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  1. *waves*


    Hi everyone.  It's me!  The eternally lurking site owner!  Today is DM's 10th birthday. Happy Birthday DM!  *hugs DM*


    If you're reading this, that means that you are, in my book, the coolest of the cool and a true die hard DM'er.  Why?  Because the people visiting these forums every day are the heart and soul of the site.  While other pages get more traffic, and RJ's blog gets all the news media attention, it's these forums that have always been the beating heart of the website.  Over the years these forums have inspired RJ, scared off Brandon Sanderson, crushed lesser WoT sites, and made site trolls weep in fear.  You guys are amazing; even you guys over on the Debates and Discussion board who get fired up and email me every week because you feel personally insulted by somebody calling you a stupid hippy liberal or a fascist conservative.


    I know these forums are creeky and hard to navigate. (It took me forever to find the damn "New Topic" button.... lol.  But we'll work that stuff out soon, okay? If you know a thing or two about forums or servers, then go ahead and just volunteer:  community @ dragonmount.com


    Thanks for making DM such a warm place for fans of RJ's work to come and visit.  And thanks for riding along with me on this journey over the past 10 years. :)


    Be sure to check out the new DM home page:  www.dragonmount.com


    May you all Find Water and Shade



  2. Hi everyone,


    Sorry to tease you, but there's a big WoT announcement coming on Tuesday of next week.  (July 1st)   I can't say anything more, but there's an attachment here.


    Feel free to speculate.  I like to make you all squirm!




  3. One more thing about the banners.... if your concerned what the banners are funding, please feel free to ask.  And now that you know what they are funding, have you ever stopped to ask what the banners on the proboards are paying for?  Try asking them. See what they say.  :)



  4. Another thing that I'd like to point out. Much noise is being made on how this income is being used for the benefit and upgrading of this site and how we're all ingrates for not falling to our knees in total worship for the opportunity of being 'allowed' to post here. But I don't see all that much noise being made of the fact that this income is 'not' solely used for the upgrade of this site but also serves to fund Jason's Video Company. Is it wrong for him to do so? Hell no. Is it wrong to expect me to contribute to something I have no knowledge off? Hell yes! Before he posted here, I had no clue as to what kind of videos he was making, so for all I knew they could be going directly against our beliefs or principles yet we are expected to contribute to it by being active here which would increase that income which in turns benefits that video production. Apparently you lot don't really care what you're being used for, but I'm funny that way, I do like the idea that I have a 'freedom' of choice in what exactly im contributing to. This blatent disregard for people's fundamental 'rights' is what bugs me the most on this site and the irony is that I'm standing up for the rights of all of you who are so eager and willing to blindly follow whatever shines the hardest without knowing where it leads to.


    I want to address this point, because, as you pointed out, its important.


    First off, yes, Dragonmount.com has been a registered business in the US since 1999. It is perfectly legal and legit.  I did this because DM is a big financial burden and I do not want to have it inter-mix with my family's personal finances.  By setting it up as a business I am able to have a dedicated bank account and can do things like pay bills, buy hardware and services, invest in events, contests, and marketing.  In the first 4-5 years of being in existence DM lost a ton of money.  Thousands of dollars a year.  It was ugly.  In the recent years (since I took more direct control over the DM server and we launched DM 7.0), DM has made enough money to pay off a large amount of debt, pay for server and network upgrades and try to setup a cushion for those unforseen issues (such as hard drive failures).


    I also use DM to give back to charities, most recently Robert Jordan's Amyloidosis research charity through the Mayo clinic.


    Yes, some of the net gain (IF there is any in a given year!) goes to fund my films.  I set a portion of the net proceeds into a seperate budget to go to things like that. DM and all of its features and services have a much higher priority, of course.  


    Regarding the content and knowing what you are supporting:  I applaud you for mentioning that, Mystica.  You SHOULD know what you are supporting.  Most sites online won't tell you that.  When you go to CNN or FOX news, do you know where that banner revenue is going?   When you go to other fan sites - including ones MUCH larger than this - do you know where their profits are going?   The money I set asside from DM goes to fun movies that I genuienly think WoT fans would enjoy. You can view them on my website.  Most of those were actually funded completely outside of DM!  The only one that I am actively saving DM money for is the SPECTRE project which is an epic fantasy about sacrifice, renewal, and love.


    Robert Jordan knows about all of this and very much supports it. The last thing I would ever do is try to "milk" his series or you guys - his fans- to try and make a buck.  If I wanted to make loads of money do you think I'd run a fan site? LOL.   DM has easily cost me 10-50 times anything I've ever made.  And that's not including the cost in time and effort.


    Having said that, I will try to find the time to put some info up on the site somewhere that describes what those banner ads pay for exactly.




    PS: Mystica, although I appreciate your honesty and integrity, I challenge you to find a way to do so that does not belittle or insult people. The post I quoted above includes some aggressive comments that I don't think are necessary to get your point across.  In other words, keep it cool please. :)

  5. Hey Skechid !  Yup- of course I remember you. :)  How could I...er...forget?  hehehe


    To address your questions: DM belongs at Dragonmount.com.  The admins are providing nice message boards on a stable network of servers to any groups or org who wants to run an online club based on the Wheel of TIme.  (So long as they meet a reasonable about of minimum requirements)  If you want to run message boards and stuff outside of DM -- fine. No problem.  But you may not use the name DM when you do so.  Clear enough?


    Same goes for mailing lists and blogs and things of that sort.  We now offer you guys the tools for that!  If anybody has something they want, all they have to do is ask. We can install software and make things happen. 


