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  1. Thanks for the feedback everyone. 


    The only portion that I thought might have been him (enough so that it momentarily took me out of the story) was the first Mat chapter.


    I think everyone who reads TGS is going to find at least one character who feels "off" to them.  I pointed this out in my review. I chose deliberately not to share who it was at the time, because I didn't want to taint people's expectations going in.  But now that you've read it (and if you're reading this, I hope you have!)  for me, it was Mat. From what I have heard from others (including you), he's the one who will get the most backlash.  We should just remember that Mat is HARD to write. He's clearly going to have a major role in TOWER OF MIDNIGHT, so let's give Brandon a fair shot at doing him.  I think he "got" Mat in the later chapters. He just came out the gate wrong.


    It felt that Jordan was writing for the love of writing.  It feels like Sanderson is writing for a paycheck.


    I see the deeper meaning behind your point, but I think that anybody who's read Brandon's blog for the last year and a half, or met him in person for 60 seconds or more, would know that nothing is more far from the truth about him doing this for a paycheck. He honestly offered to do the book for no credit (his name not on the book) and for no pay.  We can debate the quality of the product until the Wheel stops turning, but to say that Brandon just throws words on paper to get the job done would be a disservice to the man.


    As for writing quality itself:  It's different. But not bad IMO.  I'd rate it higher than a C+, but you're right that it's not entirely RJ.  Then again, there are a few scenes.... wow. 



  2. Hi guys,


    For the past four WoT novels, I've had the privilege of being the first one to review it. Most likely, this trend will continue for the last two novels as well. While I realize I am closely tied to the Harriet, Brandon, and Tor, I sincerely try to do my best to review the book from an impartial POV.


    For that reason, I'd like to know how I did.  Here's the link to my TGS review.


    If, and ONLY if, you have read the entire book, please vote on the poll above to let me know how you think I did.


    Also, comments welcome, but keep it polite. I'm open to feedback in the interest of writing a fair review for TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT and A MEMORY OF LIGHT when the time comes.



  3. Does the book have some subtle hints to some information that only readers who pay close attention can notice?  (Example, in WH observant readers noticed that Anath was Semirhage.)  Do you have a theory about one of these that you can't wait to share?




    There is a fairly small mystery that gets introduced into this book. (No, it's not another murder mystery).  Actually, it's not even a mystery for the characters. Its just something that makes you wonder "Wait a second, what's this all about?"  I asked Brandon about it and he was very mysterious on his answer.  Then, eventually, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I have an awesome theory and I want to see how many other people pick up on it. I'm certain it will make it into the WoTFAQ.


    Can't wait for you guys to read it.  (Hint: the "mystery" is introduced in a Nynaeve POV chapter, I think. I have not double-checked that though.)

  4. >>> Jason, does Brandon make use of the following actions: sniffing, snorting, folding arms beneath breasts, braid tugging, smoothing skirts? It would be odd if they were wholly absent.


    RE: You know, I honestly don't remember.  I think we get at least one braid yank. (Fine... There's a tiny itty bitty spoiler for you loyal DM fans. Nynaeve is in the book)  :P


    >>> Which character did you feel Brandon was best able to capture the voice of (provided you don't think telling us this character is in the book counts as a spoiler)?


    RE: Personally,  I thought he did the best with Rand, Egwene, Cadsuane, and Nynaeve.  When the book is out, I want to know who YOU guys think he did the best with!


    >> Do we hear any new outlandish insults from Mat or Brigitte (e.g.:  "Mother's milk in a cup"), inquiring minds (mine) want to know, thanks!


    Re: Yes. I can think of one offhand.


    >>>I  am curious, and I just mean this in a general sense so I don't think it counts as spoilers, but does The Gathering Storm keep the break neck speed of Knife of Dreams...where it feels like we are rushing towards the end? Or with two more books coming out does it feel like the pace has slowed down to a point where we're buiding to one final climb to Tarmon Gaiden?


    Re:  It's about as "fast" as KoD, but far more intense and dramatic. Lots of dark scenes. And I don't just mean things with the Shadow. There's a lot of good tension. Especially in the second half of the book.


