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  1. OH, RYRIN...I am just learning about the quakes reading through facebook. I hope you are alright?? How's your house?? How's your son??
  2. Hang out in my birthday suit in my room with a fan going. only on weekends though. The other days of the week: in morning I go out to cooler day room and afternoon-evening in room with fan.
  3. So, I found this on YouTube looking for something entirely different. I watched the whole thing. There are a couple of ads but you can skip them after a couple of seconds. The kid is pretty hilarious and knows his stuff. I found it highly entertaining. What do you think?????
  4. ryrin took my answer.... mother's day gotta my mom.
  5. Hello Wildfire! I missed you 🙂

    1. Wildfire Sedai

      Wildfire Sedai

      Hello Naked~Frog: I have missed you too.  Long time no see.  :wub: 

  6. Thank you. I will check it out.
  7. Thank you, for the information. I will get the paperback one, so you can get closer to another $100 check. 😎
  8. thank you for informing me. I am really interested in reading it. Just on a tight budget right now: I live in a nursing home so only get 72.80 a month out of my check for living expenses. I am slated to go to group home where I will get more. So, maybe when that comes around: may or june, I could buy your book?
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