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Welcoming party for Tessa


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I would like to invite everyone to a Welcoming Party for my new SISTER COUSIN Tessa Sedai :D


We are now fellow Mentees of the lovely Kelly Sedai !


*puts up banners and streamers and some party food*


As a novice, i'm not allowed to have alcohol, i'm sure, but everyone else is welcome to bring some :lol:


Let the party begin !

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*runs in and huggletackles her new sister cousin Elgee*


Yeah oh thanks hun....oh this is so lovely.....*huggles Kara too*...My two favorites...I'm overwhelmed ....don't now....what ...to say.....*wipes tears of joy from her eyes*


Elgee's right lets Party......

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That's cause you love me. ;) *stands back with her Mentees and admires the new centerpiece* Very nice ladies, you're learning well I see. I must be a good teacher. ;)


Now... let me show you how we make our Warders beg for mercy... :twisted: *gets her bag of feathers and some iron brands*


Ohhh... this much fun should be illegal... and probably is. 8)

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*huggletackles Cairos* ... i just KNEW we could depend on you ! :D


*Welcomes everyone with streamers and partyyyyyy drinks*


*spots a mouse streaking past, rushes off to catch it, and drags it back to Kelly Sedai* ... for you to make Demandred beg with, Mentor Ours :twisted:

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