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Is LTT just Neo Reborn?


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In the sense of "are they the same guy, is that where RJ got his inspiration?" No, that's just silly. The WoT predates The Matrix by a good decade.


And while, if you squint at it just right The WoT can be seen as a simulation story, blatant outright  simulation stories predate The Matrix by decades, millennia for soft simulation stories.


OTOH, there is no reason the Neo character is incompatable with LTT, and we have no idea what stories the other Ages hold, so sure maybe at some point in one Age the machines take over for awhile and build Portal Stones I guess(though if even tales of Mosk and Merc survived one would expect the Rule of the Iron Men to be remembered in lore).


Then again who knows what ultimate pattern the Wheel Weaves? Maybe it is simulation within simulation and a new design starting in a sub wheel of a new matrix each time the machines ascend.


Or maybe they are just two distinct characters from unrelated works who just happen to share some similarities due to the respective authors taking inspiration from similar source material. Nah, that's crazy.


In any event yes they do play largely the same role in their respective stories.

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5 hours ago, mb said:

the matrix to me is more comparable to telaranrhiod than to "Randland".

I posted about it in some thread, but am not sure where the thread is now if it still exists.

I don't think that idea holds up against scrutiny.


For one thing in TAR anyone properly trained can shape reality to their will. In the Matrix this ability seems limited to Neo and other potentials. 


Curiously enough in the waking world of Randland that ability, or a close enough analogue, seems limited solely to the Dragon.


For another thing the Matrix was explicitly not the real world while TAR seems to be more real than reality.

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41 minutes ago, mb said:

entering the matrix seems similar to entering telaranrhiod.

and the effects in "real world" while there seem equivalent.

So what? TAR reflects reality. Changes in reality clearly change TAR. The Matrix OTOH has no relation to reality, it is whatever it is programmed to be


It is as like the utter opposite of TAR.


Again, Matrix fake, TAR dealer than real. How are you not getting that distinction?

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4 hours ago, Sabio said:

I think he meant in the matrix Neo could fly, but in real world he couldn't.  In Tar you could make yourself fly etc  if you die in the matrix you died in RL, die in Tar and you are dead in RL.  

something like that.


5 hours ago, Zorlon said:

The Matrix OTOH has no relation to reality, it is whatever it is programmed to be


from first movie, the matrix seemed to be based on the past; at least in architecture.

edit::  if I recall correctly, "matrix's year" was somewhere in the 1990s and the actual year one or two centuries after that.

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It’s interesting how humanity repeatedly comes up with the same story/character.

Rand, Neo, Osiris, Jesus, and others

All Born simple, they do magic stuff,  they battle evil and become the savior of humanity, they die and come back to life. 

Its a great story outline, we love it.

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