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Hey, everyone!


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Welcome to our rabbit hole!  :biggrin:


We're glad you've found us... take a poke around, and don't forget to check out the social groups.  They're a great way to make new friends, and you can join any or all that capture your interest.  :happy:


If you have any questions, be sure to ask - there are a lot of helpful sorts lurking around here who would be steer you in the right direction.


Maybe.  :unsure:  :laugh:

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5 hours ago, jbarlow1 said:

@Ryrin - I did post in the Wolfkin area to become a member, as Perrin has always been a favorite character, and wolfbrothers an interesting thing, but it seems a bit inactive. I might have to poke around the others, too!


Oh, please do. The site was down for about a month or so for an upgrade so things are picking up.

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On 2/12/2018 at 9:39 AM, Illian Tear said:

I don't know. Unless it's just me or I just don't know better nobody is all that terrifying.


Image result for twilight zone imagine if you will meme


Coming to Dragonmount after reading the WoT. What do you find?  A Red Amyrlin (terrifying) who bears the name "Cuddly Elaida." As I recall, there was nothing "cuddly" about Elaida, nor any Red for that matter.

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7 hours ago, Elgee said:


But seriously, I'm fine. Just make sure I always have a steady supply of good Kaf.


Good kaf, I can do! It is in frequent supply in my home!


7 hours ago, Ryrin said:

As I recall, there was nothing "cuddly" about Elaida, nor any Red for that matter.


I could see Pevara being described as cuddly, especially after being bonded with Androl for a bit.

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