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Someone made a thread about apps recently


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In the WT/W somewhere, but I'm not sure exactly where. I thought for some reason it was at the Whites, but a quick search didn't find it. Then I thought maybe it was at the Blues, but only one from 2011 popped up.

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My recommendations


1. Pomodora app: There are tons of apps on play store. Download any one you like (most are similar). It is helpful in increasing productivity.


2. Habitica: Best app (and better website) for dailies and to do. Kind of turns your life to a game


3. Elevate: For training your brain to be better at maths, English, vocabulary, grammar, etc.


4. MOOC: edx, Coursera, khan academy or whatever that has courses that have courses you would like to take. You can learn lots of things. Courses, especially at khan academy, start off simple and get advanced so slowly that you don't notice it.


5. Calmwave: it has nature sounds and you can tweak the sounds to get a perfect background sound.


6. Forest: alternative for pomodora app. You set a timer and if you leave the app in that time, it kills a cute virtual tree.


7. Evernote: for taking random notes. Alternatively, use Google Keep.


8. Ebook Reader: depends on what type of ebooks you read. I use kindle app because it makes transferring books to kindle easier. I also use Play Books for epub. I have heard Aldiko is quite good too. Calibre app if you want to manage ebook library.


9. Games: to pass some time. Depends on what kind of games you like. I use 1010, mekorama and brain it on which are puzzle sort of games.


10. Blue light filter: like Twilight as mentioned as Gayden.


11. Journal: I use 365. There is a small prompt each day which makes it easier to write at least something.


12. Fitness apps: 7 minutes for something short. There is also an app called pocket workouts for easy workouts that you can do at home.


13. Music: If you like music, you can consider downloading some music app.


14. Launcher: For personalizing your phone and changing theme.


15. Battery Doctor and Clean Master: Battery Doctor reduces battery usage and clean master cleans unnecessary temporary files.


16. Alarmy: For an alarm that will wake you up.



I keep cycling through various kinds of apps. Hope you find something helpful

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Free books is a good one.


And the kindle app is free and you can get a lot of free books that way


I have iPad and iPhone so we don't have the same apps but if you go to wherever you get apps and search for "free music" or something it will list many.


For games all I can say is plague, inc.

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