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  1. I just saw this AJ. My condolences and prayers for you and your family ❤️ God bless you and keep you.
  2. Hello Wildfire! I missed you 🙂

    1. Wildfire Sedai

      Wildfire Sedai

      Hello Naked~Frog: I have missed you too.  Long time no see.  :wub: 

  3. I think you will do an awesome job....NEWBIE LOLOLOL 🤣
  4. Yeah its a newbie game. with some experienced players inserted. I told them in my in post: I'm new to site and sort of new to mafia: 19 games over 6 years....LOL.
  5. hell no Just a regular game they got going on then...
  6. I'm in if it starts around mid/late may as I AM trying my hand at a game at MU and it doesn't start till april 22 and I don't know if that is enough time for this to fill, start and end before that one starts....spreading my wings so to speak. 👼
  7. And do you know you are talking to me er wifi? Cause in this statement, it seems like you are talking to someone else....LOLOLOLOL (sorry zander I had to). 😛
  8. That was the other one I made after the first one obviously didn't work. ^^^^^This is the one you quoted. 😛
  9. and that doesn't keep me from getting lynched.
  10. I would have to rand doc in every game and I find that highly unlikely...LOL
  11. Ya'll totally missed this one.
  12. I actually was thinking on asking if I could go. But not sure I could read 600 posts in a 24 hour period....thats 30 pages...well I could do that...done it here I guess but also post 10 times....and have it be understandable....I would probably get lynched first day first game. that would be no way to represent dm. *sigh*
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