    >> Would Jason be allowed to tell us what the Prologue is called? or the Epilogue?


    Re: No he is not. The prologue's title has the word "Storm" in it.  And the epilogue left me with goosebumps.  I still get them when I think of it.



    I'll check this thread every now and then. If you want to hear me talk about the new book, keep an eye out for the next 4th Page Podcast episode where they interview me.

  5. Without any hints on which, are there any major plots from previous books resolved in TGS?


    >> Yes.


    Can we expect answers to any of the series' many ongoing unanswered questions? Again, just fishing for Yes or No. Im not thinking of Asmodean here, but things like how Slayer became the way he did, where Demandred has been, etc.


    >> Yes.


    1. Given it was an advanced reading copy of some sort, can you give us any indication of the length of the book? Does it end up longer or shorter then KOD?


    >> See replies above. The manuscript is around 300k words. Not sure how that compares to others.  In truth guys (keep this as confidential as you can), I did not get a bound ARC or manuscript. I got a whole lot of papers from Kinko's.


    2. Are there any new POV's? Note I'm not asking who, what they say/think or any details about the POV.


    >> Hmmm. Good question. I think that yes, we do. But I am not 100% certain on that. Most of them are ones we've seen before though.  Brandon has said before that he thought there were 21 different POV's in this book.  Which is A LOT!!!


    3. Any new chapter icons? (or didn't those make it in yet?).


    >> Yes. But I did not see the artwork. It just said "New Icon: Jason's Crown" or whatever. ;-)


    4. How large was the prologue in relation to the rest of the book? 20%, 25%, more, less? (In the increasingly forlorn hope it's released as an e-book).


    >> Prologue was long. Probably as long as the previous few books.




  6. Yes, DM is taking over the WOT FAQ.  Although she publicly denies it, I intend for Leigh to be involved as well. :)


    Before I just blindly setup a wiki or ask people to "update it for me", I want to get a proper team together, complete with an organized team leader that I trust.  All of that is underway right now. :)

  7. We won't get three climaxes. Brandon Sanderson clearly states it will be written as one book. One build-up, one climax, one end.


    Not true.  In the podcast we did with him, Brandon said that he knew of a good place he could potentially split it, if that's what Harriet and Tor decided to do.  Those guys are all professionals.  They know how good pacing works.  I'm certain we'll get satisfactory endings for each volume, if they decide to split it.

  8. The formal update is a press release.  It will have the answers to all your questions.  Harriet is RJ's wife, and Tom is Tom Doherty, the president of Tor Books, and a personal friend of RJ's. 


    JordanCon is the first annual convention dedicated to the works of Robert Jordan.  It's being held in Atlanta the weekend of April 17 - 19h.  You should be there.  Harriet, Wilson, Tom Doherty, Brandon Sanderson will be there.  Oh... and me. :) :) :)  ;-)

  9. [glow=red,2,300]This is directly from Tor Books[/glow].  They've asked me to post this. Feel free to spread it around


    Hello everyone! We wanted to clarify a few points for the ongoing discussions:


    There is no cover for the next Wheel of Time book available yet. The formal Wheel of Time update has been scheduled to release two weeks before JordanCon, with personal words from Harriet and Tom. This is going to be an exciting year, so we appreciate your patience and enthusiasm!


    Check out Dragonmount and Tor.com on Monday morning …



    Werthead - Can you please update your original post to show this info?  I could edit it for you, but I wanted to be respectful of your original post.



  10. I'm glad Brandon responded to this on his blog. 


    I've not received any official word from Tor yet, but I do know they were planning to send me something in the first few days of April. Based on these rumors (which actually started trickling in earlier than this post), I think Tor is considering pushing their official announcements out earlier than originally planned.


    As for the cover art: love it or hate it, it's what we've seen for the past 11 books (12 with NEW SPRING).  Do you really think it's time to change artists?  I think they should use DKS as the artist for this last book (books?), and then consider having new artists re-do it for the 20th anniversary of EOTW in 2010.


    I'll comment on the 1 book vs 2 books vs 3 books thing once we get official word.



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