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The 4th Age podcast

The 4th Age

History of the Podcast

The original 4th Age podcast ran from 2006-2013, producing 113 episodes. Virginia, Andrew, Carrie, Jayson, Ben, Morgan, Jessie, Marc, and Spencer all contributed over those years, generally choosing a specific topic for each episode, but also covering individual chapters or sections of the later Wheel of Time books. They also welcomed the occasional special guest.

You can find all of the episodes from that era on our Legacy Episodes page. There's a missing episode number (33) because it was either never completed or hit by balefire. Also, early in the series, the team created an episode 12A and 12B. (We were new to this whole podcasting thing back then.)

Although these legacy episodes are now outdated, the discussions are timeless and we hope you'll enjoy the wide variety of topics they discussed.

Please note that there are book spoilers throughout every epsisode. These were created well before The Wheel of Time TV series, so there's no discussion of that production.

4th Age Legacy Episodes
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