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Dragonmount: The Wheel of Time Podcast

Dragonmount: The Wheel of Time Podcast is a show dedicated to The Wheel of Time TV series from Amazon Prime Video. Each show recaps and discusses an episode from the TV series, as well as shares fun and intriguing stories from the franchise.

Hosts & Crew

Kathy Campbell

Rajiv Moté

Maureen Carr

Executive Producer: Jason Denzel
Editor: Thom DeSimone

In Partnership with The Incomparable

We're delighted to partner with The Incomparable, a network of podcasts full of smart, funny people who love talking about TV, movies, books, comics, games, sports, and other aspects of popular culture.

The Incomparable

The 4th Age (Legacy Podcast)

The original 4th Age podcast ran from 2006-2013, producing 113 episodes. Virginia, Andrew, Carrie, Jayson, Ben, Morgan, Jessie, Marc, and Spencer all contributed over those years, generally choosing a specific topic for each episode, but also covering individual chapters or sections of the later Wheel of Time books. They also welcomed the occasional special guest.

Learn about, and listen to, all 113 episodes of our Legacy 4th Age podcast.

4th Age Legacy Episodes 4th Age Legacy Episodes

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