by esteemed character actor Margo Martindale (pictured). 


Oh wow.  I can't see anyone else now!  This is a fantastic pick.


@Taishar Hawaii I agree.  One of the best secondary characters ever!

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10 hours ago, HeWhoRunsWithTheSpears said:

Verin was low-key one of my favorite characters. People don’t give her enough credit. I think that’s a great casting choice!

Verin actor is probably going to get some hardware out of whatever season her reveal drops.  That is such a well conceived character for an actor to play.  How often can someone get to play a devious heroic librarian who is straight poker facing an entire league of evil narcissists. 

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