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Good Afternoon


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Despite being new to this community, I've been a long time enthusiast of the series, having first started my journey in 2005 while attending university.  I wish I could thank the girl working as a cashier at the diner in my dormitory for recommending it!  I never thought a story like this could have such a profound and lasting impact on my life -but it did.  Like a favorite song or any other piece of art that, after spending so much time with it, becomes a part of your heart .


Since this is an introduction I'll start by saying that I like long walks on the beach at sunset ...well, maybe long walks on the craggy hard dirt that has ankle twisting rocks of happiness jutting out every five inches -but it's okay!  Because like the Aiel I enjoy living in the middle of the waste Arizona desert. 


Video games, Magic The Gathering, Books, Hiking, all stuff I like!


And yes, I have bathed in a sweat tent.


I look forward to participating here.




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Welcome!  It's always nice to see new members.  Based on my experience hiking in the Grand Canyon, I definitely see the Aiel parallel.  :)


Check out some of our social groups while you're around.  DM is a pretty vibrant community that always has a lot of active games and discussions.

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Thank you all for the warm welcome!  I wish I had come here sooner...


my experience hiking in the Grand Canyon

If only there were enough adjectives to describe how awesome that experience is.  When I first came through the forests on the south rim and glimpsed it, I lamented the fact that my poor eyeballs weren't larger.  It was just so much to take in.  Seeing a photograph and actually going there is like comparing a candle to the sun.

Welcome to DM !!!!


question from a geek : What video games are you playing to ? :biggrin:

I've been playing older games like Baldur's Gate, Arcanum, Syberia, and Neverwinter Nights. Recently, I upgraded my PC so I've been playing Dear Esther and the Witcher.  I'm also heavily eye-balling Skyrim and learning how to apply mods for maximum spectacle.  It will be my first time so I'm eager to say the least.  What games or genres of games do you enjoy?



Welcome to DM, Eskander! (Now why does that name sound so familiar?)

It's a rather popular name and I'm surprised it was available.  Eskander is the name the ancient Persians gave to Alexander The Great.  My middle name is Alexander and being something of a lazy history buff the handle seemed appropriate. 

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Hello and welcome. My oldest son was stationed in Arizona and we enjoyed each visit. I'm happy you decided to visit here and please stop by the White Tower and Warders.

I'll be sure to do that.  I've just been so busy that I haven't had much of a chance to delve into the different social groups.  I'm glad you enjoyed our state! 

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