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  1. Give me Dumais Wells or give me death!!!
  2. Is the oath rod one of the nine rods of dominion? i vaguely remember at least one other rod.. Just a random thought i had.
  3. Point taken 🙂 its just that there’s no examples of people healing from a distance. Dahmer Flin does it by hovering his hand over people, but no one heals from distances.
  4. She’d totally be discovered in a sweat tent. Can’t hide it there. And it’s their only way of cleaning themselves, gotta use one eventually.
  5. It’s a decent question, he caused war, lots of people died, Ghealdanin was destabilized. Gentiling and excecution would have been a reasonable punishment. Logain was not a darkfriend though. And Aes Sedai only kill darkfriends. That’s probably the most likely answer I think.
  6. If Nynaeve saw that question she would likely pull on her braid. ill make a guess.. 300 times !
  7. The problem is that you have to touch them to heal them(or at least be very close to them). And if someone trusts you enough to heal them, or they are too weak to stop you from touching then, it’s just easier to kill them with other weaves. Using the power to stop a heart from beating takes very little power. Semirhage was a great healer in her day, but she “always took a little bit more for herself” I not sure if that meant she caused unecessary pain with the process or if she added weaves that caused pain on top of it. If anyone could/would kill with healing it was her.
  8. I couldn’t agree more about the ACCURATE depiction of Jordan’s story. The quickest way to make something not stand the test of time is for the producers and directors to insert uneccesary sociopolitical statements of their times into a work of art.
  9. Jain is an interesting topic. he says: ”Mat, if you ever see a Malkierie, you tell him Jain died clean” That line always had me wondering, if Jain was the guardian for Lan’s brother Isam/Luc, and he failed in protecting Isam/Luc, Leaving him in that twisted town in the blight to grow up as a child and become Slayer. That town would be a logical place for Ishy to capture Jain. Lan had Bakuma to raise, teach, and protect him and Luc had Jain. But Jain failed cause he was captured early in Luc’s life.
  10. The Perrin chapters in towers of midnight and memory of light make up for all the dragged out parts. Those chapters are so epic!!
  11. I agree with Solarz. Also, Olver has that major role at the end of the last battle. But in all fairness, that wasn’t known in 2006.
  12. No one is really happy with Fains ending. I think it would have been much cooler if Shaisam showed up on the battlefield while Bao the Wyld is winning. Shaisam should just be randomly attacking and converting whoever is in its way. He would be doing the most damage to the Sharans, Then the most powerful forsaken with one of the most powerful Sa’Angreal would have been forced to fight Shaisam and multiple converted Sharan channelers. Of Course Demandred would win but how damaged would his forces be from the confrontation? That could have been a much more epic
  13. Victims of Spanking in WoT; Elayne. Nyneave Siuan Elaida Alviarin Moghedian Galina Jolene (that one was funny 😆) And of course, Egween....possibly the most spanked character in any story, ever. Thats’s 9 ! Am I missing anyone? I don’t remember Min ever getting it, or Aviendha.. maybe Colavere 🤔
  14. Tenobia gets killed in MoL. She’s in the middle of the battle and gets swallowed by Trollic Hordes. the Darkness around bashere is the Compulsion used on him(and all the great generals) to sway the last battle in the shadows favor.
  15. That’s cool too! you could almost re-write each chapter from different perspectives, and get a whole new pile of foreshadowing.
  16. Love your passion ! I see it a lil bit differently though. Laman cut down the Avendesora tree and made a throne out of it, a very very dishonorable thing to do, Aiel are pissed and they are coming for him. but he’s a king, so he tries to protect himself with his army(s) if the army stood aside the Aiel would have just killed Laman and gone home. from the Aiel point of view, the wetlander Army(s) did the dishonorable thing and tried to protect the Tree Killer. Therefore they are all teee killers. They have no honor and should be trea
  17. Elaida Liandrin Gawyn honorable mention goes to Faile
  18. I think it’d be interesting to have the stories reorganized into individual books that exclusively followed 1 character from the beginning of their story arc to the end. a fun way to re-read the series. all the appropriate chapters gathered and combined into one book. Or in some cases, a series of short stories when following various minor characters. Thoughts 🙂 ? who’s arc would you most want to have a complete read through of?
  19. It’s part of establishing different cultures within the book to have the different hairstyles from different nations. I don’t know if they will do this in the series, keep the cultures distinct. I think they should because to me it makes the world bigger when there’s strange people from strange lands. And there really isn’t much “cultural appropriation” in the WoT So I think Nyneave will keep her one big braid.
  20. It’s interesting how humanity repeatedly comes up with the same story/character. Rand, Neo, Osiris, Jesus, and others All Born simple, they do magic stuff, they battle evil and become the savior of humanity, they die and come back to life. Its a great story outline, we love it.
  21. Although crossroads of twilight is the agreed upon worst, and I agree too, I have a feeling about ol’ book 10.... I think RJ was living in the world he created for that book. Meaning he made it a lil mundane on purpose. it’s a lull in the action, the calm before the storm, another good name for the book would have been The Eye of the Storm, because it’s calm in the eye, but you know the rest of the storm is coming. The story isn’t really advancing in any major ways. This book is for drinking in the culture and politics and people of this world, it’s like
  22. It’s not the same thing, there needs to be different language for this kind of “rape”. Itd be as if the only word for murder was assassinate. When a bug is stepped on its assassination, when the leader of a nation is killed its assassination. When a dog is hit by a car it’s assassination, when your friend kills themself it’s assassination. See we consider them all as different cause there’s different words for the different types of murder because it matters. i don’t see why there isn’t the same thing with rape, it’s a heinous word because it includes the most heinous versio
  23. While re-listening to the Great Hunt I was at the part where Lan tells Rand about their ancient power wraught swords and i was thinking... is it possible that Rands 3,000 yr old heron mark blade is also Lews Therins blade from 3,000 yrs ago? its not ever specifically said one way or the other, but I was thinking that it’s just the kind of thing the pattern likes to do. Plus at this point in the story all things that were the dragons are coming back to the dragon...
  24. Morainne would know if liandrin was channeling while it was happening. But she wouldn’t know what she was doing with the power, just the relative amount that was being used. And how far away they were apart would affect how noticeable it was. Sensing if the power was used in the recent past is only possible through reading residues, only a few channelers are able to do that. It’s a rare skill. someone will correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that’s how it is.
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