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  1. How absolutely epic and iconic a work WOT is to stir up this kind of debate?! I get it man, these kinds of changes gets me anxious because the story and characters are important to me and I so want it done right and pay the proper respect to the source material. Right now, the only way I see it can be done right is exactly how the books describes it because it is the only way I have seen it done and can not imagine it any other way. Which is why I don't work in TV. Along with having 0 talent for it 😂. We all knew they were not going to be able to do an exact reproduction and these little, 'unnecessary' changes puts me in fear of what big 'necessary' changes they will make. Like, if they wanted to tell a different story then just do so, and call it a new age, with new characters right? Are these little 'teasers' showing these differences setting us up for the big change reveals? I know I have been burned before (*cough* Shannara *cough*). Obviously they have a vision of how to tell the story we all love in a new way using a new medium. Also obvious to me is that it is being done by a group of very talented people doing what they do best. So. . . I will give it a chance, knowing I'll always have the books to go back to.
  2. I have no doubt that we all have our own images of every one of these characters, and it is only natural to have doubts when faced with the prospect of your vision not being brought to life (Willaume better be able to pull off Thom's glorious 'stache!!). That being said, I can forgive all that if they can truly bring the character to life on screen. Just look at Peter Dinklage as Tyrion in GOT. FAR from looking as he is described in the books, but he brought Tyrion to life in all his witty, ribald and eloquent glory!
  3. An interesting idea. This would eliminate the need to flesh Luc/Isam out (his connection to Rand/Lan) and just present him as Sammael. That final battle with Perrin in the dream. An absolute MUST to be in the series!
  4. I too believe keeping all 13 Forsaken is important. I also believe that finding the screen time to flesh all of them out to more than a paper-thin, generic villain would be impossible. So where do they compromise? I am fully on-board with Taim-andred. I truly believe that was Jordan's intent from the start thru, I would say book 6 or so, till the theory gained so much traction in the various on-line communities. But that is IMHO. There would be a need to whittle them down as the show goes. Too many characters and not enough screen time. A more liberal use of balefire deaths to explain? Moridin is essential, I think everyone agrees. Do we need Arangar & Osangar? Cyndane? Hessalam? Of those, a good argument can be made for Cyndane. But what if neither Moiraine or Lanfear were seen again after the docks?
  5. Agreed. The cities are like characters in the book, each distinct in their own ways.
  6. Valid points made. Just got to go into it with an open mind knowing it's a 'based on the best-selling fantasy book series'
  7. How about the scene in Fal Dara, when Siuan meets Rand for the first time and he presents himself as Lan instructed him. That's a relationship I look forward to seeing portrayed (Lan and Rand). Especially before, when Siuan and Moiraine realize Verin isn't as oblivious to the world as many believed. I hope they capture the tension just right, with Moiraine and Siuan a hairsbreadth from doing something drastic!
  8. @Elder_Haman, @Thrasymachus You both are to be commended for the respectful way you conducted yourselves. This type of healthy debate, with respect for each other as people, is a breath of fresh air. Thank You!
  9. Burn me that sounds a lot like what they tried to do with Shannara, and failed. I'm hopeful they'll strike a nice balance of 'spiritual adaptation' and honoring the source material.
  10. Like everyone has expressed, my biggest worry is not getting the full story. Adapting 14 books is a monumental task. Biggest concern: they try to squeeze in as much as they can, fearing it won't go more than 3-5 seasons, and you get a watered down mess that barely resembles the story we know.
  11. Man I feel you about that insult of a show Shannara. Big fan of the books, one of the original epic fantasy series for me (along with Dragonlance) that got me hooked on the genre. It was almost as if the creators never even read the books. Watched the first episode and never went back.
  12. While most (if not all) of us on here would want a word-for-word adaptation of the books for the series, we all understand that to be impossible. This got me thinking of who and what I would be OK with them cutting out, or rather presenting an amalgamation character. This brings us to Galwyn. As I am sure everyone has figured out by now, Galwyn would be a combo of Galad and Gawyn. My suggestion is to take the story arc of Gawyn from EoTW thru LoC, then take the story arc of Galad thru the rest of the series. This way, you have the most interesting stories of both characters, eliminating the lulls of each, and have just 1 character. So, picture this: -- Galwyn meets Rand with Elayne, as her half-brother (maintaining Galad's parentage) goes to the tower to train as a warder. -- Gets schooled by Mat (the second person can be some extra warder trainee). -- Galwyn leads the Younglings during the tower split, aiding Min's and Siuan's escape. -- Galwyn is at Dumai's Wells. At this point, instead of having him 'leading' the Younglings, while being an Aes Sedai lapdog, then deserting them to be Egwene's lapdog, we have Galwyn, looking for purpose and answers (maybe injured?) after the disaster at the Wells, find his way to the Children and take up Galad's story arc. -- Dueling Eamon Valda to gain justice for Morgase, becoming the Lord Captain Commander. -- Meeting Perrin and joining forces. -- Participating in Tarmon Gaidon, dueling Demandred. Whether they maintain Galwyn as an Egwene love interest, I wouldn't hate it, but wouldn't miss it either. What do you think? Any other ideas on what to cut/condense?
  13. The Wheel turns, and maybe we'll never read the stories of the 4th age, but Light willing, maybe we'll watch them.
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