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  1. Thanks! I will do that.
  2. New here, (duh.....they already know that). Read the books twice a couple of years ago. May try for a reread again. I've got no idea what mafia is. Well Hi!
  3. I have a band. 99% of the people we play for probably have no idea where any of the song ideas come from so I thought I would post a couple of the songs here. There's some direct line theft from the books, just a couple. They aren't mean to be direct correlations but like I said, inspired by. Hope you like them.... Thanks for listening. (They're really loud) https://thetenaflyvipers.bandcamp.com/track/out-of-the-waste https://thetenaflyvipers.bandcamp.com/track/against-the-shadow If you have some please post them here, I'd love to hear it.
  4. ghidorable

    Alloy of Law

    Some of the stuff was interesting and clever. I didn't end up loving it as much as I'd hoped. It was my first Sanderson book after the WoT books. I just got through the first Stormlight book and while there are giant holes in how he has constructed that world, so far I like it better.
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