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Pool Party - Summer Training

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Cool !


Turning around, she speeds up hoping to win the race...


Chae rolled a 6 !

Chae runs through the forest until coming to a clearing and stumbles into a nest of sleeping monkeys.  She must be quiet (roll 1) and see if she can catch up to Lessa who just made it through the other side.




Yeah um...


No one saw any of that, right?


Shad brushes himself off and sets off at a nice reasonable pace of 4, finally...

Shad slowly crawls onto the beach of the next island and looks around.  He can head along the beach or through the forest.


*quietly tip toes through the monkeys. rolled a 5 then a 4*


Lessa creeps through the slumbering monkeys and manages to make it through very quietly.  As she passes out the other side of the clearing she looks back and sees Chaelca trying to quietly attempt the feat she just completed without rousing the beasties.


Name - (# of Rolls) Total Rolled

Shad  - (6) 30

Chael - (5) 34

Lessa - (7) 33

BB     - (1) 8


Killa   - (2) 9

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*starts at a light jog through the rest of the forest away from the monkeys. rolls an 8*

You reach the shore and start to step into the water. Once a short ways out you look at the two islands left, a small one to the left and ahead, a larger one to the right and ahead... Choose one OR swim between them and head for the finish line a ways up.

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Sea turtles? This just seems way too useless to not be important.


Shad slows down to a 2 and investigates.

Looking around carefully you see the palm trees, sand and turtles. One turtle is sliding along and uncovers what appeara to be a wooden door burried in the sand. Do you look inside or roll again to carry on?

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I love shiney! *heads towards the shiney, rolls a 4*

You head deeper into the water to check out this shiney object in the water. You see a golden lamp and hook poking oit of the water. As you reach for it the number of shiney objects increase as a giant crab emerges from the water and you are now on it's back.



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I already know what is inside and you arn’t moving so no need to roll again to look.


The sand slides away as you lift the door and find shelves full of rum. You must have found Nikon’s hidden stash! Do you spend a turn drinking or leave the rum there?

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