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[Game thread]: WoT Kids Mafia

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One day. I'm gonna take a short siesta, then get back to it. Played 8-10 games since my return, and haven't ranked scum once. Hopefully next game


You should come play on JN

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good game guys. I think we coulda had this one if not for me. that's my b doods, but life and loss of service happens sometimes lol.


That's a tough call to make. I don't know that you would have been lynched if I hadn't kept pushing you, and I don't think there would have been as much chaos from the counterclaim if I hadn't made such a big deal out of it. You just gave me the best handle to use (and had my full attention after pushing me), so I grabbed on and didn't let go, and somehow, it was enough to get you lynched, but you really had me worried because I wasn't sure how to respond to what I saw as a chaotic style of play, the townies weren't really getting on board with my push and instead, were willing to see it as innovative-but-townie, and you were showing flexibility in your reads. I wanted to NK you, but there was always a more pressing candidate, partly because of the hurricane. You can't say that a loss is your fault when a hurricane literally blows into your life. You are more to blame for this by coaching me as scum last game than anything. I tired to take your lessons to heart. :wink: Are you and your family alright? That hurricane was terrible, and I know that more rain is supposed to be on the way.


Gg Ben


Thank you! Dude, you played really well. I have nothing but respect for your approach this entire game. It's really unfortunate that you were mistaken, because I was being totally honest at the end when I said your move was brilliant. And you were right about scum relying on your Ben tunnel; I did. The whole thing was just really ironic, but I think that was some excellent game play. 





I still have trouble trying to hyperlink text. Sometimes I can figure it out, but this time, I couldn't, but that's the Mafia QT.

Your reasoning for killing me was really good. I was dead set on voting you the following day and I probably would have gotten DJ on my side.



That's a relief! I had a feeling of dread that you were going to turn on me and take me down, so I'm glad my instinct was right this time. It is so often wrong when I am town and mislynch my teammates, as I frequently do. 


Btw. Semirhage is one of my daughters favourite WoT characters. She also likes Sorilea and Cadsuane. 


I´ve clearly done something good. :D


I like Sorilea and Cadsuane. I actually like Cadsuane a lot, and I felt like Sanderson didn't understand her character and did her a disservice, but you can't be right all the time. If it was mafia, he would have mislynched her, but the dude is still town, and his Perrin rocked. Semirhage, tho... :ohmy: Your daughter frightens me. :laugh:


I'm somewhat amused by the scum qt btw. Also good call on shooting me. I kill Ben 100% of the times at a lylo situation. Had him marked as deep wolf in my town pile and I was never lynching DJ. 


Also DJ if you ever want and I'm available, I can mentor you.


Never always kill Ben in any situation. Never. :sad:


I clearly suck or at least need more practice when it comes to playing. It was an excellent game to watch unfold though and learn a lot about my play style and how it changes


You do not suck! I thought you played really well, and you totally helped me to hold it together after you got lynched, This is your victory, too.


I prefer playing scum. I haven't come up with a systematic approach to scum hunting yet. So it's funner for me to be sowing doubt and confusion than being a detective.


I suppose it's the Shadowite in me lol.


So far, I like it better, too. I feel sort of paranoid as town because I don't know who to trust, so it's an adrenaline rush in a similar way to watching a slasher film, but as scum, I know what's up, and it's just up to me to stay alive until the end, which is an adrenaline rush more like a roller coaster, and that makes a difference in how I play. I will have to sort that out and make it look like I'm on a roller coaster either way, since my scum game seems to appear town, and my town game appears to be scum. 

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