    By ensuring that we keep everything at DM, we can keep our "brand" in tact.  Many fans think DM is the "official" WoT site because of RJ's heavy involvement here.  My goal is to keep up professional and united  so that DM canbe a "one stop" shop for all thigns WoT related. 



  6. Corki,  looking forward tot he email.


    As for how things were handled... I agree!  It wasn't ideal.  The plan was to open up these boards, have a limited number of people test them out (staff primarily) and then adjust them to work for us.  It has always been my intent - of which I have been vocal for a long time - to bring all traffic back to DM.  That should have come as no suprise. 


    Anyway, we can discuss via emails the specifics for your org.  You guys have a most unique situation, but I al completely confidient we can figure out a solution which works for everyone.



  7. Showing up late to this thread.  Not going to pretend I have read all 12 pages before this.  (But I have skimmed some of it).  


    As you can see, these forums are *NOT* ready for prime time.  They look ugly as hell, we're having bugs, and not everyone knows where they are.  Frankly, these new forums should never have been made available as the main forums at this point.


    But alas, for various reasons that boil down to "Jason does not have time to properly manage the move" we are here.  So, we are working to making these forums look nice, optimize speed, and setup all the subdomains.... if it's going to happen.  The Org leaders and DL leaders need to work with the admins via *EMAIL* about this.  Every single org leader and DL leader and mod should be actively working with us to figure out the best way to setup their stuff.


    Lastly... please... don't get upset with Kathana, Matalina, Fader or any of the admins.  They are working their butts off and they genuinely have your best interests at heart.  If you think they are "power tripping" then you are sadly misinformed and really don't know what's going on.  If you have an issue with any of these changes, I invite you to email me directly.  I'm slammed with work, but I will reply as soon as time allows.   jason @ dragonmount.com.  Let's talk and work things out.  I'm here to hear your ideas and get your input.  



  8. Hi there,


    The FAQ at DM is generally designed to be a Q&A. Once you submit a question, we reply within a day or two. Most of the questions all have to do with the earlier books. It hardly seems like we get questions about the events in the later ones. If you have a specific question, please send it in!


    Besides the FAQ, we do intend to add some features to the site to have more specific WoT info.



  9. Haha, very funny. Thanks for sharing. If you do it again, I'll kill you. Happy Holidays.

    - Jason the Magnificent


    PS: Can I have Jimmy's copy of Attack of the Clones?

  10. A few years ago I remember seeing this website after Bush won the US election. http://www.sorryeverybody.com/


    Politics aside, I think it's a great idea to do something like this for RJ and Harriet. Here's what I am thinking:


    - We encourage every fan to take a photo of themselves holding a sign saying "Get Well Soon" or something like that


    - You can write it on a pice of paper, on your forehead, or any other creative way you want. (Keeping it clean of course)


    - All photos get submitted to a page on DM


    - RJ has a chance to cruise through them and see everyone's submitted photo.




  11. Hi everyone


    I posted this on the staff board but want you to be aware of it too. If you have questions, feel free to email webmaster@dragonmount.com or ask it here in this thread. One of the admins will reply.



    As you might have seen, the DM server went down earlier today and has been offline most of the day.


    I host DM from my house, which has an extremely high speed fiber connection connected to it. (Ask me about it another time if you want to geek out over it. :P)


    Anyway, there was a power outage at the house today. The server rebooted as it normally should, but did not fully load. THe reason is because the pwoer outage fried one of the system cooling fans. Not the end of the world, but it (wisely) would not continue to load the system until that was fixed.


    I got home from being out of town at 10 PM. I have put the server online and over-ridden the error. This means the server is running without a rear fan. I am currently backing up the entire DM website and database to an external hard drive. So no worries...the site will not be lost! :)


    Tomorrow, or as soon as I can get to it (Aidan is sick right now so I am staying home from work tomorrow--Wednesday) I will go and buy a new fan and get the thing fixed.


    I will post this on the main GD forums so members know what's going on. I'll be off ther forums for a bit



  12. I played the game at lunch today. Made a human sorcerer. Will multi him into a monk when I get a chance. The "kits" sound awesome. I literally spent 40 minutes or more just trying to get the perfect character. There are SO MANY options! I love it. I wish I could be everything. hehe


    The game engine is better than I expected. I thought it was "fake 3D" like Baldur's Gate. This is true 3D with full camera movement options. And it supports 5.1 surround sound. :-D



  13. Dude, I officially give you the um....uh.... "Dragonmount Medal of Honor for Today Only" for that answer. Congratulations...I guess. It's such a, um...honor..



    Thanks for the detailed reply. It makes sense now. I was thinking of doing a human mage / monk. Or maybe a mage / ranger. That's awesome that my favored class is the highest. So in other words, I can be a human 2-class person and never get the XP penalty, right?



  14. So I got this cool new game called Neverwinter Nights. Have any of you heard of it?




    But I really did JUST pick it up. Got the Platinum edition thingie. I realize I am 3-5 years late to the party, but it's all good. I am eager to try it out. This is also the first time I've come into heavy contact with D&D d20 rules. My teenager years were filled with the AD&D 2nd edition rules. The only d20 experience I have is with "Knights of the Old Republic".


    Anyway, the question I have for anybody who knows d20 is this.... I am trying to figure out multi-classing. In AD&D 2nd edition rules (and in things like Baldur's Gate), once you changd classes you only advanced in your new one until you reached the original classes level. Then you progressed in both, but divided the XP up.


    So how does it work in d20? Am I understanding it right where I can have two classes advance at the same time and get the same amount of XP for both classes? I'm confused


    I must be getting old


  15. It does slow thew site down. Grrrr


    My hope is to generate enough revenue by directly selling ad space. Once we can do that, we can dump the WIlliam Shatner DVD club. *shudder*

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