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  1. just got off work frens someone give me a schmako. At this point I'm just a body to move the game forward. everyone is quitting. Not that I blame them. Kormex kinda blows. I don't even wanna work their. I'll try to wake up early to give some reads.
  2. i'm gonna take a nap.I tired. be back in an hour or two. I did read the thread! prove me wrong, protip: you can't :p
  3. @mod: will their be a flip? [v] Verbal aj eagle lzm ben [/v]
  4. /in My job has changed too. I am working sleepsleep shift at the local penny arcade it's only part time though so /shrug.
  5. Oh, you're from WalterFootball as well? mafiascum where the nights are long and the days are longer a whole lot longer. I think I read a game once on wf not sure. The site rings a bell.
  6. I have 3-1 odds that its ley and 1-5 that it is iron. I'm willing to play again if aj wants to test the setup again. Maybe this was just a one off. Traditionally a 10-3 setup has a 20% winrate for town iirc.
  7. Why? Either you follow him or don't I don't see the need to be nasty. It's just a game fren :(
  8. I don't give a damn if you follow me. Being a leader meant I spent a lot of time and frustration trying to work with you even though I didn't want to at all. Wrong answer. If you want to achieve lynching Dice, that means you need to convince people to follow your lead. which means you need to convince "others" that you are right. You don't wanna work with me, that's fine. Quit tooting your horn then. If you want to be the leader than put your ego aside and show us. I want to believe you. I really do. But if you're gonna go all prissy in the face of someone who wants to work with you, but wants a little more explanation, then you can shove off and do it by yourself. But until you ???
  9. something something expected outcome. something something clov is saying all possibilties should be weighed the same? blah blah blah. blah blah blah. If scum had the balls to not nk lzm I would wet myself. It is the correct move if you think it through and read the thread for context. Because the confusion what scum want to continue benefits them. Tomorrow all cops should out with their results their should be three people investigated bonus points if one of them is dead. I wanna see that juicy counter claim scum play. something something actual outcome. I have no idea where I was going with this btw. I stand ready to lynch clov/ley.
  10. Hmmmmm idk. It all comes down to who would you rather at eod. A guilty or dice.
  11. SK, don't be a gooey chocolate chip cookie. Hmmmmmmm I'd rather go for the guilty frankly that whole thing about dice being possible scum that I said was mostly vamping. I don't really see him being scum here. Considering his play and circumstances plus if dice is scum I don't get to lynch ironeyes maybe ley. Ley would have an ununravelable web of protection if clov flips guilty. Considering his contribution to the thread. it is almost worrisome. Not that his contribution is bad one might say it is just average. I don't need average I need cleared townies who will actually hunt scum. day 1 and day 2 nothing from ley on who is scum. No stances any which way except for a reads list. scoff scoff. Ley has me as null iirc. That and he would absolutley not lynch ben for reasons. I would like to hear those reasons, I want talk to them, take them on a date see all their curves. I digress. Ironeyes should be the easier lynch for me. and yet...Terrible use of conjunctions. I digress again. I'm just not feeling ironeyes. His overly emotional play this game is different from his relaxed attitude past games. I don't like his refusal to give foundation for his reads, his self admitted incapability at reading me but his professed adamant chugging along that I am scum and my play from past games proves it. because "opaque logic". Again I would like an explanation or example of this weird mysterious magical opaque logic that I'm using. In some universes I am convinced that ley is scum and push through even with the innocent on him. I do not like getting one scum for 3 people though. that hurts. errr two people. a one for one is the most optimal thing. Of course this whole thing hedges on clov being innocent although I have reasons to doubt that as well and I also have reasons to doubt those doubts. oops I digressed again. Too many scumspects right now from yours truly. Well I'm ready to change everything at the flip of a wagon :^) Also kevin spacey is kyser soze. tl;dr: clov is guilty let's lynch him.
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