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Pool Party - Summer Training

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Alright Banders, and those of you who decided to join us from other parts of Randland... We're here to relax but, at least in The Band, we always have to be prepared for the unexpected. In order to hone our bodies for battle, and keep in physical shape, we train with various techniques. Today we will be training by swimming and running with this fun summer race activity.


** Points to the lake at the edge of the Band's campgrounds **




We're going to begin taking sign-ups and racing across the lake... It's up to you whether you swim the whole way, swim and run across the beach or through the forests of the islands, rest for a bit on land or whatever else your mind can come up with... The main rules of The Band apply though so, sorry for those visiting us from the WT or BT, but NO CHANNELING, that would disrupt the sportsmanship we try to preserve!



1: Killashandra

2: Shad_

3: Chaelca

4: Lessa Nikia

5: The Bard Babe






Each "Turn" you will roll a dice to see how far you progress. Post your roll here and find out where you stop and how you feel at that point (Whether you were exhausted and had to rest, if you got a sudden burst of energy, if you ran into wild animals and had to fend them off, etc...) Then roll again, and feel free to do some basic RP, to see where you go next... That's it!


Toss the Dice

When you use the roller, please enter the following values

Number of dice to roll: 1

Number of sides per die: 8

Modifier: Leave Blank

Drop: None

Number of times to roll: 1

Send results to this email address: dm.nikonis@gmail.com

Your name: Your DM forum name



Now, if you'd like to sign up just sign the proper forms here, here and... here!

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** As the sun began to rise that morning, Nikon looked out over the lake and waited as the members of the band who were ready for the summer training made their way to the shoreline.  It was a great day for a race and once everyone was ready to go he shot an illuminators "firework" into the air and signaled the start of the race. **


Best of luck to each of you!  Roll and I'll let you know what is around, land or just water, as well as any bonus/impediment you receive at that point.  If near land, you may decide to continue swimming, run along the shore or enter the forest for the "shortest" path... a straight line.  You may also RP the choice or just post it... your choice.


Have fun and may the odd's be ever in your favor!

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Shad sets off at a swift but sustainable pace of 6 from the starting point, wildly tossing banana peels in the tracks behind him.


You run out into the water, tossing your banana peels as you go.  They float in the shallow water and the fish don't seem interested in them.  You suddenly drop into deep water and begin swimming out, when you stop to take a quick breather you can see a nearby island and notice Killa and Chaelca have passed you and are just up ahead.  You may swim towards the island and continue on foot or swim up the lake, within view of the shoreline.

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For those who are interested... I roll a six sided die for your outcome...


1 = Critical Fail, loose a turn

2/4 = Pass

3/5 = Small Fail, -1 or -2 (toss a coin) to your next roll

6 = Critical Win (Double next roll)


There are a few other surprises depending on the circumstance or what path you choose though those will be revealed as we get to them.

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*watches everyone speed off as I lightly jog up the beach*


I rolled a 7 so doubled is 14 *grins*



Tessa's conserved energy is released in a blast of speed which propels her up to the beach where Killa is standing.  Not wasting a minute to decide she runs up the beach and, making sure not to trip on any seaweed, makes it safely to the other side of the first island.


- To the North, not too far away she sees another short island.

- To the East, a longer U shaped island will get her closer to the final goal if she decides to remain on land.

- In between the two, a long stretch of deeper water she could swim through

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I am feeling good in water for now. *keeps her pace steady*


Ah dang rolled a 1.


*treads water waiting to see what happens next*

Feeling really good about her first leg of the race, Killa swims alongside the island, keeping the shore in sight just in case.  Suddenly, a giant tentacle slushes from the deep water nearby and drags her further away from the shore and towards the deeper water.  She must spend her next turn making it back to where she left off OR can choose to HALF her next two rolls.

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