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  1. Like everyone has expressed, my biggest worry is not getting the full story. Adapting 14 books is a monumental task. Biggest concern: they try to squeeze in as much as they can, fearing it won't go more than 3-5 seasons, and you get a watered down mess that barely resembles the story we know.
  2. Man I feel you about that insult of a show Shannara. Big fan of the books, one of the original epic fantasy series for me (along with Dragonlance) that got me hooked on the genre. It was almost as if the creators never even read the books. Watched the first episode and never went back.
  3. While most (if not all) of us on here would want a word-for-word adaptation of the books for the series, we all understand that to be impossible. This got me thinking of who and what I would be OK with them cutting out, or rather presenting an amalgamation character. This brings us to Galwyn. As I am sure everyone has figured out by now, Galwyn would be a combo of Galad and Gawyn. My suggestion is to take the story arc of Gawyn from EoTW thru LoC, then take the story arc of Galad thru the rest of the series. This way, you have the most interesting stories of both c
  4. The Wheel turns, and maybe we'll never read the stories of the 4th age, but Light willing, maybe we'll watch them.
  5. Like you, it was the cover of EoTW that drew me to it and into the series. When I saw it, I thought to myself 'That's a book right up my alley!' Had to get every book in hardcover.
  6. So I'm diving into AMoL right now in my latest re-read of the series, and found myself thinking that these books were written to be made into a TV series. The impeccably, and at times excruciatingly, detailed descriptions of the people and places of Randland gives such vivid images as I read. I can see it in my mind as if it is being acted out. Just imagine seeing for the first time on TV a Tairen. With his beard oiled to a point, his puffy sleeves and felt cap. An Illianer with his beard leaving his upper lip bare, and 'My aged grandmother! You do be a flaming Tairen!' A woman from Eb
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