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Welcome to DM!


Mafia is a game.


Please come see us in the social groups. The Brown Ajah in the White Tower and Warders is beginning a re-read soon. A heads up that you will not be able to see all of the boards a social groups until you are a member.


We are happy to have you.

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Welcome to DM !!!! Believe me you don't have to like nor play mafia to have fun here lol :biggrin:


But if you are curious don't hesitate to have a look ! :)

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Mafia is absolutely not a requirement for you to enjoy the site :)


Some of our new members come from mafia communities, and some are curious about it, but that's just a small section of the site as a whole (though those of us who play it will attest to that it takes over our lives from time to time).


Hope you'll have fun here! Come check out the communities!

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